Opening to channel is one of my favorite classes to teach!! I particularly love this class being online because we are all connected and it is a way to offer this class no matter where you live. 

I have it separated into four different days because I want it to be geared towards what people would like or need to have. I will contact you via email ahead of the class to let you know the link for the class and any additional information.

We will begin by determining your way of receiving information. This includes a quiz and then a discussion of how it relates to you.  I will also have several different meditations throughout the class that will help you practice what you are learning.  I will then send the meditations as a permanent download that you can use once the class is completed.

Automatic writing is an important part of learning to channel.  It may be that you receive information and work with it in a different way, however, this is a process that creates a pathway to assist you with expanding your consciousness.

Consciousness is becoming transparent. There is a consciousness that each person contains, consciousness to the planet, to the universe; in fact, it is a part of all living beings. As you expand your consciousness, you are strengthening the link to all living beings; here on earth and in the universe.

Many have heard about becoming a medium who is someone who talks with those who have crossed over.  This is a form of channeling. As a part of this class, we will also practice creating a space where you can talk with those that have crossed over.

Here is the link to my online store where you can register. There is a discount for registering early.

I look forward to seeing you in class!!

Opening to Channel Class