Opening to Channel Class


Opening to Channel is one of the best ways that you can open to self-love, strengthening your inner connection to source or getting to know yourself; that alignment between human and soul. So many people are already channeling! You do so when you receive messages from your higher self or when you have those insights that seemingly come from nowhere! Anybody can learn to channel.

I will work with your energies prior to the class to assist you with arriving ready to jump into the energies and experiences!! You will have the chance to know:

  • How do you receive information or insights?
  • Are you more strongly clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, or perhaps claircognizant?
  • You will have a chance to utilize automatic writing.
  • There will be meditations that strengthen your alignment to your higher self and divinity.
  • You will also have experiences that help clear your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

One of the most exciting aspects of this class is the interaction between me and the attendees!  All questions are welcome plus when people ask questions they are actually asking things that others have probably also been considering.

At the conclusion of this class you can set up the steps to channel, will have meditations to assist you with expanding your consciousness, and most likely feel your deeper alignment to source.

Dates of this class: March/ April 2022

March 22,  7 pm — 9 pm EST, USA
March 29,  7 pm — 9 pm EST, USA
April 5,  7 pm — 9 pm EST, USA
April 12,  7 pm — 9 pm EST, USA


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