Goddess Messages

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out in this now moment to create a direct alignment where my love and my light.  My energy flows from me into you. 

There is so much in the vibration within and around the Earth at this time.  Whenever there’s a transition from one year to the next it seems as if the energies become chaotic, because of that which is associated with the past year and then creating the potentials with that which is associated with the new year.  So, this kind of chaotic energy that people are feeling is something that is very temporary and as each individual jumps into the space of their intention, of their focus for what the new year is going to be for them then you’ll find a lot of that chaos will go by the wayside. 

We’ve spoken in the past; in fact, how many 18, 19 years that we have gathered here like this; and every first channel that we have in January is always about tapping into the new.  Tapping into the potential that goes with the numerology associated with that year.  Tapping into whatever it is that may be happening in and around you, and we are going to do that again tonight.  However, I would like to ask as you are still here fully grounded and in the space of this now moment to consider where you were a year ago.  As we began 2018 chances are you had your intention for what you would like the year to be.  As we completed 2018 my question to you is where were you when you completed the end of the year.  Most likely there were things that manifested that we’re nowhere near what you had an anticipated.  Most likely that which you had anticipated either changed, took place, or you released it. 

One of the key elements when it comes to working with the vibration of the energy is that a flexibility.  We speak at length about the crystalline vibration which is basically the 5th dimensional vibration and higher.  The more prevalent the crystalline vibration comes into the Earth the less there will be of the third dimensional reality.  It is as if the turbulent waves that is the seemingly clash of third and fifth dimension is what is bringing up so much that people see on the news or the chaos that people are seeing in their lives.

However, the chaos or the perception of chaos is coming from people’s ego or their human perspective.  The vibration of the 5th Dimension is like this slow-moving lava flow so to speak that is just moving throughout everything upon the Earth transitioning and shifting the vibration so that everything steps into its highest potential.  Where there is resistance is where you see all the bulk and the turmoil that you see on the TV, in the news programs; where you see the old way of working with people.  One can relate this to governments, workplace, sometimes the way that people are educated. 

We can look at all the various ways in which your life is transforming right now and the result is that the majority is the influx of the higher vibration.  When people feel uncomfortable or awkward because they do not how to handle something that is so new and different they step into resistance.  It’s not even a conscious thought they don’t think, “Gee I’m uncomfortable here I’m going to resist it”.  It is just the body and the mind’s natural reaction.

When you have a lot of people, meaning millions of people and billions probably, that are unconscious of what is happening in the world that knee-jerk reaction of resistance is what is causing all these things to happen upon the Earth.  So, we therefore at the beginning of this year; we will do it when we’re in the All That Is, but I wish to do it right now when everybody is fully grounded upon the Earth.  

I invite everyone to simply take in this moment breathing in the vibration of the fifth dimension and higher and simply let it move through you wave, upon wave, upon wave into the Earth.  We have a very clear and specific intention that this moves through releasing anyone who is unconscious of what is taking place so that they may find that they have a purpose or a greater understanding.  For all of those that are in the flow and seeking that ~whew~ we send it in. 

That flow of energy continues to move.  As it moves through those that are in a very rigid stance, a very rigid resistance.  Perhaps you have heard them speak, “I don’t care what the new energy is. I don’t care that you want to change things.  I am doing it my way and that is the only way and that is the way I’ve always done it.”  That type of rigid resistance we now bring it up in this moment ~whew~ and we send out a ball of light so that it may soften that resistance allowing people to feel a greater ease within their life. Because someone that is that rigid is not happy.  Things are not moving in an easy flow for them. 

So, as we send out those balls of light, they come out from each one of you and anybody else that is in alignment with this vibration and it flows throughout the world.  You are an antenna for the crystalline vibration.  You only need be yourself and in doing so the vibration comes in and move through you until there is a natural flow of the energy.  It’s you.  It’s happening.  Be in that flow.

I the Goddess have asked to join with me a large entourage Archangel Michael, Saint-Germain, Melchizedek, Metatron, the Star Beings that are working so prevalently right now.  So, there was a group of multiple individuals who just worked with that flow of energy, and it will move through all of you and anybody else that they work with.  As you can see that opens up a flow to a much greater potential.

I invite you to take this moment and breathe deeply.  As you breathe in feel that breath and energy and light.  It goes through your heart center and goes all the way down into the Earth.  As this vibration moves into the Earth let your energies anchor.  It’s as if they spread out in every direction.  As if they are the roots of the trees; they have the tiny little particles that absorb all of that beautiful energy of Gaia.  Feel what that is to you. 

The more that you ground yourself the more present you are in any given moment.  The more that you ground yourself the more fully you release your vibration and your energies as we move into the higher dimensions.  I invite you at this moment to allow your consciousness to flow through you.  It goes up through your energy body.  It goes out through the top of your head channel until you align with your Higher Self. 

As you feel this alignment to your Higher Self you begin to notice that your perception of your life is expanding.  Here within the space of your Higher Self it can become cluttered with the things you have done in the past and with potentials that were not manifested.  I would, therefore, invite you to just clear out your Higher Self ~whew~  Send the energies through.  As you find yourself within the Higher Self and you clear out what is here there is this natural strand or natural thread of energy that allows you to flow until you align within the space of your Divinity. 

There are many different perceptions that people have of what their Divinity looks like to them, or feels like to them.  This is you as your God Source.  This is you as the culmination of all the many, many lifetimes that you have had.  This is your alignment out to the Universe.  I invite you to open to that flow.  Open to that potential; feeling all that of what that is for you.  There we go.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I find my vibrational alignment with you there is a sense of embracing and as we embrace it naturally shifts moving us into the space of the All That Is.  As you arrive within the All That Is take a moment to look around.  As intended, I had already set up the energies so that as you arrive within the space you see before you the past year.  Now some people see it as if you are looking at a clock it goes in a circle.  Some people see it as linear.  Some people see only specific instances and not the actual month. 

To begin take a moment and perceive, be it 1, 2, 10, 15, whatever the number; be open to understand the various significant parts of this past year.  These can be things that made you happy, things that were a struggle, things that were very frustrating.  Or times in which you simply had an Aha moment.  As you consider the past year what is it that stands out the most to you?  

Let’s take a moment and just to get a perspective let’s look back 5 years ago.  At the beginning of 2014 do you remember what it was that you were seeking and if it’s possible let’s see each one of those years just kind of in a loose manner?  The reason being sometimes there is a thread that goes through every single year.  It is like at the beginning of the year I still want whatever it might be.  As you consider; as you look back at 2014 to know if there is anything that you wanted at the beginning of that year and that you still want at the beginning of this year are you looking at it in the same vibration, or has the vibration transitioned over time. 

All right, for those of you that have that sense of I still want it.  It needs to look like this.  It is going to be like this.  It’s going to act like this. It’s going to be like this and you have it so set in your mind exactly how it is, how it’s going to manifest.  It has created a potential that is no longer attainable.  Because with every year that it has not manifested, your natural defense mechanism placed resistance within and around it. 

So, I would, therefore, like to go back to 2014, or whenever it was within your life that this one item that you’ve been seeking to manifest for so long.   You go back to wherever it was that you desired the situation and we just want to pull this up by the roots, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and clear that out.  As I did that I could feel in some of you a deep emotional connection.  In other words, as we were clearing this out there was a wrenching pain, or sadness, or disappointment.

Let’s tap into those emotions and let’s just clear out those emotions, bring them up, bring them up, bring them up, ~whew~ letting go of those emotions.  Where that was within you open up the door and feel the unconditional love of your own Divinity and let it move into that space within you filling it up with love, with life, and with balance. 

Once more have a sense of looking back over this time space reality of your life, and as you are doing so is there anything else that gives you that sense of stuck energy.  I invite you to tap into whatever that is and then bring that up as if by the roots bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~.  Clear that out. It is a little easier once you have done it the first time.  Therefore, once more within that space let the energy, the light of your love, move within every cell and every nuance of that expression filling it up, filling you up.

I invite you to shift gears a little bit and let us look back over the past year, and if you need to look longer you may do so.  This time ask the question, “What was the best thing that happened to me?”  Perhaps the question is what did I learn most about this year? 

As you consider what may be going through your energy take a moment and go back into the situation.  Did you realize at the time the benefit of what was going on?  Were you perhaps stuck in an energy wondering where the heck am I going to go, what is going to happen?  And yet after you are beyond it and you have that distance can you find the benefit? 

Take a moment breathing deeply within yourself.  Breathe down into your heart, into every cell, open up to the understanding of what this is for you.  There is a vibration or an essence associated with that experience.  Have the clear intention that that vibration moves through every part of who you are.  It may already have integrated within you.  However, at this now moment as you breathe it in you are creating a new alignment within you for a way that supports you. 

As you look back at these patterns of your life is there a pattern that you see that is no longer serving you?  Now is the time to tap into whatever that may be.  Looking at that pattern, seeing the effects, and then feel compassion for yourself, feel love for yourself.  Recognize that it’s time to step aside from that pattern that no longer suits you. ~whew~ Clear it out. 

It is essential to live your life in the now moment with your focus on what is happening in your life right now.  If you are tied to the past, be it conscious or unconscious, it keeps pulling you to a place that you have been.  Sometimes you want to be there because it was beautiful and perfect and supportive, but if that is no longer your reality you need to let it go.  Sometimes it was the lessons that were so hard to learn that kept pulling you back, but you’ve got to let it go.  In any situation open and feel love, the love and that unconditional acceptance that comes from your Divinity and is for you. 

As you look towards the future there are people that don’t worry about the future, that don’t consider it because it doesn’t matter what the future will bring.  However, the majority of humanity prefers to have some idea of where they’re going to be, where they’re going to go, where their income will be.  There are many things that create your support mechanism.  So, as we look towards the future what does your future look like?  What does it feel like to you? 

As you consider what that may be, allow the vibration or the essence of what that is to flow into this now moment so that you begin to vibrate in such a way that your now moment is setting up to be in the vibrational alignment with what it is you are seeking to have.  So often you are doing this unconsciously.  However, if you do take the time periodically to just ask yourself what does my future look like?  How can I enhance my future?  How can I be in the vibrational alignment to receive it?  Those types of questions will assist you. 

Looking towards your future you’ll find yourself making a statement such as: “When I complete then I will be happy”.  “When I move to the new house I will start my new hobby”.  “When I get the job then I’ll change what’s in my house”.  “When I’m in that relationship I’ll take care of myself.”  As you consider your everyday life are there statements like that that are a part of your life.  If your now moment is spent lamenting the past and waiting for the future you find yourself in limbo. 

So, therefore, on this day at the beginning of 2019, I invite you to just firmly look at the past, honor and respect everything that bought you to this now moment, receiving all that is important to you, remembering the lesson, but then letting go of anything that holds you back.  ~whew~

As you look towards the future seeing what it is that you have in your life then ask to know what do I need in this now moment, not so that I can be good enough for somebody else or good enough for a particular situation, but what do I need in this now moment that will fully support me, embrace me, honor me, love me, which as a result of that will set me up to receive a thing I desire in my life.  So, in this way you are living in the now moment, doing what supports you, while at the same time letting go of what no longer supports you and embracing what it is you seek. 

This vibrational alignment is something that will always fluctuate.  I spoke at the beginning of the crystalline energies coming in and the vibration of the fifth dimension.  The vibration associated with the crystalline is about flow and movement and alignment.  Therefore, when you are flexible in your thoughts and in your actions, you may more easily be open to receive things that you have no idea were coming your way.  When you feel that there is a motion to your life it’s a lot easier to let go if something’s not going to work to you and open to this new beginning. 

So much is here.  There is Universal Light Energy flowing through the Earth.  There is the energy of Gaia that is transitioning, moving as it ascends into the higher vibrations.  You have access to this in your everyday life, your dream state, your meditation, your prayers.  Accept and receive all that is around you allowing it to support you

Take a deep breath creating a clear intention that 2019 is about allowing the flow to support you.  2019 is about manifesting with greater ease than you have ever have before.  2019 is a year of opportunity that will bolster you, support you and nurture you in many different ways.  For some 2019 can just be a year to just cruise, perhaps you have had a very hard year and you just don’t want to worry about anything and you just want to cruise.  That is an intention also.  Set that flow so that you may have that within your life. 

You the person are manifesting more and more of your Divinity.  It’s that natural feeling from within you that is of support.  Perhaps it gives you direction.  Perhaps it’s your intuition.  But the essence that is you as your Divinity that is expressing as you the human in this life creates amazing transformations.  Allow. Allow for all of this to be your incredible 2019. 

Throughout this meditation, there have been waves and waves coming in of energy and integration taking place.  It is so much easier for your own Divinity to communicate with you and to work with you.  When you, therefore, make that conscious choice it goes even easier for you.  So open up your consciousness and feel what that is for you.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group.  For those who have been a part of these conferences for so long you may have that perception that the group is looking the same as always.  However, I wish to say there are more and more people, vibrations, Light Beings, Angels that come into this group working with each one of you and in support of the Hologram. 

So as the Hologram of the Earth comes up within this space everyone infuses it with that clear intention of living in the now moment, understanding the future, releasing the past and creating the best you possible in this now moment and letting that flow into the Hologram.  So too your intentions of what you seek to manifest.  So too that increased volume of the crystalline energies is integrating, creating a new balance from everyone here and from the universe. 

You let go of that Hologram.  There is that part that flows out into the Universe creating the balance and in the other planets, the other stars.  The rest of it goes down.  It flows down through the dimensions.  It flows down through the magnetic grid.  It moves through to the Earth plane; going down into the core essence of the Earth.  As it’s coming in it is as if it creates this vortex of energy and light that then anchors within the Earth, and as it does so then it reverses and it comes out in concentric circles from within the center of the Earth.  Coming up through the Earth it clears the collective consciousness.  It clears out all that extra debris and old energy, ~whew~ 

For each one of you that place where you anchor within the Earth taps into your own vibrations so that it may come up within you.  So too you bring down the remainder of your consciousness.  As you are here in this now moment you let that open flow that comes from the All That Is, through your Divinity, your Higher Self, and into you the Human.  Recognize how your energy can expand.  How you can be in that vibrational flow.  How you can be in that energy or that essence.  It just moves up and down anchoring within you, clearing out the past, creating the now moment so that it may be rich, full, balanced and filled with love. 

This goes throughout all of humanity upon the Earth.  Many people are unconsciously receiving it; many people are consciously tapping into it.  This is what’s clearing out the collective consciousness which will then make it easier and easier to find the transitions they seek. 

As you gather your thoughts, as you gather to begin another year upon the Earth, I invite you to do so with the very clear intention that the past, present, and future all flows in a movement of light and energy so that the now moment is filled with richness, with abundance, with love and with all the creative energies that supports you in every way. 

Allow this year to be one of manifestation.  Allow this year to be one of magical energy that seemingly flows within and around you and in support in all ways possible.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you


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