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The Biography of Shelly Dressel, Channeler of the Goddess of Creation

Shelly Dressel, channeling Goddess of Creation, communicating with spirit guidesI think we are all influenced by people, events, circumstances, life and more when it comes to our¬†spiritual development. I know for me, it was all of the above. My life’s situation changed and through that I sought to figure out what my purpose was and what truly had meaning for me. I found that time of my life was one of constantly seeking. Sometimes I found the answers, other times it was more obscure!

It was that question for finding out who I was and what my purpose was that led me to channeling. I took numerous classes in Reiki, Numerology, Psychic Awakening and meditation. In fact, if I was the least bit interested, I jumped and took the class. I also read many, many books on a variety of subjects. I laugh to myself to remember the things that I thought were so far “out there” and yet now, it’s my basic understanding of what makes my life work!


Who is the Goddess of Creation?

I am an energy that comes from the source energy of God/Goddess/The All That Is. I am of a very high vibration; therefore prior to the year 2000, it was not possible for me to connect directly with people who had incarnated upon the earth. I am an energy that is here to remind you of who you are in your core essence. I am here to provide you with the opportunity to bring more and more of your soul presence, also known as you I AM presence, to earth. As you work with my energy or read the channels that portray me, you are opening yourself to
transformation that will occur on many different levels. Much of this you will be conscious of and much you will not. As you open up and begin to understand who I am, you are opening up and beginning to understand who YOU are.

For so many of the people who are on earth at this time, it’s a time of questioning. You are questioning who am I? Where did I come from? What is my path? Why am I here? Is there something in particular that I should be doing? As you read the material provide in this website and if you participate in the channeled journeys, you will begin to find these answers.

What is the Language of Creation?

The language of creation is created from words and phrases that when spoken, focused upon, or transmitted can allow for changes to occur within you. Some of the words may be simple and others may feel like tongue twisters! But all have a loving energy and emerge from a space of source creation. I ask you to use these words in many different situations and if you please, share the feedback of your experience. In this way we all grow and evolve through assisting each other. These can be emailed to me at this time or perhaps through Facebook on the Goddess Light fan page.

What is a Channel?

Channeling is essentially creating a link that allows you to communicate with another. Most often that is someone from the other side of the veil because people are seeking to experience something new or different. A medium speaks with the dead. As a channel, Shelly can also speak with those who have crossed over, but it’s not limited to that. She has spoken with animals when the need or opportunity arises.

Shelly is a gifted channel in that she is able to connect with and bring through clear communication from many different sources of energies. She has worked directly with AA Michael, AA Rafael, Metatron, Sananda, God, and Goddess, to name a few. She is fully conscious as she is channeling and is able to hear and comprehend what is being said; yet she remains detached from the information. In this way she decreases the analytical aspect of her brain to allow for greater flow through the creative aspect. As a conscious channel it’s as if Shelly sits beside her physical body as the angels are speaking through her. The information comes in sometimes as a stream of consciousness, other times it’s a block of energy. Therefore, it’s the human aspect of Shelly that allows her to interpret what is flowing through from the angels or beings of light.

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