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Goddess Light LLC
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 by Lisa
Wow...amazing conversations and information!

I just had the most amazing session with Shelly and the Light Beings! I received alot of clarity and information that is pertinent to my journey in this life, as well as, for my immediate family.. I had conversations with Sananda, a couple of family members, the group of light beings that work with Shelly and probably more that I can't recall in this moment. I learned about some past life experiences and many important things that pertain to my gifting in this life. I am so very grateful to Shelly "and her amazing team of light beings".

Much love,


 by Joanna
So worth it!!

My session with Shelly was amazing! It was so very helpful in providing me with clarity and energetic ease. I look forward to more sessions with her.

 by Carol

I’m so very grateful to have found Shelly! I have had many questions and much confusion for the past few years regarding where my life is heading. So much was cleared up for me and I feel that I can take steps forward now! The love and comfort that I felt in this session was amazing and I highly recommend Shelly as a guide and healer, mind blowing and life changing!!!

 by Kim
Amazing reading

I had an amazing reading with Shelly. I am very sensitive and communicate with my guides daily. I have been feeling stuck and needed confirmation to know, that I was on the right path. Shelly was so spot on with the reading, it gave me chill bumps all over my body, multiple times during my reading.

Thank you Shelly for sharing your gift with me!


 by Judy
Very Helpful

I have been on a spiritual path for some time now. I could sense I had blockages that I knew I needed more outside help to clear them. With the help of Shelly and her channel guides I was able to not only clear my blockages but also clear up my relationship with a family member that had past on. So many questions were answered that I am able to move on and be thankful for. Shelly provided such a comfortable and relaxed presence for my channel as well.. Really enjoyed and grateful for my channel with Shelly.

 by Linda Pullano
July channeling

I just listened to your July channeling. WOW!! This was my first time with you and the beings of light you channel . You all provided me with such calm and relief. Having known about all the subjects presented, I was feeling very frustrated in waiting for change to come. I woke up after a near death experience in 1996, and have been doing my part in helping to heal others and educate many with regard to your presentation. It mostly goes on deaf ears. I’m grateful to know that finally soon there will be disclosure. Thank you so very much, as I am grateful to God in finding you all. Much Love to you and the Light Beings. Linda Pullano

 by Kevin
Helpful information.

Insightful and helpful informatio concernong life's affairs.

 by Norman Sawyer

The channel Shelly presented with Goddess & God sharing in terms of the female/male was refreshing. The energy did not take on a bias to any system of belief, only to reinforce that creation comes from what we as creators can best conceive and begin to understand. Shelly supports a platform that pursues maps of positive intention. To honor each of what is the goddess energy within us by what mutual respect is expressed. Though to me “Mutual Respect” is simple and sweet, it is also the significance warranting a comprehension that maintains a compatibility to the Fifth Dimension. From what origin I remember in being in the Third Dimension, to understand “mutual” and “respect” side by side can be challenging. Here is to ascending in the spirit of mutual respect through what is positively compatible Heaven!

 by Alejandra

Starting the private sessions with Shelley has become one of my best decisions ever made.

The work is completely useful for settling a firm spiritual path. I enjoy a lot every session with the group of spiritual beings Shelley channels and Shelley is so nice that create a wonderful and complete spiritual experience!.

I am so grateful to you, Shelley and so happy of working with you during your courses too that I am starting to improve my self-steem in relation to the spiritual learning.

 by Norman
Affirming Highest Good

I love you Shelly! Your contribution is acknowledged globally as to the positive intel you offer.! My response or commentary on the daily message is to maybe assist those, like me, struggling to create a higher dimensional reality with what though now are energies embracing the highest of good to be more readily available by what Light is doing to transform Gaia and humanity, lingering bad habits linger…..

I’ve found that continuing to affirm into the field of compassionate action, health, strength, abundance, etc, though at first frustrated me to think that I am only complicating things by contradicting myself to: (1).AFFIRM MY BEING INTO THE I AM NATURE OF DIVINE RIGHT while still stuck doing (2). BAD HABITS THAT DIE HARD. My observation beckons that to what the affirmation remains to be very helpful, though it is maybe a slower process arriving to what subject content is contained in the affirmation. My take is that I remain steadfast in affirming greatness into the field of higher dimensional energies, even though things remain transitional! I’m definitely realizing positive change in my life for doing so.

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