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Goddess Light LLC
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 by Jane Valentine
Channel with Shelly

I have had some very good even great readings over the years., but the time I spent with Shelly and the guides was beyond any of my expectations.

Shelly is a delight to talk to and the ULB's extraordinary. This is the one for me. I recommend Shelly if you want integrity and the best use of your time along with meaningful information to help you with your life, go to Shelly.

Thank you lovely lady.

Jane Valentine

 by Sophia

I like your channel, Thank you!


 by Sophia

Thank you! i like this channel. it's peace and happiness,

 by DP in Australia
Great and Unexpected

(I am sharing what was sent to me)

I booked a session with Shelly because I felt ‘stuck’ in my professional life. I have been self employed for years but lately, what I believed was my life calling, felt like trying to fit into an old mold that I outgrew. So yes, I was stuck, I wanted to move forward with my life but couldn’t. I was lost. I booked an hour-long session and certainly it was the right length for me, so many issues and topics were raised and cleared/healed.

When Shelly began channelling, very soon I could feel the energy sweeping away the old energetic stuff. I was becoming more and more relaxed and light. The topic she began with had nothing to do with my career. It had to do with my son. But even though he wasn’t my conscious focus of this session, intuitively I knew that it was the right call. He had been on my mind and the worry was like a dark spot deep inside of me, like a layer of dust that dulls everything. I tried to shift and deal with it for years and in many ways I succeeded, but some of that worry was still there. Retrospectively, I can see how much duller I felt because of this thin layer of ‘dust’, this worry, and I can see how much freer I am today.

We had plenty of time to talk about my professional directions and possibilities that will open up and what are possible directions. The important thing is that I now feel like a door was opened and I can move forward with ease. I have options and feel excited about moving forward even though my future is only beginning to manifest. Shelly helped me to clear and clarify many things.

Life is so much better now, I feel joyful and empowered like never before. Thank you Shelly, I will come back when needed.

Kind regards

 by Owura Kwadwo Donkor

I AM so blessed to be with Goddess Light LLC. I AM Divine Love At All Times

 by Shannon Sawyers-McGee

Goddess Light you are truly a blessing to my life. I am dropping tears of joy. I will be speaking with you soon. Thank you for everything.

 by Heidi
Great Guidance

Hello and Loving day everyone. I have been seeking the advice of the Goddess Light for over ten years. I like the fact that not only do I receive excellent guidance, I also receive great energy work as well. The price is reasonable as well.

I enjoy our sessions and look forward to many more. Peace.

 by Cindy
Peace now about a former troubled relationship

A former friend had passed on, but I still had lots of troubled feelings left over from the relationship, and these thoughts occupied too much of my daily living. Shelly and her / our spiritual teams were able to show me some perspectives from the view of the divine, and now when I think of this person, instead of fear and inadequacy, I now feel gratitude. Thank you so much Shelly!

 by Janice Figgest
A Life Changing Experience

Shelly is a wonderful vibrant soul and she has the ability to heal and change lives. My session with her was so uplifting, I literally feel like a new person. Without me mentioning anything specific Shelly tuned in to each and every one of my issues and using specific techniques cleared so much that was holding me back. She spoke of past lives, both of which resonated with me powerfully and named two previous 'Me’s'. Shelly channelled information that I can use in a practical way to make changes. The whole session was powerful, enlightening and healing. I am very grateful to Shelly for the work that she did with me.

 by Vilmar

When i was broke and i didn't know whether i survive upcoming surgery Shelly found in her heart kindness to help me. I wrote many e-mails to different healers, but if you don't have enough money nobody want's to be your friend. Now I'm better and have a new friend who walks the talk! I don't have to look anymore 🙂

Last personal meditation moved me from head to toes! Life is Big and beautiful and Shelly with Goddess knows how to empower You! Right now I'm still a bit speechless and have to gather myself 🙂

Love You Shelly and Goddess!

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