Private Channel with Shelly

Talking To Your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and More

private channel with Shelly is an opportunity for you to feel loved and supported by the universe, your guides, the angels, and the many energies available to you. It’s a chance for you to create a 

deeper connection within yourself. It may be an experience of profound healing; it may be about receiving information. It is always an opportunity to allow for shifts to occur within you.

Details: Private channels take place by phone or using Zoom. You may choose 30 or 60 minutes in duration. If the call goes beyond the ordered minutes, there is an additional fee of $2.85 / minute which can be paid after the channel by Credit Card or PayPal.

***Once you have ordered a channeling session, Shelly will contact you through your email or phone to set up a time.  She will also make a recording of the channel and send it to you via email.



30 Minute or One Hour Channeling – $99 – $185
Pay with Credit-Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Paypal

What does a Private Channel entail?

When Shelly channels a private session for someone, the energy shifts to a foundation of the Goddess of Creation; in addition when in a private channel, the Goddess is joined with St. Germain, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Archangel Rafael and Archangel Gabriel, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, to name a few. These archangels and spirit guides create a pool of energy through which the information is transmitted. These other energies have a means of tapping into the earth bound energies with greater accuracy. During the twice a month Sunday evening teleconference the channeled energy is completely the Goddess of Creation.

Each channel begins with what’s called the monologue. This consists of the angel’s group talking about all that they see within and around you as they are creating a bridge that links you to Shelly. This lasts a few minutes and they will pause to ensure what is coming through resonates so that they know they are in alignment with you. As they look at you, they may speak of your energy or specific events happening within your life.

Asking Questions:

From there you are welcome to ask your spirit guides specific questions, move into healing or they can continue in the same manner of reading your energies. As the channel shifts at this point, you are having a direct conversation with the angels and light. My group creates a pool of energy through which they speak. On more than one occasion, people have said the angels bring up a subject that the person had intended to talk about before they can even do so!

A channel can be about healing your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and lightbody energy fields. These all flow through each other and create who you are as this person. During a healing session, the group will look at all these energies and assist you in releasing blockages, shifting what no longer works for you and open to accept the change. In many cases the effect is immediate other times it is very subtle.

Sometimes you are seeking clarity in your life. They can look at your life and see potentials. From your higher self, you are showing them what you want your human self to know! The information is sometimes very specific and accurate, other times more abstract. Each situation is different and Shelly always seeks to be clear in her channels.

Relationships with others:

A channeling with Shelly can assist you in communication with other people. The group of angels and light beings are able to create an alignment with the higher self or soul essence of other people; living or crossed over. Through this soul communication they may be able to tell you what the other person is thinking and feeling. Then in turn, you may speak to them also. This is a powerful way to release energies and create a shift in your relationships. Sometimes it’s a direct communication, sometimes it’s the group passing along messages. This can be effective working with a single individual or group — for example a team of people at work or family, etc. Even though the other person is not physically present, this type of communication can still have a profound affect. Soul Communication Meditation CD or mp3.

Most common effect upon you:

This type of channel is only from high, light vibrational beings so most people say at the end they feel good, relaxed, energized and sometimes even transformed. Any channel that you have with Shelly is looking at and drawing from the energies around you at the time of the channel. These energies are always in a state of flow and movement. Therefore, there can be no guarantee of the outcome of a channel. All channels are done with the highest of intentions. The information from the channel is received through as clear a space as Shelly is able to create.


Testimonials from Happy People

 by Lisa on Goddess Light LLC
Wow...amazing conversations and information!

I just had the most amazing session with Shelly and the Light Beings! I received alot of clarity and information that is pertinent to my journey in this life, as well as, for my immediate family.. I had conversations with Sananda, a couple of family members, the group of light beings that work with Shelly and probably more that I can't recall in this moment. I learned about some past life experiences and many important things that pertain to my gifting in this life. I am so very grateful to Shelly "and her amazing team of light beings".

Much love,


 by Joanna on Goddess Light LLC
So worth it!!

My session with Shelly was amazing! It was so very helpful in providing me with clarity and energetic ease. I look forward to more sessions with her.

 by Carol on Goddess Light LLC

I’m so very grateful to have found Shelly! I have had many questions and much confusion for the past few years regarding where my life is heading. So much was cleared up for me and I feel that I can take steps forward now! The love and comfort that I felt in this session was amazing and I highly recommend Shelly as a guide and healer, mind blowing and life changing!!!

 by Kim on Goddess Light LLC
Amazing reading

I had an amazing reading with Shelly. I am very sensitive and communicate with my guides daily. I have been feeling stuck and needed confirmation to know, that I was on the right path. Shelly was so spot on with the reading, it gave me chill bumps all over my body, multiple times during my reading.

Thank you Shelly for sharing your gift with me!


 by Judy on Goddess Light LLC
Very Helpful

I have been on a spiritual path for some time now. I could sense I had blockages that I knew I needed more outside help to clear them. With the help of Shelly and her channel guides I was able to not only clear my blockages but also clear up my relationship with a family member that had past on. So many questions were answered that I am able to move on and be thankful for. Shelly provided such a comfortable and relaxed presence for my channel as well.. Really enjoyed and grateful for my channel with Shelly.

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