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Channeled Meditations from the Goddess of Creation

Shelly channels the Goddess of Creation via a free teleconference on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. This is a channeled journey that takes you into very high, light dimensions to assist in creating change in your life.  She will at times have ‘guest’ energies such as St. Germain, Metatron, Melchizedek and more. After the meditation, there’s a time for questions and answers. These are open to anyone who wishes to attend.  ***if you are watching the live streaming, you’ll need to call in to get into the queue for a question. 


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Next Teleconference

Our next free Teleconference is Sunday, May 19, 2024. You can call,1-667-770-1523 x642149# (see in your local time)
***This is a new number!  If it doesn’t work,  you can always watch the YouTube video.

How to Participate

Spirit Guide CommunicationTo join, dial the number listed below, and then wait for the prompt to enter the extension number followed by the pound (#) key. Occasionally there is a delay with getting into the room, so perhaps come a few minutes early, and please be patient and keep trying!

Dial 1-667-770-1523 followed by access code 642149 #

I’ve had my free teleconferences through Free Conferencing for probably eight years or so.  During that time this has worked well with very few glitches.  Recently T Mobile and Metro PCS, and perhaps others that I’m not aware of have begun charging people if they call into this free line.  The people from Free Conferencing have told me they’ve had a number of discussions with these companies, but it may be an ongoing issue. 

If this is something you’re experiencing, please check out their homepage.  On the bottom right, they have instructions to make a call through the internet and you’re still on a phone call.  So too, you can watch it streaming through my homepage or on my YouTube page.  Things are always changing and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  I’m glad that I already have the online streaming as an alternative!! I look forward to your participation in the future! 

Live Web Streaming

The teleconference is also streamed live through YouTube.  You may access it with ease on the Goddess Light home page the night of the teleconference.  Shelly begins the live streaming at 9:00 pm  After the meditation, the Goddess will answer questions for people on the call. If you would like to ask questions, you need to call into the teleconference.

Dial 1-667-770-1523 followed by access code 642149 #

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