I haven’t written a separate post for a while because there is so much information given during the channels and the ULB channels.  If you haven’t listened to the Universal Light Beings, I encourage you to do so. www.crystallinetransformations.com  They are different from the Goddess and they speak about Ascension from a different perspective. 

The Goddess and her meditations have always been about each person experiencing for themselves, what is happening as they make their own choices.  The ULBs are about discussions and talking about what is happening from a universal perspective or a cosmic perspective. 

Over and over in my channels both with people and from these sources they talk about energy, your focus, the transformations and all that is changing.  For those who are sensitive, you can probably feel the difference immediately!! I worked with someone recently and we cleared the energy of her town.  It was mostly where she lived, but she then had a tool that could use to clear other areas and after a few days she could tell a difference from what it had been.

As you know, I am a Registered Nurse and work in an outpatient center part time in addition to working with Goddess Light.  If there are times when people are frustrated or angry; I shift the energy to bring in more balance and light.  Does it work every time? Mostly!! There are times it’s immensely effective and other times not as much.  When you are working with people, you cannot control or manipulate them or tell them what to think and feel. 

Here are a few steps of what you can do.

  • Breathe down within yourself, to become centered and balanced.
  • Open up your energy to sense what is around you. This may be in your family, your workplace, in your town, or even tap into a situation that you align with somewhere around the world.
  • As you reach out to what it is that is negative, angry, frustrated, or fearful; what it may be, you can then ‘pull’ on it to gather it into a ball.
  • I then take that ball and send it up into the light. I literally see it as a ball of energy that I pull from a situation and transform into the light.
  • This does not come through me, it does not get stuck in my energy.
  • Once removed, I take in another breath and this time send balancing light and love through the area where I just cleared the energy.
  • When you pull energy out of a place, it leaves a hole or a vacuum. Therefore, as you send energy and light through the space, it sends in an alternative to what was removed. 

Things to note.  I am clearing the energy of a place or situation.  I am not telling anyone what to think or do.  When a new energy is there and available to them, they may unconsciously or consciously tap into it.


I also wished to mention that I have two more classes set up for Opening to Channel.  I am teaching one during the evening, Eastern Time, and one on a Wednesday afternoon.  Each class is two hours for a total of four weeks.  I talk about A LOT of information.  I also will give you at least 2 meditations with each class that you can then download and keep for yourself.

The evening class starts on August 15th and runs through September 5th.

The daytime class starts on October 19th and runs through November 9th.

For more information or to register, here’s the link:  https://goddesslight.net/store/product/opening-to-channel/

No Adjustment in Fees:

For those of you who follow me all the time, I decided back in May that I was going to make an adjustment for my private session on August 1st. I had also adjusted these class prices. 

Well, I was talking with a friend of mine the other day about this time we are in with the huge inflation and for some instability with their jobs.  I’ve decided NOT to make an adjustment at this time.  I probably will at some point, but not right now.  At some point it will be the right time for me to do so, but not now. I love working privately with people and look forward to perhaps working with you!

We are ALL in this together!!  We are here to support one another and to remember to keep the faith that even when we may not see it or understand; all will transform and all is exactly as it needs to be.