Here we are, another new year, another time for setting intentions, another time for looking over the past year with discernment!  Then on top of that, there are all the things that keep people busy with their holidays and celebrations.  Sometimes by the time January rolls around I’m ready to hibernate!! This year is interesting.  For me, it felt as if December passed in a blur and now I’m emerging into something new.  

Every year there are the good times and the struggles.  In every year you start off with what you want to do differently or what you want to accomplish.  For many years I’d have all sorts of intentions that would last a few weeks then I’d feel defeated and just let them go!  From there I went many years and just didn’t bother with creating intentions.  Until I’m where  I am right now!  

An intention is simply that: a statement that I intend to do —- something.  We unconsciously are making intentions all day long; to finish this project, to get to work on time or perhaps to have a discussion with someone. As we set an accomplish intentions all day long they are simply a part of our life.  Why is the first of the year any different?  For one thing, we are setting an intention for a year rather than 5 minutes, 2 hours or a day.  Therefore we place extra weight upon it.  I say take off the weight and allow your intention to simply BE a part of you and the flow of your life. Let your intention be a means of considering your life and what you would like to happen; then opening to the flow. 

I’m including my video where I talk about the new year and my group is speaking about the energies of 2019.  I hope this is a truly amazing year for you!!!  What are your intentions?  I invite you to share and we’ll all support one another.