Here is another channel from the Universal Light Beings.  I love these channels and in the new year, I intend to offer them in a more public manner.  I’m not totally sure how that will look but we shall see~~~

I need to start stretching time.  In the past, I have done this when I have needed to get somewhere at a particular time or need more time to write something or even needed more time for a channel. We are learning more and more about the non-linear time frame that is available out in the universe and it also available on Earth.  DO you ever have a feeling that you are in two places at the same time?  I do.  What I have come to understand is that I actually AM living in multiple existences.  We all are doing so.  This is one of the gifts that we will experience at the completion of this shift in energy.

I’m going to invite everyone to try something for hmmm, you can start with 24 hours or a weekend or a week or even a month.  Every day when you wake up make an intention that you will find three things that bring you joy.  Now many of you will say oh that’s easy and that’s wonderful!! If it is easy to find joy; then perhaps look differently.  Perhaps you can find joy or open to something that is totally new to you. We all get into ruts and it is so important to step outside of what is our norm.  Therefore – as you find joy in different ways then also find new experiences perhaps through a new perception.

All of these thoughts are going through my mind as I think about the channel this month with the ULB’s.  I find these channels and feel as if we have talked for hours. I feel as if Albayon has taken me across the universe. I feel as if my heart is so hugely expanded.  I just love it!!! Then I find myself days later, a week later saying did that happen?  I, therefore, put forth the intention that I remember; that I am love, that it is fun to experience new things.

I have not as yet separated the 3 segments of this channel, therefore I’ll place below it a key for the timing and you can feel free to jump to whatever you are seeking!


 Albayon: (Arcturian) 1:50 mins to 33:37 Talks about Ascension, Central sun, spirituality, quantum banking, quantum physics, secret space program, non-terrestrials of different vibrations, taking the very low vibrational people off-planet.Also spoke of gamma rays, solar flairs, and their effect.

Brysentia: (Pleiadian) 33:37 mins to 58:40 Talks about hybrid humans, warfare, low vs high vibration, frequencies, heredity, 3D being gone or deactivated, speaking of times in history that influxes of high vibration, current unconscious ascension in many people. She ends with how to help others and how to find a place of joy.

Crystallia: (Omniverse) 58:40 mins to end She speaks of what it is like to come from a place of a completely different life and frequency. She speaks of how this is what will create the change as you leave the past and enter the future. She speaks of how so much is now universal rather than planetary. She speaks of how the nonterrestrial has been actively working with earth since the 1930s. lastly, she speaks of med beds and new technology.

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