Hello everyone!  Let’s talk about energy and vibration for a few minutes.  I often find myself balancing between the different energies and the knowledge of what is happening. For example, I’ll perhaps do a channel for someone, or maybe just go into meditation, or listen to high vibrational music and I feel amazing. I feel sensitive, expanded, and as if all is well.

I may then go online and read some stuff on Twitter, or YouTube, or Facebook and suddenly I have a headache and my back is hurting. I know immediately that my vibration has lowered due to tapping into the energies of what is happening around us. I’ll read a few posts and then take whatever the situation is and flow love and light energy into the situation. I feel better and whether it helps the situation or not, I can’t know but I do realize that any time I feel good, I’m in balance and therefore I am sending balance out into the world.  My goal is for this to happen all the time.

When we look at the history of the planet, you can see that we have moved through various times of balanced ascension and imbalance. Lemuria was a balanced society with high vibration and light.  As Atlantis came in, the energy shifted and actually lowered. Now, we are moving back into balance again.  This is happening.  It has happened.  So, where are you?  Where are you in your life?  Where are you in your focus and intention?

I always love to see when science supports what I know in my heart and in my studies.  While I will be the first to say I don’t know everything about it, the Schumann Resonance measurement is a means of seeing how the vibration is rising.  In this picture, you can see the greater amount of white coming into the vibration. This represents the higher vibration into the current vibration.

So what does this mean?  It means that more and more there will be white light and less and less the lower vibration.  Brysentia talks about this a great deal in the following channel. 

What are you doing that causes you to feel good?  This has to be about balance within your life.  Are you constantly listening and trusting what feels good to you?  Most people are something in between.  You are perhaps at work or in relationships where you are not fully in alignment; however, then you take the time to find the place where you do feel good.  If you can find a way to bring joy and balance into the times when you feel out of balance or when you are doing something that doesn’t fully resonate with you; you can continue, but shift your energy.  Sometimes it is just about realizing ‘I choose to be here because I’m supporting my family’. ‘I choose to be in this relationship because in some ways it supports me’.  Remembering that something is a choice is very important.

The group of people that have been in charge mostly behind the scenes on a global level; are now being taken down. I understand that there are differences of opinions about this however, it is true.  Much of what you see happening is a means of them trying to keep their strangle hold on society. If you are over the age of 40, chances are you have at one point or another lived in the 3rd dimension.  If you lived in the 3rd dimension then you have a cellular memory about what that means.  This cellular memory may be very active and strong or it may be subtle. 

Here are some ideas for ways you can find support and raise your vibration:

Focus on your breathing. No matter where you are, no matter what your emotional energy may be, you can shift your vibration through your breathing.  Breathing deeply and holding the energy and light can immediately help you to disconnect.  If you disconnect, then you can refocus.

What is your environment?  This is where people many times take things for granted.  In your home, is there constantly ‘noise’? Noise may come from TV in the background or music in the background; even clutter can be like noise to a person. Are there maybe lots of people around and talking. Everyone needs to have a place or time of quiet to rebalance.  This may be exercise, reading, meditation; whatever works for you. Oh, don’t forget to smudge!!

Are you paying attention to the news?  The news comes in different formats some can be very agitative and some can be supportive.  Pay attention to how you feel as you are watching or reading. I know you want to know what is going on, however, give yourself a limit. There is a lot of censoring going on right now, therefore, you may need to find different sources. I have advertised through Facebook for a long time however the last two ads have generated mostly spam. 

Sound and light frequency can create change.  You may have heard of the med beds that will become more and more common in the future.  These are based on sound and light.  They emit a frequency that will resonate with a perfect, balanced body.  You can start working with this through meditation and music.  One artist I’ve always loved is Stephan Halpern.  He has entire CDs of theta, delta, and other frequencies.  He is not the only one, so check out what is out there. What do you like best? I am always open to new ideas. 

The closer we get to 2021, the greater amount of high light energy there will be. The Schumann Resonance will include more of the white in a consistent balanced frequency.  The 3rd dimension doesn’t completely go away; it just is not accessible.  Think back to the 1980s.  The 5th dimension at that time was beyond what you could imagine; however, it was there. This is what will happen in the reverse.  The 3rd dimension will be there, but you won’t feel it or it will have less impact on your life.  The reason for this is because the entire world and consciousness will be in the 5th dimension or higher.

If you are interested, please check out the channel from Brysentia.  She is the Pleiadian Emissary of Light and this channel can help you feel good and give you information.


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