I guess you can tell from the teleconferences and the many bogs and channels I’ve done that I like to talk! I like to meet new people and learn lots of cool stuff.  I of course LOVE to be in the energies of the angels, guides, light beings all the time.  I find that they are always with me or easily accessible so that any time I reach out; they’re right there.  In fact, I feel as if I flow in and out of channeling energies all day long.

During my recent interview with Catherine Whelan Costen (www.lgrcc.com) we talked about how my traditional nursing experience is aligned with my channeling experiences.  In fact, I even said in the interview that I’m still my normal self I just flow between different perspectives.  As people move into this consciousness that what it can be for them too; still themselves, just enhanced with the expanded awareness.

When I work with people in channel we can do all sorts of different things.  Through the angelic perspective we can give people new or various options.  We can also align with someone to create healing experiences.  This is where my nursing background comes in handy.  I know what anatomy looks like so I’m able to have that as a foundation.  Then as we, the angels and I, look at someone I have that human perspective to work from.

When people have problems in their lives it encompasses many layers.  They may have a physical manifestation that is rooted in the emotions or old beliefs.  They may also have a carryover from past lifetimes that can affect their life today; perhaps emotionally, physically or just feeling stuck.

As we work with people amazing things can and have taken place.  I love to see the shift in energy where someone goes from energy barely moving to a humming balance.  EVERYONE has the potentials for perfect health.  What happens is that people have belief systems that my dictate how or what they feel and experience.  So too people may have a physical reality that ‘tells them’ differently than what the angels say.  So too people’s unconscious mind can have a very dramatic effect upon them.

My point with all of this is that people can have a healing experience, feel really good; then awhile later feel as if they are back where they were.  This is because of their old energy patterns and what they are used to experiencing.  So after a healing session it becomes very important for the person to truly receive and accept their healing.  That may sound odd; but that’s where the true change comes in.  The good news is that once the healing has taken place, even if you are shifting back, it’s even easier to clear the energy because you’ve done the deep work.

This is just some of what Catherine and I talked about!!  I’d encourage you to listen to the blog talk or watch the YouTube to see if there are other tidbits that can assist you in your life!

I wanted to share my most recent interview with Catherine Whelan Costen.  I’ve worked with Catherine several times a year for many years and she’s creating the Exquisite World Global Network.  I’m so pleased to be a part of this creation.  Over the years we’ve discussed many, many different topics from life, manifesting, the dolphins, channeling, angels, DNA and more.  You can find all of these channels on her website, blog talk radio and YouTube. I’ve also posted them on my YouTube page under interviews and personal appearances.  Catherine’s website is www.lgrcc.com  For her 8th season she’s expanded into a number of new people with her interviews and you can find the many interesting conversations here: http://letsgetrealchattinwithcatherine.com/2014-shows