Every year in May we have the Wesak/ Vesak festival that takes place in a high meadow in the Himalayan Mountains.  I have channeled this for many, many years and I love to see how the energy has changed over that time.  Wesak is a celebration about the birth of Buddha and there are many descriptions about what this festival is about.  Many believe it is a time when only Buddha returns; however, I have always seen both Buddha & Christ.  

Both of these Ascended Masters are truly amazing individuals.  They are a part of what created the foundation for where we are today.  In the many years that I have channeled for this event, I have seen an immense amount of integration take place.  when we first participated in this event we were the spectators sitting around and up the sides of the mountains and this took place in the distance.  NOW we are all a part of the energy and the experience. It is truly phenomenal how the entire event has changed since we now have a sense of participating. 

During this year’s event there was a call to all the corners of the earth plus the universe and within Gaia.  I had to laugh, they had me saying OM…. which I was not really prepared for so to me sounded kinda strange!  They had wanted me to chime a bell, like those 2 things on a leather rope that you click.  I didn’t have them beside me.  I said in the background, send me a memo next time!! All of this is in the full channel.  (To read, watch or listen to the entire channel, CLICK HERE)

Their message to us is about love and how to have it within our lives and how to open to it. This message is short but filled with wonderful energy about how all societies truly want love in their lives and how we are all connected through love. 

I hope this enriches your life with even more love.