This is a message I channeled for a client. However, she and I both agree it is a very important message for all of society at this time. 

Mother Mary:  Greetings my beloved daughter and sister. I wish to speak to you about December 21st and the solstice.

The time of love is coming, the time of healing is coming. This nation in which you live will need to have a massive healing take place because the citizens are deeply, deeply divided. You will hear Melania (First Lady of the United States) speaking out much more in the future. She will speak of unity; she will speak of working together and she will speak of how to support one another rather than tear down one another.

It is the feminine energy that needs to truly anchor all that Is taking place. While women can be fierce, fierce warriors it is the feminine that truly nurtures. So be aware that in this time of transitioning that you will see I Mother Mary portrayed in many places, you will see Mary Magdalene, you will see Isis, you will see other symbols of the divine mother that will be located around the world. 

During this time of transition, for many it will become very easy, they are already in the flow of love, they are already open to feel the love. Those that are not, are the ones that will truly struggle. It breaks one’s heart to see others struggling. Be aware that for some people the struggle is the awakening. Be aware that you may work with individuals who are seeking to understand what for them cannot be understood.

Your job in all of this to provide the ear to listen, it is to provide love and compassion and it is to send forth the open heart and the open arms to all of society.  Certainly, there are many who will have no idea that you are doing so, but it doesn’t make it any less potent.  Be open and be loving.

You will begin to hear in the future about more and more individuals that have walked upon the earth at times of transition and these are the ones that you might call the cleaner-uppers.  How’s that for a word?!

Archangel Michael, St. Germain, and the many others that have been so prevalent in the last century are the ones that are about exposing and breaking down. And then there are others who are very prevalent about the building up and the reconnection.  For some humans it becomes challenging to think that the energy that tore things apart is the same energy that is building.  They can because we are talking about the very high, light vibration; however, be aware that there will be new and different names that will enter the arena.

You are going to begin to hear about Anna, who is my mother’s healing technique. She taught me in the art of the feminine as she taught many others. One of the pathways to healing is to heal the emotions and another pathway to healing is through physical experiences. These are different sides of the same coin.  I invite you to be open and aware of all that is here.

Be excited about this time upon the earth. Pay attention to those who truly open to these new potentials. You will find those who you choose to be among, because they are the ones who will provide the strong solid foundation as the world moves forward.

You will find that those among you are there because they are the ones that will provide the solid strong foundation as the world moves forward. You will hear many people talk about the anger of Christ, you will hear people talk about the failure of the earth and I wish to remind you that the earth is a massive success story. I wish to remind you that the times when Yeshua is the most challenged is the time he offers the greatest amount of love. He is here in support of humanity no matter what.

Allow him to do what he does best and understand if people speak of a different side of Yeshua; that is simply where they are coming from and what they interpret. It will not be what you and I are discussing at this time.

Be aware that all will become clear. Be aware that the earth will be strengthened and enhanced as a result of what is happening right now. You will hear people that speak of the deep state coming back and taking over and doing this once again; they will NOT!  This removal is permanent for all time because we have removed the source from within the Earth that has fed this over and over.

Be aware of the love and light. Be aware of the balance.

I feel great joy and I thank you for this opportunity to share time together.


Shelly Dressel channeling Mother Mary for a client in a private session.
Goddess Light LLC


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