As the angels were talking last night in my monthly group channel they gave us a wonderful idea for opening up within. When people are beginning their path of connection or if they feel disconnected,lonely or separate from others they frequently aren’t sure how to receive; so here’s a tool.
Begin to talk to yourself in the 3rd person. How often do you find it easier to give to others rather than receiving for yourself? Probably you are used to putting others first and/or have a lot of responsibility.Because of all these distractions, you are in a pattern that puts everyone else first and you end up the dregs of your energy and/ or nothing at all. This can be a really hard pattern to transform.  If someone were to say ‘well just think of yourself or let that go’ this person would feel they are being selfish and this idea is against everything they’ve been taught or feel about themselves.  i.e.. very hard or impossible to do!!
The angels spoke about treating yourself as if you were someone else that you are taking care of or responsible for.  It’s easier to give to others than receive so you give to yourself as if you are giving to others which is the pattern that works for you.  Here’s some self talk that may help you out.  Begin with simple things that you are comfortable handling, for each person it may be different, but here’s a simple example.  “Shelly, you are really exhausted tonight, how about taking this evening to support yourself? Lets sit down, put your feet up and if other stuff needs to be done… it can wait or someone else can do it’. In your mind you may then be saying, I’ve got 3 loads of laundry to do, the dishes need to be done, I have to finish the project from work.  HOWEVER you make a conscious choice and even if it’s for 15 minutes, you sit and put your feet up. 
This is step 1 of listening to your inner voice and accepting nurturing energy.  Yeah!! Good for you. 
From there it can move into — “Shelly would you ask your friend to do that?”  How often to ask more of yourself then you would your friends, family, coworkers etc?  Sometimes you may feel it’s easier if you do it yourself or they won’t do a good enough job….. there are many reasons why you do everything and resist delegating. 
Step 2 is to treat yourself as you treat others. In doing this, you are beginning to set healthy boundaries and step into self love/ respect.  
You will be surprised at how quickly you can turn around the way you feel about yourself; which in turn will shift your priorities.  Be on the look out for when you begin to joke with yourself in the 3rd person!!  Be aware that each step you take in listening to this inner voice it taking you into a stronger place within you and opening to greater self love.  
***after I posted this I was talking with my sister and she reminded me of a great point! Another important aspect about learning to receive is that you are actually giving the other person the gift of giving!  A healthy exchange is when someone gives and the other receives with grace and love.