IT IS DONE!!!  I awakened on New Year’s Day at 5:55 am to that thought going through my mind.  My immediate response was to send the energy of balance to my family and friends who have not awakened to any of this transition that is taking place!! Once that was done, I realized what the heck, I needed to send it around the world. 

What exactly is done?  I could see planets in the universe aligning in a pattern that they had not experienced for thousands of years.  I could see that the third dimension had completely collapsed.  I could see that all that needs to come out about disclosure is now coming out. (In truth the majority is done already.) With these energetic changes, nothing can be hidden anymore. So many lies, deceptions, mind control, pain, suffering; all of it, can no longer survive or if they try to, it will become harder and harder.  Think of walking through quicksand, where you try to move forward, but you just can’t move.  This will be the experience for all those who try to continue to control & manipulate.

How long have we been waiting for this?  I have been channeling since 1995, publicly since about 2001. So, for me, I have followed this process of ascension every step of the way.  Even in the early 2000’s when I didn’t understand the full magnitude of what was happening, I still knew that this was something unbelievably important and that I was fully committed. 

I have of course experienced many ups and downs through this time.  My own spiritual growth has been….mine! However, I think I reflect what so many people have also processed. The interesting aspect is that everyone needs to have this experience at a time that is right for them.

How often in life do you force yourself, or allow yourself to follow something because you think this is what you ‘should’ do?  Most people at one time or another have done so.  But I’d say the spiritual ascension is about that connection that you have with your soul. It is you, your higher self, and your soul.  No one else.  Therefore, no one else can tell you if you are enough, if you have arrived, or if it is best for you.

Many people will go to places as a means of learning.  Goddess Light is one of those places.  You can read, watch videos, take classes, have sessions, or whatever you may need.  All of these are ways in which you can awaken what is within you.  We as a society have been under an overlay that suppressed our memories and that alignment with our source.  This is one reason why we are all seeking now to ‘awaken’ from this long, long sleep.

The good news is, we are supported by many, many beings.  Many people are walking the earth with us who have already moved through these experiences.  There are angels and light beings that have not forgotten who you are.  However, I think the change that has the most impact is the vibration and frequency of the earth.  This may be one of those things very hard for people to discern, however, when you can feel the difference, it is VERY noticeable.

What does that mean to you?  It means the alignment with your divinity is easier to access.  It means that you will be able to ‘remember’ who you are more easily.  It means that we the Universal Beings will have easier access to help you in whatever you may choose.  From your soul, there are aspects of you that live in other dimensions, out in the universe, on other planets, and perhaps even as one or more of your guides. 

This year of 2024 is about creating new realities.  If you have not yet cleared the past or past connections, it may actually be easier for you because a line has been drawn in the sand.  It will nudge everyone into more decisive choices in life. 

I hope that your is filled with love and opportunities!!