Friday evening December 2nd 

9pm EST or 6pm PST

Call in to :  (310) 807-5104

with my friend Susan Larison Danz!!  She has Frontier Beyond Fear and a number of other websites and blogs.  She’s very interested in the star beings, working with energy, becoming the most optimal person you can be.  She has quite a number of interviews on Blog Talk Radio and frequently will be trending on the first page~~

I’ll be there talking about energy, talking about the changes and giving as many mini readings as I can!  Last time I remember she said there were 25 people in the queue at one time; if I gave each a message, I’m not sure.  But I invite you to join me and experience this energy & receive a free mini reading if you’d like one.

The conversation usually will take it’s own path as we talk~~  But the fun part is doing free readings for as many as we can reach.  This is through Blog Talk Radio.  Please check out this link!

Connect with Shelly during the interview!