What a world we live in right now!! This is truly a battle of galactic proportions! (hmm, that just came out, I didn’t think it) Therefore I think it’s important for us to remember the bigger picture here. This ascension is for the Earth, our Galaxy, and our Universe.  We the people living on earth are doing our part.

Right now, we are showing the contrast of the old and the new. There are many, many people who are stuck in the old energy and then there are those who have already awakened.  This contrast has been going on for many, many years however we are now at the point of resolution.  This is where we need to look beyond what is in front of us and trust in the higher vibration. 

Around the world, people are locking down again.  Here in the US, they are trying to implement that but it is with very limited success.  We do continue to wear masks in certain places. They do still talk about social distancing.  There have been some spikes in Covid and there continues to be controversy around this.  I continue to acknowledge that there is an illness, no doubt about it. There are treatments and I am confused as to why some of these treatments aren’t implemented. However, the key in all this that is so clear to me at this time is that through the shutdowns the deep state is trying to increase their control over us. Think about it, when something you have had is slipping away, what do you do? You hold on even tighter sometimes smothering whatever that may be.  

In this following video, I was live on Facebook and talking about my beliefs and the messages that I have had from my group and the ULB’s (Universal Light Beings). This was recorded the day after the election and now I am 100% confident that President Trump will be re-elected. This entire experience is to show the corruption that has been around for years.

Please hold the faith.  The higher vibration is here and is not going away.  We are a part of something HUGE both on earth and in our universe and I thank all of you for being present to assist in this transformation. 

I send love, light, joy, excitement, and energy to all~~~

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