Happy Solstice!! Happy Hanukah!! Merry Christmas!! Happy Yule!! Plus, a shout-out to whatever you may celebrate!

We had a channel with the Goddess of Creation on December 18th where she talked about each one of us as a light.  This feels like a big change because for years we have talked about connecting to the light, bringing in the light, or streaming the light.  By light, I mean our connection to God or Source or our Soul.

As we are all aware, there is an ascension of humanity that moves through all levels of consciousness.  This is spiritual in its foundation which is different from the times when there was an ascension in just a portion of society such as technology in the industrial revolution.  

Consciousness is actually quite expansive. It consists of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, physical bodies, cellular memories, and so much more. As we ascend at this time more and more understanding is coming forth. There is the consciousness of humanity. The consciousness of the animal kingdom. There is also universal consciousness from the solar system.

The more that the higher frequency becomes a part of our lives, the more our consciousness will expand and in turn our understanding of how this can affect our lives.  Albayon has mentioned how many of them will control their sips through their consciousness. They become aligned through not only a handprint but also their DNA.  This activates parts of the ship that links with the pilot and the pilot then maneuvers and drives as if the ship is alive and an extension of his consciousness.

So too, telepathy is a means of communicating through your expanded consciousness. When you are balanced within all of your energy bodies, it becomes easier to be fully aware of your consciousness; such as where your thoughts are focused. How often have you heard people talking about manifesting what they focus upon?  Wherever you place your attention, you are also aligning your consciousness.  The more that we learn about consciousness the more we realize just how alive and flexible it is.

Can you remember a time when you were focused on something you wanted to manifest and it just seemed out of reach?  So, you focused harder, it was a belief that this was yours, and you kept on and on.  Perhaps it even got to a point of stubbornness on your part.  When things are not happening or you feel stuck, you can literally feel it in the energy as it slows down and becomes rigid.  

That stubborn energy can become a block, rather than something that supports you.  Most likely there are things happening around you to give you a new perspective or move in another direction. As soon as you step aside from your stubborn beliefs, or shut down your energies, you can immediately see a movement in what is around you. This is tapping into the flow of higher consciousness.

I say all this as a way of explanation to better understand what is happening with the Goddess in the December 18th channel.

In the channel, while in the All That Is, we had an opportunity to connect to those who represent the various religions that have supported this time on Earth.  This included Buddha, Krishna, Abraham, Yeshua, and Muhammed.  I could feel more, but these were who made themselves known to me. We all look to them to be the way showers, to be looked up to, to in many cases be someone to save us or a situation. Sometimes we look at them to show us the way or send us the light. This was the intention as they came in mostly because the density of the earth was such that humanity was suppressed from their light frequencies; the light bodies, the higher vibrations, or the soul.

Now through the expansion of consciousness and the rising of the frequency, we no longer look up to them as more evolved or better than us bus as equals.  I know that many may not feel that way in their life, however, it is true.  Everyone here at this time has the potential to tap into their highly evolved frequencies. This is what allows you to evolve in companionship with them. This is also a massive way to strengthen what is happening on Earth and in the universe.

I invite you to now consider becoming the light. It is YOU in every cell within your body. It is within every aspect of your consciousness. How often have you opened to the light and invited it in?  Now you can simply BE the light.  Your expanded soul is always with you. This is allowing your God Source to be fully present within you 24/7.  Not in the background, but in the foreground.

This leads us to the next step in our evolution. Through consciousness, we can all develop Telepathy.  Perhaps you can practice with loved ones.  Perhaps you can practice with others of a like mind that may be open to this communication.

One of the people who asked a question during the teleconference suggested that we create a Nam Sika room. This would be a room at the level of our higher selves where we can meet in meditation, prayer, conversation; or whatever you wish. 

Nama Sika – I AM the One. This means I have an intrinsic expansion of consciousness and affirm my divinity any time that I speak it.  Venia Benya — I AM the Whole.  This confirms your connection with others through the higher frequency. You begin by affirming your oneness with Source, soul. You then open to others of the same vibration.  We already do this with every Goddess Light Channel.  If you choose to work/ play in the Nama Sika room, you can strengthen this ability.

I invite you to right, at this of the year when there is so much more support available to you to truly affirm you that you are the LIGHT.  You are God/ Goddess. You are soul.  You are divine.