New Beginnings 1New Beginnings – this is something that we are constantly creating within our life. Sometimes we make a bigger deal out of things than we need to thinking that change is something hard (it can be, but doesn’t have to be) and therefore not to be undertaken.

I was recently listening to the Josh Groban song “Believe” and this phase kept running through my mind:

“Trains move quickly to their journey’s end
Destinations are where we begin again”

If we can think of new beginnings a something that’s a natural part of our day, then it will less intimidating.

How often do you feel as if you are walking in a circle creating a rut around yourself? I find that your belief system can create a rut.  The actions that you take on a daily basis can create a rut. Disappointment can create a rut. I could go on and on………..

You are the one living within your body, within your life.  You are the one person in your life 24/7.  Therefore you are the only one who can make a change for yourself.

During the Teleconference (New Beginnings October 18, 2015) the Goddess worked with us on making changes and integrating new beginnings.  So often people have things in life that they want to manifest, yet they are slow to arrive.  This is in part what creates the blocks / ruts.

If there’s something that has not manifested – let it go!  Have a releasing ceremony; remove it from your energy field in whatever way you can.   Sure you still want whatever you want, but you need to get rid of the energy of this intention that has not worked.  This is one of the biggest reasons why things don’t manifest; you’re stuck in the energy of lack, disappointment or you may even have blinders on~~

This channel is about clearing it all away, linking with your divinity and then creating from a new beginning.  Perhaps you don’t want the same thing you always thought you wanted.  Perhaps there’s an even better, bigger way for it to come into your life. You will never find a solution from within the problem.  Clearing out, releasing, opening will create a new beginning that will propel you forward!

You can read / listen to / watch the full channel here:  GODDESS LIGHT CHANNEL

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