Someone on Facebook asked me about what the ULB’s thought regarding Canada and the truckers. I know many people are wondering what’s happening, and I did a mini channel with their take on things. As always, it moved into a worldwide perspective!!

Greetings my beloved friends and family~~~

I wished to speak with you at this time because of a beautiful experience taking place in Canada. Someone had asked for our insights on the truckers in Canada and the government’s attempt to block them from transporting products if they were not vaccinated. 

This time of ascension is about people bypassing old paradigms that created separation. This is about people realizing that humanity is the common denominator. This is about people seeing people for who they are. There is no need to judge and while judgment still occurs, in the big scheme of things, that will diminish.

This is why, as I look at the convoys of truckers all over Canada and the US, I see the solidarity. I see people making a statement. I see more than just the truckers getting out to express themselves!!

While so very many people are aware of what has been happening in life, there are still quite a few who choose not to look. This is why demonstrations such as this, which are visual, that cannot be missed have such a dramatic impact. Even the people who have chosen to remain ‘out’ of this discussion will realize that they have to take a stand.

Look around the world~~~ In just about every country people are demonstrating and expressing that they will not let go of their rights. This is a massive part of the awakening. In truth, it is not about the truckers, or the medical personnel, or the thousands of employees who feel pushed to do something they do not want to do. That is the image for how this can play out.

At the end of the day, it’s not up to a few to save the world for the rest; it’s about every person standing up for what they truly believe. Not what they are told, what they truly believe and in doing so, they are declaring their independence and in doing so they are ascending to the higher frequencies!

So go, go, go!! Be your authentic self. Step up. In all these cases those few trying to impose on the many will NOT succeed. The truckers will persevere just as all the millions of others around the world will sing the song of freedom! Don’t listen to the mainstream media, remain independent and solid in who you are!