I wanted to make a quick blog here to speak about the ULB’s and some of my recent channels. 

I’m so happy that I’ve been able to incorporate a different type of channeling.  Many of you have been with me throughout this process of ascension that we have followed for the past 17 years.  Many of you are more recently finding my information.  No matter when it may be, I thank you for your support and I appreciate all the conversations and feedback.

Life is changing so quickly!  I am thinking back to when everyone began staying home during March for the Coronavirus.  I am a registered nurse and have worked as one for 40 years.  Yes, that’s another conversation about how much has changed in that period of time!! However, let us think back to this past March. It has only been 4 months yet in many ways so very much has changed. 

The time spent at home for me at least was a time of exploration.  I have known about the satanic cults, the pedophile rings, the corruption in our government, and Hollywood for a very long time.  But here’s the thing. Until I started doing my own research, I was shocked by how extensive this is.  Just knowing that something exists sometimes is enough; sometimes not.

I feel as if I have a much greater perception of what is happening because of all the reading I have done. One of the number 1 things I learned; don’t listen to traditional media!! Now, I haven’t followed them for years simply because they were always so negative.  Now as I put all the pieces together; I understand where that negativity is coming from.

We are truly moving out of a time in the history of the earth that has been rampant for thousands of years. I have been aware since 2008 that some significant changes were taking place and what is always so interesting to me is that even though I think I have the big picture; there is always more to understand. In this, I speak of what is known as the Cabal, New World Order, etc.

I remember learning from Gregg Braden about the 3 cycles that are completing all at the same time; climate, financial, conflict.  When you think of this, anyone of them would cause us to stand up and take note.  However, as they all come together it is a part of what has been set up by our own world to create the change that we are experiencing.

Then you must add to that what I consider the largest aspect of all is spirituality.  I have talked many times in the past about how the earth has attempted this conscious ascension and it never fully succeeded.  The Earth cannot be balanced if people ignore the spiritual aspect of life.  There is sooooo much more to life than this lifetime and what you have in your life.  Instinctively people know that something has to change and that there is more to life than what has been accepted in the past.

So here we are at this massive crossroads. It has created massive changes that affect every single person whether they want it to or not.  When you are in fear or don’t know where to turn; then you turn to God or something more than your life.  Here is the key of the 5th dimension and above.  YOU have access to this high light vibration.  You are your own God. You have access to the universe. You have a potential to create massive change in your life that will then affect those around you.  No longer should people be looking outside of themselves for someone to tell them what to believe; now you can choose for yourself.  As I say this, I acknowledge that choice comes from what you read, what you talk about, what comes in prayer and meditation, and the many ways in which you make up your mind.

So here we are. I have been fortunate to channel the Universal Light Beings; Albayon – Arcturian, Brysentia – Pleiadian, Crystallia – Omniverse all Emissaries of Light. They are from the light. They are here to communicate with us to assist each person with stepping into their potential.  They give information that will help each person to make decisions for themselves.  They also intend that each person knows who they are as soul, source, I AM or however you want to describe it.

I, therefore, ask you to hang in there!  The change is here and we are absolutely moving forward in this life and we as a society are letting go of the past that includes control and manipulation.  I find that it is even more important than ever to make a choice.  Sitting on the fence keeps people within inertia.  Choose whatever resonates with you.  Choose what makes you feel good.  Choose what supports living in the 5th dimension. 

Some links to my channels from the last couple of months:

In this one from June 29, 2020, I am on zoom with a couple of my friends.  Marjorie and I are both in channel and Lori is asking the questions.  You will then most often get a message from both channeled perspectives.


I had a Facebook Live June 20, 2020, where I talked about the Solstice, answered questions, and had a short meditation for peace and light.


This is an excerpt from when I channeled the ULB’s on June 20, 2020. It speaks about what is happening and is supportive and light-filled.


Crystallia Speaks on May 20, 2020, in this one from the perspective of the Omniverse.


There are more on my YouTube page and I have more that I will publish soon.

Thank you and Ansaluia~~~

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