When you consider light, what is the first thing that comes up for you?  I found it interesting that as I’ve written this blog I keep going off on different tangents.  So what I realized is that light is actually a part of everything in life. 

During this season we see lights all over the place!  Businesses, homes, trees, yards, fences are all adorned with either the bright white lights or colored twinkling and solid lights.  For myself, I love to come home to all the lights that decorate the front of my home; it is so welcoming. 

Jesus is spoken of like the light that was sent to earth.  Most religions speak of God and the angels as the light to guide us home.  The stars twinkle and sparkle in the sky reminding us of the vastness of the universe.

When it is the holiday season, it’s as if people enter an alternate universe!  In this universe you may be extra busy doing your usual stuff plus shopping, decorating, and celebrating the holiday.  You may also find you are in a place filled with stress and expectations that is no possible way to maintain.

How are you today?  How are you this month?  Can you allow light into your life? Is your life already filled with light? If you add light, will it illuminate something that perhaps has been hidden? If you do so will it light your way towards whatever may be the next step for you in life?

I challenge you to consider a way to add light into your life.  In fact, if it can be a candle or some sort of actual light even better!  As you add light, then pay attention to any new potentials that come your way. 

I’d love to hear what it does for you!!  I hope this time is filled with light, love, support, and possibilities!!