11-11What a powerful time we are experiencing!  I know we hear that time and again, but actually it’s true that we are in a time of profound increases in energy and light.  Today, November 11, 2015 is a day in which there is a new moon which is always a window to opportunity.  When you add the powerful energy from 11:11 you are given an extra boost that will assist you in moving forward.

What does this mean to you?  If you have been seeking to manifest something, now it the time to really focus upon what it is you DO want to have in your life.  Another way of thinking about a portal or the energies of this day is to imagine there’s a beam of light that connects you from your earthly self to your universal self.

You then with the help of this amplified energy open and allow the pulsation of the universe to increase all the light and flow within and around you.  Sound kind of esoteric? Abstract?  To me this is all totally normal!  I think as we continue to integrate the expansive flow of the light body energy; this is what we’ll experience.

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Reiki, Energy Work, Channeling — I could go on and on – are some of the many ways in which you can receive information.  You already have access to all the answers that you seek to have in your life.  The problem comes in when the human aspect of you remains in limitation.  Your ego likes what it likes; it doesn’t trust or like change.

Therefore as a part of this immense influx of energy that we’re experiencing right now your ego may be saying ‘STOP, slow down, don’t go there, don’t try anything new, you know what happens when you hope…’.  These are some of the energies that keep you in that old pattern.  Today (and every day) we have the opportunity to make choices that will affect our ego, but also will affect our reality upon the earth.

Imagine if you will.  You are considering something that you want to have in your life and you see what you know  you need to do to get there; but nothing’s happening.  Imagine if you will, you’ve wanted something a long time and feel sure it’s going to arrive in a particular way – the house, the car, the income, the relationship; so you just keep looking for it in the anticipated way.

Now, picture your angels, your divinity, your light being teachers attempting to give you something in another form or from a different source; they’re sitting quietly with their hands folded saying ‘Okay, if that’s how you want it’.  Meanwhile, these other opportunities are passing by or stacking up until it’s the right time.

Why don’t we use this time of the 11:11 portal to surrender to our higher self, guides and teachers so that this powerful time will actually support us with manifesting what we seek!

Surrender is a way of stating to yourself and the universe; I am open to receive something new.  Surrender is letting go of the control, allowing you to literally relax.  Surrender is telling the universe that you seek to partner with them, rather than without.

Feel the wonderful energy and light of the 11:11 portal.  Open to the flow.  No matter when you read this  you have access to these energies.  Receive all that is here.

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