It is amazing how this channel came at this time.  There is so much happening right now where people are trying to hold on to what they know.  Even if your life is not exactly what you want, it is what you know.  There are times when people try to force an outcome that suits what they want.  In doing so, they take on the energy of other people’s actions or inactions.

First of all, while still grounded the Goddess created a link in which she supported you, enhanced your energy, or even cleared out your life.  Doing so allows for greater clarity about your link to your soul.  The Goddess in all of these meditations has been here to enhance our natural relationship with your soul; so today it began as we were grounded. 

Are you angry about the way other people are living their lives?  Is it frustrating when a relationship is one sided?  Do you keep pushing for a particular outcome?  Most everyone does so at some time in their lives.  In trying to ‘fix’ the situation, you hold on tighter and higher. Perhaps you are praying to, pleading with the universe to help you in a situation, and constantly telling the universe how and what you want.  During this channel, you can realize how the universe, God, your soul, and your divinity know what is in your heart.  So let it go, Open to receiving whatever is in your highest and best interest because your soul knows! 

Nama Sika,Venia Benya           I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family!  Open your arms so that you may feel my embrace as I come within your space. As I fill up your energies from my heart to yours. Take this opportunity to receive the unconditional love and support that I share with you.

The humans living upon the Earth are an absolutely amazing breed of people. I know that’s kind of a strange statement but I felt as if I needed to say it from a little bit of a different perspective.

You have your animals some of which have great intelligence. You have your angels, your light beings that come from a different frequency in space, you have your own divinity that is here and present, and then you have you the human that is incarnated and living this life.  Take this opportunity so that you may feel or know who you are. Feel my love and my light as I shine upon you in your everyday life.

Consider where you were we will start with five years ago and consider what the Goddess energies felt like to you.  If you were not with us at that time then just allow your Consciousness to go back five years and consider your link to your soul, and where that is.  Then go back 10 years, to 2012 when a huge crack opened up the energies of the planet.  Consider where you were at that time and your relationship to your divinity and then perhaps even your relationship with either Goddess or God Energies.  If you so choose, you can jump back 20 years or 25.

Anytime that you allow yourself an opportunity to be present in the moment and then take in that perspective from another time space reality you have the opportunity to experience your growth from a new perspective.

Some of you may feel as if you are not growing as if you are stagnant. Others of you may feel as if there is constant movement and transitioning within your life.  Everyone is growing from that soul level in one form or another.  The difference may come in your perception. Do you see it and understand it? Do you acknowledge where you were and where you are? And can you take that moment that you allow your energies to just simmer and be present?

I could already feel a change in you.  My intention every time we have one of these gatherings, is to help bring that which is unconscious and in the back of your mind forward into what is conscious within you. To help you understand that you are more than just this life experience and what your mind is aware of.  Be open, experience this now moment as we speak.

Gather your energy up from within you.  You can create that ball of light if you like or have the intention that you send a beam of light that starts from within your heart, moves through your energy bodies, and goes all the way down into the Earth.  Reach out to Gaia.  As you do so feel as if you are connecting in different ways as if you are tapping into her Soul Essence or even as if you are simply present as you connect with the Earth.

That energy of Gaia flows back up within you as it moves into your heart center. It once again is anchoring there you then send that energy up through your upper energy bodies until you align with your higher self. 

I noticed this evening that many of you have a lot of clutter in your higher self. So let’s all take a moment to breathe in together and as you’re here in this alignment, phew ~ breathe out phew~ send that energy out from there and clear away anything at all that you have either completed or that no longer serves you. You can immediately feel the change that takes place as you clear this energy.

You follow that stream of light until you align with your divinity and for most of you now, I see you as if you are coming up within this space and you flow straight within it as if your soul is this open and welcoming presence.  You simply need to merge with it. 

What does that mean when you merge? It means that you are opening up your heart so that you may receive a deeper alignment. It means that you are expanding your consciousness so that you may see different aspects of you, that are perhaps living right now in different realities.  It means that you are open and receiving the unconditional love and light of I the Goddess and God.  Allow for that to flow through you on every level. 

I the Goddess come within this space with you. And as I look at you and blend with you, our energies merge so that we may become one I amplify all of who you are.  As our energies blend together, we move into the All That Is.  This allows you the opportunity to not only connect with this place of creation but for you to discern whatever may be going on in your Consciousness at this time.

Whenever we take this opportunity to be present in the All That Is, you are not only working through something that may be happening on the Earth plane, but you may possibly be creating a change or transition from some of the other aspects of your life.  As your divinity, you have a multitude of different life experiences that are happening at the same time.  And sometimes those other experiences bleed through or bleed over into this current lifetime.

You may consider them past lives, perhaps future lives, or even perhaps parallel lives when you consider that you have these many, many, many different life experiences that are happening all at the same time and that your soul is the center of it all you can begin to recognize the massive consciousness of your soul.

In your human experience you frequently will have limitations because this is what your human reality can understand.  The All That Is, is your opportunity to look at your life from that broader perspective.  Therefore, at this moment, I would invite you to consider ways in your life that either relationships or experiences or even perhaps commitments that you have an influence upon you.

Some relationships are frustrating because they feel imbalanced. Sometimes as you are moving through your own personal growth, you might put forth that essence or that energy for this other person to have that same opportunity. However, they may not want that opportunity, they may not care about growing within their lives.  They may see their life in a completely different way.

So, if this is something that is happening within your life now is the opportunity to consider whatever that may be, and then let go of the responsibility of what somebody else is doing. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe within and as you think about this particular relationship just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and let go.

The other person may disappoint you. They may not ever be in a place that allows for a balanced relationship.  So let it go.  Phew ~ If you still feel frustration for another person’s actions then bring those up at this moment bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let it go.  As you look at the relationships in your life, you may feel compassion, you may feel anxiety; allow for that to simply be in your experience.  Feel compassion, thank you for other people that are struggling in their lives. Give them the support, give them the love, give them whatever is comfortable for you.

But then in some cases you just completely let them go and in other cases put them in the light.  You have the ability to change your life every single day. Choose to live in the light, choose to live in the potential, and choose the experience that allows you the ability to grow because that in turn will allow whoever else you are connected to, to also have the ability to grow. Then whether they do so or not is on them but you just let it go. Phew~~

As you seek to manifest in your life consider what that may be. Some of you always make me laugh because it’s like I see you writing, writing, writing page upon page of what you seek to manifest.  Consider the potential thank you that anything that is in your heart is already known by the universe.  Consider the potential that when you focus on the things that you’re tired of or no longer serve you that that’s amplifying it and giving mixed signals to the universe.

So once again as you consider what you seek to manifest keep only in your heart what resonates with you.  That allows the universe to know unequivocally what you seek to have. It allows you to create the vibration in which you are open to receive.  Feel what that may mean to you.  Why is it that sometimes it seems as if happiness is just beyond where you are?  Tap into whatever that may be within your ego or your personality foreign so that you can send it love and compassion.

As you do so you feel the need to clear. Phew~~ let it go.  The more that you allow love and compassion to be present within you, your heart expands, your vibration falls into place, you expand your reality. 

Breathe in and breathe out.

Look around at the All That Is. Look around at your opportunities.  Look around at what may seem as if it’s written in stone and what may be flexible; because everything is flexible.  Time is always moving. Your consciousness is always evolving.  Have a clear intention that, that evolution flows within you so that you may become aware in your everyday life.

I noticed that many of you as you’re looking at the All That Is are seeing opportunities and potentials and you think ‘that can’t be right’, but it is.  Dream big, open to even greater opportunities.  Allow for that to expand more and more and more fully within you.

Gather together as a group.  As you do so you feel or sense that column of light.  This column has everybody’s input moving within it.  The Hologram of the Earth comes up within.  You may notice that the Hologram is looking more and more and more like the Earth itself. You may notice that there are some differences from the way the Earth is explained to you and the way it looks in here. There’s a much greater clarity, in some the land mass seems smaller and others the land is expanded.  Be aware that this is indicating the transitions taking place.

You send forth your unconditional love and acceptance for self.  And in doing so it releases any sense or Illusion of control or taking on other people’s experiences.  This hologram begins to swirl and sparkle. It takes in all of the energy from you and that aspect goes out within the universe. As it does so it’s anchoring within the Angels, within the light beings, within those people on some of the ships that are weaving this energy and support of you.

The remainder goes down into the Earth plane.  There is that sense of it spreading throughout the Earth. As it connects with the magnetic grid, it moves down into the center of the Earth.  As it does so it’s anchoring within the magnetics within the Earth.  It then reverses and comes up through all the levels of the Earth, your own transition is coming up from within you from where you are anchored in Gaia. This is also coming out and shifting the energy for all upon the planet, putting forth that opportunity for every person and many will slide into that in an unconscious way.

We see the transition taking place throughout the planet.  You bring back within you the remainder of your consciousness. It moves through your divinity, it comes back down through that column of light, so that it may link within. As you take this opportunity to let the energies flow up and down through you, once again consider your relationships.

Consider how balanced you now feel and if you need to consciously release some of those relationships that no longer serve you; then release. Have a clear intention that you are here in a place of strength, and a place of opening to potential, and in a place where you are here and supportive of friends and family and it comes from a balanced perspective.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Consider your life.  Consider the way that your emotions, your thoughts, your everyday realities, your physicality, and the way all of these various parts of your life influence you.  You are more than just one aspect of your life. So if there is one part of you that is struggling or feels like it’s being pulled down, then tap back into all those others to lift it back up. 

The foundation for everything is your soul. Your soul is always that point of reference or is always that point of balance and unconditional love. So, allow that to be first, and then as you consider the various aspects of your life and the ups and downs and potentials, you will then at that point find that there’s a much greater balance that is the reaction through each of your emotions or thoughts or realities. 

It is truly amazing the change that you can create within your life when you begin with this place of balance and this place of love. Let go anything and everything that you have no control over.  And if you think I’m just going to make it better. Let It Go

Beloved know that I am ever with you.