It is amazing how this channel came at this time.  There is so much happening right now where people are trying to hold on to what they know.  Even if your life is not exactly what you want, it is what you know.  There are times when people try to force an outcome that suits what they want.  In doing so, they take on the energy of other people’s actions or inactions.

First of all, while still grounded the Goddess created a link in which she supported you, enhanced your energy, or even cleared out your life.  Doing so allows for greater clarity about your link to your soul.  The Goddess in all of these meditations has been here to enhance our natural relationship with your soul; so today it began as we were grounded. 

Are you angry about the way other people are living their lives?  Is it frustrating when a relationship is one sided?  Do you keep pushing for a particular outcome?  Most everyone does so at some time in their lives.  In trying to ‘fix’ the situation, you hold on tighter and higher. Perhaps you are praying to, pleading with the universe to help you in a situation, and constantly telling the universe how and what you want.  During this channel, you can realize how the universe, God, your soul, and your divinity know what is in your heart.  So let it go, Open to receiving whatever is in your highest and best interest because your soul knows! 

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