Prior to our birth, we all created intentions of what we wanted for our life.  Sometimes you know exactly what that is; other times you keep going in circles trying to figure it out. During the channel, the Goddess of Creation assists us with looking at exactly this.  

Almost everyone has something in their life that just hasn’t worked out.  It may be a niggling irritation or something huge that keeps coming around and around.   No matter how big or small, if it keeps coming up for you in one form or another, it becomes a block.  This channel is to clear out the blocks that repeated frustrations can cause.  This channel is to help you understand what your soul wanted to accomplish during this lifetime. 

This channel goes deeply into your core essence so that you may have these answers.  It opens the door to amazing love and light energy to help you know that you are never alone. 

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all who are here.

Just as Shelly was saying prior to this channel I’d like to reiterate from time to time that you are not alone.  Also, that time space reality between you and the Human and your physical reality, and I the Goddess and my vibration within which I reside, are just different dimensions.  A dimension is a vibration.  A dimension is a space of consciousness and there are frequently bridges that are created from one space to the other.  I am always available to you.  I seek to assist in any way that I may. 

When the Angels and all the Light Beings work with you they are in their non-physical realm and you are in your everyday reality, there are many ways that we can acknowledge that we hear you, or that we know whatever it is that might be going on with you.  As humans you analyze things and take into consideration the perspective of the Human.  Sometimes that’s the literal wake up in the morning, live your day and go to sleep at night.  Sometimes it’s the signs that you see when you are driving down the road whether you see a sign, or a bumper sticker on another car.  Messages can come in many different ways. 

So too, with the work that we do with everybody, in everybody’s energy field we are seeking to strengthen your intuition.  When you receive an intuitive hit that says take a different direction as you are going to work, or stop at the store to get what you need and then you end up running into somebody which then opens up a conversation.  These are but a few of the things that may take place. 

There may be times when people pray and ask for assistance, and then feel as if there is nothing around them; nothing is happening; nobody is hearing them.  When people get into that mode they become very closed down.  You do so because you’re anxious; you’re stressed out; you might be frustrated and angry.  There is an emotion involved that keeps you from being able to see things as the big picture.  That does not mean that we are not there.  It means that your perception as a human is unable to take in our messages to you. 

There may be times when we are working with people and the messages just never get through.  My point in talking about this for a few minutes is that when you pray about a situation, or you meditate, or you ask the best way for you, to become aware of how that is being answered is for you to just take the time to pray or meditate, or whatever it is that you want to do and then let it go. Especially if you have those emotions that I mentioned a few minutes ago that are involved in this.  It might keep you again and again, and again from going, let me fixate on it; let me talk it about it this way; let me talk about it that way; let me make sure that I know that I still… You can fill in the blank for what you still don’t have. 

What that is doing in your everyday life as reinforcing to you that you don’t have what you want to have.  It’s called the Ego.  It’s called being human.  It’s called the experience of living your life with all the ups and downs that take place, and sometimes you’re just trying to get by.  It’s called life.  I ask you to be very gentle with yourself time and time and time again. 

When you get into these situations and find yourself very frustrated, or angry, or scared it is important to acknowledge those emotions because you can’t help it.  However, if you can get into the habit of acknowledging a particular emotion and then immediately turning over and opening to receive love; what that will do as begin to transition whatever that emotion was.  Indeed, sometimes it’s difficult to be open to love when you are caught up at a situation where it seems as if love is at the very distant end of the realm. 

I invite you now in this moment, while everybody is still here in your everyday life, to take this moment and whatever it is that is on your mind or on your heart to just let it come up from within you, ~phew~ clear it out.  Then open to receive the love of your Divinity and my Soul Essence.  Feel that love as it comes down into you.  It is like you are a funnel and there is limitless love and potential that comes down into you the Human, and whatever fills you up from inside of you then the rest just flows around you.

Be love.  Be in the space of love.  Allow the vibration of love to interpret anything that may happen to you in your daily life.  When you do so you will know that you are not alone.  You will know that there is not only the vibration of your own self here to support you, but the Angels, I the Goddess, so many different beings are here for you.  You are loved. 

Take a deep breath in and send that breath of light from your heart center.  Send it down into the earth.  As that column of light goes down into the Earth it spreads out merging with Gaia.  Feel in the energies of Gaia as it anchors and supports you.  You allow those energies to then come back up within you.  They go out through the top of your head and as if you send a beam of light out from you it moves up until it blends with your Higher Self. 

Within the space of your Higher Self you have a great deal of support and energy.  If you have clutter within this space ~whew~ clear it out.  Look around.  Perhaps some of those things that you were looking for in your human experience are sitting right here waiting for you.  As that energy clears out you then  send it even further.  That beam of light continues even further until it follows that thread of energy that links you the Human to your Soul, and as it goes directly into your Divinity you have a sense of arriving. 

For some of you it is as if you just see this beautiful cloud filled with energy.  Others of you have a sense of each lifetime lined up.  Others simply feel the love and the acceptance of Soul and of Source. 

Allow yourself to merge with these energies.  As you merge, you as the consciousness of this person that you are blends completely with your Soul or your Source essence.  Considering the journey we had the last time (referring to Clearing Past Lives through Your Divinity, October 21, 2018) as you merge I invite you, as you merge, to perhaps let the consciousness of some of those lifetimes move through you.  Perhaps they have been working with you all week.  Perhaps there is something new that is coming up.  This is your chance to be in this experience.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I allow my energies to merge with you.  As our energies merge together we shift into the space of the All That Is.  Look around.  Feel the love.  Feel the potential that just pulsates within this space.

The Universe and the Omniverse have a flow and a balance that moves in and out, not only within our own Galaxy, but in the Universe, in the Omniverse, and then the other Planets and series of Planets.  The more transparent that the energy becomes the easier you may flow or move from one space to another.

 As we are here in the All That Is I invite you to take a moment and allow your focus to come within.  Take this moment and feel the calm and the presence that is intrinsically here within the space.  As you breathe and open up inside your consciousness and inside your heart allow this existence, the unconditional love, the support, the awareness to just flow within and around you. 

If there is anything that is keeping you from feeling that energy allow it to come up at this point.  If there is anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, any of those emotions that might hinder you from recognizing that this is the space of love and support let those energies come up now.  Just bring them up, bring them up, bring them up and ~phew~ clear them out. 

As we cleared out those energies for many of you it was as if a vulnerability kind of came to the surface.  If you feel vulnerable when you let go of fear, or anxiety, or anger then look at your life with that intention; what are you masking with these emotions and energies that you feel?  Allow whatever is underneath everything, allow it come up, bring it up again ~phew~ let it go.  As you let go whatever those emotions are immediately send love into the underlying emotion that felt like it needed to have a mask or something over it.  Whew, I just felt this movement in the energy. 

If there is something in your life that you have wanted for years that’s come up again and again in one form or another tap into whatever that is and allow yourself to just pull up whatever roots there may be, or whatever extenuating energies there may be, bring all of that up so that you may bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew and let that go.  Now if this is something that you have wanted for a very long time but has not manifested, then as you let go all of the disappointment and you let go whatever it was take a moment and ask the question; why.  I’m pretty certain you have asked that question thousand times.  However, as you clear out the energies and you are here and the All That Is simply feel the pulsation of the space.  Feel the vibration and the love that is here. 

As you do so allow trickle into your consciousness any message that there may be around why it hasn’t happened.  It may be things you already know.  It may be something totally different. 

If there was something that you needed to do, allow that intention to come into this space.  Perhaps you have a belief system and within that belief system things would manifest without doing anything, or things would manifest because you are in the flow of the vibration.  If you have beliefs that no longer serve you ~phew~ let them go. 

Go down deep into the core of who you are in this human reality.  Allowing for that to come up and be cleared ~phew~ Allow for a different vibration to come into your reality.  A different vibration that serves you in manifesting what you seek to have.  Take a breath in where you breathe in energy and light and you breathe out anything that is outside of that. 

While you are here and the All That Is take a moment or two to ask yourself ‘what was my overriding purpose as I came into this lifetime’.  As I said that it makes me smile because most people got an avalanche of ideas, and thoughts, and intentions.  Let all of that go for the moment.  You will find that many of those things that we’re part of that avalanche are different variations or different sides to the same intention. 

So, as you gently, lovingly look at yourself and look at your life and just ask to know the number one intention for you in this lifetime.  Was it to live a life in which you learn about love, the many, many facets of love?  Was it to live a life where you learned  strength and independence?  Was it to live in life where the financial aspect of your life was a constant source?  Was it to live a life in which you were constantly seeking?  

Now that one I pulled from a number of you, because that constant sense of seeking has led to you not feeling satisfied or not allowing yourself to accept wherever you are in that now moment.  One can always learn new things, go to new places and constantly seek whatever it is you like.  However, you also need to be happy with you where you are in this now moment. 

There are many, many other intentions that people have for their lifetime.  A big one for the last 40 or 50 years has been about knowing who you are.  A lifetime of expressing and knowing self-love; knowing your identity as more than just the mother, the daughter, the wife, the worker, but instead you inside of yourself.  And if perhaps that is the core of your life, then everything that you have done, or the various experiences that you have had, will reflect that. 

Sometimes you learn through struggle.  Sometimes you learn through lack.  What you do learn when everything is in alignment and balance, and going very smoothly is to accept.  Accept the abundance and the flow that comes with everything working smoothly and your life.  Of course, the frustrating thing is that acceptance may also be part of that.  Accepting that in this now moment this is what is happening to me.  However, I know as my Soul there is more, there is something different. 

As I speak of these things, I am looking with each one of you and working with you helping you to peel away all the distractions.  A couple of more just went through my consciousness.  Is this the lifetime in which you are a victim?  Are all of these things that have happened to you caused so you feel as if you are victimized by others, or as if others have what you want and they can have it and you can’t?  That’s been a big one for many of you. 

Another one that went through is having so much fear in their life.  Fear is a way of sculpting.  So fear is not what you came in to have a core issue about.  If fear is your biggest energy within you at this time, then open up that door and what is fear masking. 

In this now moment be completely open with yourself.  Be completely honest and if everything is just a blur trust that your Divinity is filtering things out and it will come down into you within your life.  Be in this now moment.  Always, no matter what is happening big or small, allow love to be your foundation.  And then no matter what your core intention is for this lifetime love will reflect it in a way that supports you, that helps you.  In some ways it will help you to get rid of the distractions and in other ways it will help you to honor and recognize that you are more than what you realize.  By allowing that reality to come in you strengthen you the person.  Feel all of this as it moves through you. 

What tools support you?  In this now moment as you are here in the All That Is what tools in your everyday life will support you?  I recognize the way I said that I left let out some, but you probably received the information telepathically.   While in the All That Is you see things from a broader perspective.  So take in the information that will help you to understand what it is that can help you in your everyday life.  Countless times I have worked with individuals that ask and ask and ask for something and it is right there beside them.  So, peel away anything that keeps you from seeing what is around you and what is here for you.  

I invite everyone to come together as a group.  As you do so you may have that sense that some of you who, either are working on the same things or have been transitioning through the same things, may find yourself gravitating towards a particular location so that you may create relationships with one another. 

As you come in to this group you may have that sense of a circle and within that circle all of you put forth the understanding or the knowledge of what your core intention is for this lifetime, and if you don’t know what it is then it will become clear to you.  Also put in the information and the tools that would help you and your everyday life. 

As everyone is creating this clarity you see coming up with from within the circle the Hologram of the Earth.  This Hologram spins, it turns and as each one of you send your energy or your intention into the Hologram it creates not only the space to support you and your everyday life, but to help others, be it from an unconscious space or a conscious reality.  As everything is infused within the Hologram you have a sense of releasing it. 

There is always that piece that goes out to the Universe.  The rest that goes down into the Earth and as this ball of energy moves through the levels and the vibrations of the Earth it is clearing out the collective consciousness.  It is clearing out the old stuck energy until the core of the Earth itself merges and blends with a Hologram.  As it anchors within the center of the earth it then expands outwards.  All that was your own clearing for this journey this evening comes up within you.  So too it comes up through all the levels of the Earth.  It comes up clearing out the collective consciousness, clearing out that old stuck energy and the emotions that mask the truth that is underneath.  ~phew~, once again clearing it out.

You bring your own consciousness back within you.  You anchor within yourself as you allow for your consciousness of this journey to return within you.  You feel that essence as it moves through the Soul-plane and the Divinity.  It moves down through your Higher Self and again it just washes over you.  It fills you up with the unconditional love for you as Soul, from I the Goddess and God.  It fills you up so as to support you energetically and clear away whatever no longer serves you, suits you.  Be in this vibration.  Be in this love. Be your authentic self.

My beloved family as you are moving through these days upon the Earth have a very clear intention of both your Divinity and your Human self that you can have the clarity that you seek to have.  That you can wrap the love, the compassion, the awareness of your Divinity around anything at all that may be going on within your life. 

Know once again that you are supported.  Know that there are many potentials around you and if at first they are not evident to you then clear everything out and look again.  Sometimes it is about being in the place of receiving the messages.  Sometimes it is about being focused within yourself and then looking outward and seeing the messages that around you. 

We are all here in support of you.  We love you dearly.