Are you stuck in your life? Are you trying to make a decision?  Do you perhaps have many, many choices available to you?  I think that everyone at some time in their life gets caught up, distracted, or off balance and then loses perspective.  During this channel, the Goddess began by speaking about your perspective of your life while still in your everyday life. 

Then, once we arrived in the All That Is, each of us gathered around us our guides, any animal totems, or anyone that is helping us at this time.  With their assistance, people were able to look at their life from a higher perspective.  For each of us, they began by talking about what is at the forefront of our awareness.  This may come from your mental body, those thoughts that just keep going around and around.  It may come from our physicality, perhaps chronic pain or illnesses.  It may be that we are depressed or have other emotions that are at the forefront.  

During this channel, you have a chance to let go of all the perspectives that keep you pulled down.  That in turn allows you to open more fully to your divinity.  From your divinity, you are in the flow of love, compassion, and greater potential.

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