How often do you consider healing your life? When it does come to your mind, what are your thoughts? As a society, we have a tendency to reach for the nearest medication. This absolutely has its place and time. However, there is a great deal that you can heal in your life through understanding the foundation of why something is a problem. When we arrived in the All That Is for this meditation, the Goddess asked us to consider our life and something that was a chronic problem. For some I could see a list of problems they have, others I could see it led to past lives, still others, it was very distinctive.

As everyone began to understand which problem came up for them, the Goddess of Creation of assisted with illuminating their lives. She then asked questions that helped people to understand. From there, people were able to receive greater understanding through questions the Goddess asked. During the healing session, people were able to understand that there is a link between illness and emotions or beliefs. So too with just about any problem a person can have.

There were many angels to help people with clearing out and once cleared or healed of the past issues, everyone was able to find new opportunities in their lives.