We have so many opportunities to align with our divinity which is our link to the universal light.  This meditation will give you a chance to really create a change in your life. As humanity learns to live in the higher vibrations there will be many ways in which they can incorporate the higher vibrations. We as our soul, are one with the Universal Light. Therefore, as we create an open, flowing alignment with the universal light it will open all that is within you to love.

While in the All That Is, we each created a stronger awareness for who we are through our openness with our own divinity.  This in turn allowed us the opportunity to see where we might be caught up in self-programming from people or events in the past.  This may sometimes keep us from moving forward or awareness of potentials. As we cleared that out, it was immediately apparent that a change was taking place, there was greater transparency with allowed for clearer vision. 

As we stook in the All That Is and opened to the flow of light it was immense and it literally went into every cell within us. In this way, we have a chance to create change in our lives from cell, to cell, to cell.  This can heal emotional, mental, or physical wounds and illness.  It also creates a higher vibration in each person.  As we aligned within this energy it was possible to call the universal light, allow it to move through us, and then was transmitted as love.  If you are in a situation you wish to change, here is how you do so. 

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation:

Nama Sika, Venia Benya         I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours; I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

Take this as an opportunity to pay attention to yourself; pay attention to anything that may be going on within your life.  As you allow your focus to just center within, what comes up for you?  Are your thoughts in a turmoil, your emotions, something physically going on with you?  Whatsoever it may be, take this moment and simply allow yourself to be.  Pay attention if you get thoughts or insights.  Allow yourself to let go if there are things that are hanging over you and no longer serve you.

The more that you live and experience the fifth dimension, the easier it will be for you to flow from moment to moment to clear all that doesn’t serve you and to be present no matter what is going on around you.

How often are you getting pull back into the old energies?  How often do you feel like you are a donkey going around and around and never getting off that pathway?  Stop in this now moment.  Stop and bring your focus down within you, within your heart center and whatever that may be that is hanging over you, ~whew~ let go!  Release any cords, cut any cords, let go the old energy, let go whatever it may be.

As you experience your life, there are always going to be things that get stuck in your energy.  This is a part of being human, of being in the physical reality of having a mind that is always processing things.  Therefore, as you become comfortable with recognizing “oh that’s not working for me” ~whew~ let it go.  When you get to the place that you might be driving down the road and something just keeps coming in, coming in, coming in, perhaps work you have not finished, conversations you have unfinished; whatever it may be.  You get into a habit where it will come into your mind you affirm “okay I heard you loud and clear” but I am letting this go ~whew~ and you let it go.

Now if it is something that keeps coming up consistently for a while, you may have to do that several times.  However, once you are in the habit of doing that, it will begin to clear instantly as you let go of the past or even the present.

Being present in the moment is the best way possible to live your life. 

Take a breath in and breathe into your heart center creating a ball of light.  You send a piece down through your energy bodies.  As it moves through your energy bodies it goes down into the earth moving in different directions so that it may anchor.  Allow your energies to anchor, because the more grounded that you are, the more fully you can let go as you expand your consciousness.

Let your focus come back up following that stream of energy that you sent down you feel it come within your heart center, and you send it up through your energy bodies until you connect with your higher self.  You can feel your energies expand as you align within the space.  As you look around, perhaps you will see some of what you are working on in your everyday life.  If it seems foggy or congested, then just let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Allow your stream of consciousness to continue on, that thread of energy that links within you the physical person goes all the way into your divinity.  As you feel your energies merge with your divine essence it allows you to go deeper and deeper and deeper into who you are. Feel what that is for you.

Your soul is massive.  Your soul is the bridge between every lifetime and experience that you have had and sometimes it is that bridge into the universe and the Omniverse.  Therefore, as you look around do you perceive your many lifetimes that you may have access to from within this space?

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I merge my energies with yours and as we do so we move into the All That Is.  Look around the All That Is.  You are here as a place of creation.  You are here so as to strengthen your alignment to your divine essence.  You are here so as to be yourself.

Consider your life there is always a certain amount of programming that takes place. As you are growing up you are taught that which becomes your beliefs, you might call it your conscience, you might call it your perception of the world.  And from that, you then look out at the world and at everything taking place.  Over the years your life experiences have taught you other things.

Sometimes it has taught you that life is hard and that is always going to put you down.  Or it may have taught you that you have lessons and you experience those lessons and you create the life that you want.  There is no right or wrong, there is only the experience that is here and it now.

Look at your life as if it is played out in front of you and ask yourself the question; has there been programming or do I have old beliefs that no longer serve me?  For some you may see exactly what it’s talking about, for others, it may be just that certain things are opaque and not as clear.  If it is keeping you from being able to see clearly then acknowledge whatever it may be, take a deep breath in ~whew~ and clear it out.

As you remove whatever does blocks may be, or whatever that belief was, look at your life again.  For some you may see it as it is right now, for others it will be as if you are looking back over the last several years; 10 years, 20 years.  Have a clear intention that you are going to find that balance and that place of this now moment, this alignment with soul and with source that allows you to clear out emotions, beliefs, any kind of old stuck energy. ~whew~  You then just let it go.

Look towards the future.  What many of you will find is that as you let go of your third-dimensional perspective, your third-dimensional reality, your picture begins to look quite different.  You have new and different opportunities that come to you.  You have the ability to look between potentials.  As you do so, find that which as you look at it causes you to feel joy and happiness in your heart; and seek an alignment.

You are always living in the now moment, however, your past your future is a spiral of time that is constantly moving.  You have the ability to let go of what may hold you back so as to open up more fully into the future.

Ah, I can feel everybody’s vibration expanding with that!

We are coming up to what you refer to as Valentine’s Day upon the earth.  It is today in which people focus upon love.  Most often love between two people, between your family.  However, until you are filled with that love and receive it for yourself you are only giving out bits and pieces of who you are.  So, I invite you to consider this universal love that is present all around us within this space.  As I say that I could feel people’s energies expanding even further. 

We are here within the universe.  We are here within the All That Is that is vibrating at a higher frequency than that in which you live.  Therefore, this is a place that will allow you the opportunity to tap into something that is outside of your norm.  There we go.  As I said that I could feel people expanding even further.

As you open to experience this universal love, you are also opening to the universal light vibration and frequency.  So, therefore, I invite you to receive, as if you are being bathed in the light and the love, feel it as it moves through every cell within you.  As you receive this with your heart wide open it is another way of rebalancing all that is within you.

Be in the moment.  There, can you feel how your consciousness is literally slowing down when you focus upon the universal love and light and then you allow it to be present within you, everything balances? 

I am hearing questions; I am hearing people say goodbye have an illness in my body can this fix it?  Yes, it can.  If I had emotional problems that I just can’t seem to get beyond will this help that?  Yes, it can.  If I can’t get rid of people that keep bothering me, coming after me, pursuing me, can this help it?  Yes, it can.

The importance of the universal light is that it is a very high frequency that comes from the central sun and it is intrinsically balanced and therefore anything in which it comes into contact will also find that intrinsic balance.  Now as the human, people’s minds will have a tendency to try to make it do one thing or make it do another.  Or make it go in one place or another within the body; anything along that line becomes control.  As you focus on a particular intention it keeps the rest of the energy from being as strongly present within you.

There are times in your life when that focus is incredibly important however, basking in the light and the vibration of the universal energy it does its best for you when you simply allow as if you sit quietly and it washes through again and again and again.

There you go, I can now see people’s cellular structures rebalancing within them.  When they speak about spontaneous healing or spontaneous transformation this is in part what is happening.  You let go control you receive that very high frequency of light that causes everything to clear out and find that natural balance and integration within you.

Considering love, do you receive love for yourself?  Is there any part of you that is holding back from love?  Be in the moment.  Declare yourself; I choose love!  I choose to be present in this moment!  I am open to receive all that the high, light frequency has to get to me.  Take a deep breath in, and breathe out.

Look again towards what may be happening around you in your world or towards the future.  Can you see if anything is transforming one more time?  As you look around, have that clear intention to also be open to receive.  Have that clear intention that you choose love!  You choose to be present in your life no matter what may be going on, you choose love!  And there it goes.

As you are moving through your days if you get frazzled, or overworked or in an argument or whatever it may be; just stop and say I choose love.  It may be that the people around you look at you like you are crazy, but it doesn’t matter you may choose to just say it inside.  Any time that you choose love and then open up and feel that flow the universal light it cuts any course that you may have to that situation and allows you to once more reaffirm who you are, and where you are.  Be in the moment!

I invite you all to come back together as a group.  I am wondering if you notice that as we come together as a group everybody is more and more and more transparent each time that we gather.  For those of you that have followed this for many, many years think back to what it was.  It was a lower frequency, it was as if you saw individual people, there was still a great deal of light and there was still a great deal of movement, however, now as we come into this space there is nothing but light and everyone is aligned with one another.

This is supporting each other, this is balancing each other, and this is strengthening you in your everyday life.

Coming up within this group is a hologram of the earth.  Just as you are transforming, so as the hologram.  There is greater transparency because so much is been cleared away.  As you see that hologram moving, rotating in front of you, send into it the universal light as it moves through you and into the earth.  This gives you an opportunity to be love.  Anything that moves through you, you are sending love.  It is strengthened, it is balanced, it is grounded through you!

You let go of that alignment.  There is a part of the hologram that goes out to the universe, balancing with the energies in the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth.  As it comes into the matrix, there is this flow or movement around the earth and it illuminates, strengthening the love and the frequency of the matrix.  The rest of that ball goes all the way down into the center of the earth.  It anchors within the core and then it comes up, coming up through the layers of the earth.

As it moves through the layers of the earth, know that it comes up to where you anchored your own energies and you are anchoring the universal love and light through your root center and then you bring it down through your head center so that flow of the universal love moves through you and you can feel your everyday reality expanding as you integrate.

As all of that is coming back within you, you bring back the remainder of your consciousness.  You allow it to come back within you, anchoring within you and as you do so I invite you to come back within the room.

I invite you to remember to be present in the now moment.  I invite you to remember that you are directly linked into the universal light and love.  And so, as your worldwide day of love comes upon you, share the universal light that is within you.  Make a clear intention that this is where I am, this is where I choose to be, and in doing so I also send love light, and energy into everyone around me.

We are all one within this space.  We support each other by simply being present in the moment.  The higher vibration and frequency are here, allow it to be a part of you.

Beloved family I am ever with you and within you