This channel took place on Easter, so of course, I wanted Yeshua to come and speak with us.  The Goddess, however, really spoke deeply about love and how to have love in your heart.  She also spoke of the various ways in which the expanded light is setting up a massive transformation. 

While in the All That Is, we have the opportunity to see Yeshua as he came into the room.  He then spoke of the differences through the years of the expanding energy and light.  She spoke of the importance of staying in the higher frequency.  

This time when speaking, Yeshua had many people standing in a group around him He then asked each of us if we saw ourselves in this group.  I did see an aspect of me and several others after the call said the same.  This is another confirmation of how we do not need to be here!! We all chose to be here at this time.  

At the end of Yeshua’s talking, he opened his arms and sent this massive wave of love, light, and potential to everyone attending the meditation.  

I hope you enjoy this massive transformation that is taking place. 

Nama Sika, Venia Benya          I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours; I reach out to embrace you at this now moment.

Every time that you come into one of these conferences whether it’s live or you listen to it later, you are coming to a place that you are seeking to know yourself, you’re seeking to know ‘who am I in this lifetime, who am I as my soul essence.’

You are also reaching out as a means of aligning with God / Goddess and the other masters that work with you as you open into this space of knowledge.  You’ve chosen to live upon the earth, to be in this place of experiencing life in physicality. You have chosen in many ways to shield your consciousness from the full impact of your soul.  You are also here at a time where there are shifting energies that are creating such a change in the world that, that which was shielding you will be gone; it is gone right now for some of you. Yes, for the collective consciousness of the world, there’s still that sense of division from soul.

So here you are, take this opportunity to make a choice of aligning not only with your divinity but with God / Goddess and that, that essence or that energy that is part of the universe.  Feel the love as we are here at the very beginning. Just take a moment to feel the love.  Love is the foundation for everything that is happening.  If you find that love is outside of where you are in the way that you are living, then seek love.

Love may be experienced in many, many, many different forms.  Allow for love to be present within and around you. 

Take a deep breath in. As you do so create that ball of energy around your heart center and then send an aspect of it, send a piece of it like a thread or a stream of energy that moves down through your energy bodies it goes down into Gaia.  It anchors within the energies of the earth. As all is anchoring you can feel how this is keeping you grounded it’s keeping you present within your physical body.

Allow that to come back up within you it swirls through your heart center once more, then send that stream of energy that goes up through the top of your head.  As it leaves the space of your head, you connect with your higher self.  Look around, within this space, you have the opportunity to consider some of those things that are happening within and around you.  Within this space, you can take notice of where your focus may be upon what you are creating. Be in this space, be present. 

You then allow your consciousness to stream up even further.  As you do so that thread that aligns you with your divinity.  It just flows straight back into your divine essence.  As you merge you begin to feel as if you are expanding into a much greater expression of who you are.  Look around.  Look at the various aspects of your own soul’s life that are here, present at the forefront for you.  It may be as if you observe a movie.  There’s this happening in this role, there’s this happening in this role and this. It may also be that you just simply have that alignment and sense of being connected and blended with source energy which is nothing but love. Let love come into you.

You then open up your energy as I the Goddess walk in and amongst you.  I reach out to embrace you and as we do so we shift into the All That Is.

As you arrive within this space, you have an even bigger expansion that you may notice. Your soul, actually, take it a step back; you as the human have your awareness of your life and know that you come from God source energy.  You get into your higher self and you have a bigger perspective of this life. You then merge with your soul and it grows even bigger. And then as you arrive within the All That Is, it’s even bigger.

These are the stair steps that you can take as you allow your consciousness to expand bit by bit by bit. If you ask can I go straight to the All That Is, absolutely!  However, when you take it step by step you are bringing more of your consciousness that is your analytical or your perception that comes from you the human. This is why I like to stair-step that movement.

As we look at the All That Is, take a moment and just open up your consciousness and perceive.  For some you may see images or colors, you may feel a presence, or you may just have that sense of the broad expansion. That this is tapping into the universe is huge.  You are connecting into your part of the galaxy and that is allowing the alignment to go out even further. Look around as you take in whatever information is perceived.

I invite you to look down in front of you as if you are in an auditorium. Yeshua is acknowledged on this day as being a day of ascension.  However, continue to look and you will see standing beside him going out coming forward a group of the many individuals that have consciously ascended from the earth plane. Yeshua is but one person that is described in greater detail.  For some of you, do you see yourself in this group? 

Looking back in that time-space reality that you call linear time frame the energies of the earth plane were incredibly dense, so to expand your consciousness, disconnect from the collective consciousness of the day. It took great amounts of study, practices, meditations, and even astral projection if you want to call it that, or soul projection.  But you did it!

Look at the many, many of you that are there.  You see some of the other ascended masters that you are aware of.  They are unique because all of them lived upon the earth.  And there are others such as the angels, the archangels that also fill in this space. Even if they didn’t go through an ascension off the earth plane, they have worked diligently with many of you that are in that process.

You see Yeshua stepping to the forefront. He did wish to share some words and thoughts about that time that you know is him being upon the earth.

Yeshua Speaks:

Greetings, it is I Yeshua and I come to speak with you today.  Although the words that I speak, are words that many of you already know. I speak the words that come from the collection of all that are here. I speak the words that are about my lifetime, that are about the experience of ascension, and then where you are now in this time-space reality.

As I have said many times before, the experiences of my lifetime were attempted multiple times before that which was my lifetime.  Some of the differences were my family.  My mother, known as Mary, her mother Anna, my father Joseph, that was greatly maligned well not that’s not the best word but mostly ignored, and his family. Everyone was aware of the circumstances of my birth. Everyone was aware that this was a block of energy that was coming down from a very high frequency in order to create a rift in the energy of the earth and make it sustainable so that it could not be erased, and this is what we did.

Look at what you are doing right now upon the earth. At the time that we lived, the population was a fraction of what it is now. There were people in other parts of the world but the highest population was in that place you call the middle east.  I did travel to what is known as Tibet in the Himalayan mountains to learn about healing.  Mary Magdalene and I traveled throughout what is known as India, France, Turkey; those countries they are now named because we did a lot of teaching and healing.

Everyone speaks of my life as ending at 33, but because I returned, I lived a much longer life.  At that time, we chose to go under the radar as you call it.  Many have spoken about the fact that I had one daughter Sarah, I actually had two children. There was a boy named Matthew and he went on and has worked in or did work in many, many ways with the monks and supporting the safekeeping of the ancient text of the earth.

So, during that lifetime, you have what is written in the bible some of it is true, some of it is not what is true.  Are those last days I did have a group of people around me some of them were people from the stars and they knew they were from the stars and they knew that we were all part of showing an alternative to what was experienced on the earth at that time.

Some of them were you.  With the akashic record of the earth plane, many people have lived my life through their eyes and sometimes through the eyes of what was known as the apostles. The intention of that life was to show people that there was an alternative to fear, there was an alternative to the negativity that was so vastly rampant upon the earth.

It was to show there was an alternative to the one group of people that were controlling the majority and those who moved from different countries but they were all aligned. There were many, many, many groups that attempted to break that energy, and they were quickly taken over. So look in front of you at what I share and understand the importance of knowing that you’re more than this life. You are aligned with the stars through your soul. You have access to everything.  I knew that. My group around me knew that. Astrology and astronomy were two different sides of what kept us aware of what was happening in the universe. We knew we understood that coming into the earth there would be a blanket placed over our consciousness. It was not as bad as the majority, but it did remove some of what we knew.

It was always known that I would have the experience of death and then rising from the dead as they call it and then walking amongst the people once more. There are some of these masters that you see around me that have done the exact same thing. Sometimes for a particular purpose, sometimes to finish what they had started, sometimes to go on and have another lifetime, and then of course the reincarnation.

When you start as an infant and you make choices before you are born that is all the way of doing it from your soul as a soul spark in each one of you. But of which I speak right now, it’s those that died and then came back and continued to live.

Consider the near-death experiences that people speak about. It is not the same, but it is a way of reminding people of what spirit is like and what it is to be outside of the physical plane. So, during that lifetime where I was known as Jesus, as Yeshua, I invite you to join with me and connect with me not as the person that I was in that lifetime but as my soul. Because, as you connect with me as my soul you are activating your own soul essence that is in alignment with the Christ energy.

So, take in a deep breath and open. Open your consciousness, open to know who you are, open to know what this experience is about, and open to know that the second coming of Christ is happening right now.  It’s been happening since the ascension. It’s been happening since the consciousness of the planet shifted into the fifth dimension. It is happening in this now moment as each one of you expands within your own divinity and your own I AM presence.

Look around, feel who you are, be in this presence.  Can you imagine what the earth would look like if you knew that you could walk down the street and see everyone as you see one another right now?  If you could have business deals that are made soul to soul which therefore is in the best interest of everyone. If your family dynamics were such that you can assist with understanding you are God not that there is a God connected to you but there is an aspect of God within you.  It’s time to let it awaken so as to fully support you in this life.

There was a massive flow of love that just went through everyone that is here.  I thank you for connecting with me.  I see you for who you are, not the minute aspects of this human that you are, but I see you as your soul and what you have done in this lifetime and how that is assisting the whole.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts my words and my energy with you. You know you can always call upon me and I am ever with you!


It is I the Goddess, I return. What I observed as Yeshua was speaking with you was that there was like this turning on of light frequency, here within the All That Is for all that come not just in this now moment but the now moment that includes forwards and backward in time-space reality.

I could immediately see the light of that Christ energy within you as it just turned on for many, many, many, many of you that are already in alignment with that; you allowed it to get even brighter.

Here is the time, the ascension has occurred. So I invite you to let your energies just flow into the moment for who you are; you are the person in this life, you are also the person in the many lifetimes of your soul.  For many of you, you are that person who has already ascended.  There is no separation. It is all connected with you in this now moment.

Breathe in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  I know I can see many of you want to just stay in that expanded state, feel free to do so. But we shall begin to step back down those energies and by gathering as a group you are creating that ball of light that represents the hologram of the earth that is then streamed out into the universe and streamed into the planet.

This is transmitting the knowledge, the experiences, the information for all that took place this evening. So, you come as a group and then you see coming up within the group that hologram of the earth it looks like the earth. In some perceptions, it is very solid but this is not the physical earth this is a hologram that represents the physical earth. Send the energy of your experience into this hologram. As you do so, look around at all the many impulses of energy and light that are moving within. Then the hologram takes on this energy and it begins to rotate and balance.

That piece goes out to the universe. It goes through the milky way galaxy and there are many, many energies. Some of them on these ships, some of them leaders, some of them spiritual beings that tap into this and work to supplement whatever it is that we send to them.

You then let that energy come back down, it streams back down into the earth plane. As it moves through the collective consciousness it clears out anything that no longer serves. It then continues going all the way into the center of the earth.  As it does so, it anchors within those crystals within that magnetic core and then it reverses and comes back out. Your own energy is coming up into you through that link you have with Gaia.

There is also energy for the collective whole that moves up. Okay, I just noticed that as this was coming in it was also helping to clear out old narrow-minded beliefs about Yeshua and Easter and things that were contrived. ~whew~ Clear that out so as to allow all of those people that are still stuck in that cycle to be able to open up to a new way of thinking or a new way of looking at life.

It then populates throughout the world or the planet creating the awareness of everlasting life, of everlasting consciousness, of the ability to love and have the ability to co-create through that love essence. 

You then bring back the remainder of your consciousness from the All That Is. It streams back through your divinity on the soul plane, your higher self, and it comes back down into you in your physicality. You may choose to send it all the way into Gaia and then you release that connection to Gaia allowing all of your focus to come back within you in this now moment.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

You are here living your life, having the experiences of your life. You are also living in the highlight frequencies of your divinity.  Put forth the intention or the awareness that you are there and you are here simultaneously and that all is balanced and the knowledge of that experience all flows within and around you.

Beloved, you are so much more than who you think you are, you’ve heard that for a long time, now you have the opportunity to know it for yourself.  Be open to receive. Be open to love, love is the foundation, love is the expression, love is the experience for all.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you!


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