This channel took place on Easter with Yeshua (Jesus) coming through to speak with us.  This message is very empowering about our potentials.  We all came into this life with various potentials available to us.  Yeshua reminds us that we have the choice, every day about what we do and how we look at the world.

Yeshua mentions that he died young because the people were idolizing him; they saw him as God, as separate from them.  In truth, he was/ is human just as we are.  Yeshua’s ideal was to remind us that we too live forever, that we too can walk on water, that we too can manifest limitless abundance.  As Yeshua was speaking with us, it was as if we were sitting on a hillside and he would stop, talk to people, put his hand on their heads or shoulders.

We all HAVE to keep that alignment with our divinity open.  It’s more essential than ever before.  Our DNA is changing which includes the alignment to these high vibrations.  We, therefore, have an even greater potential to receive the changes and all that is taking place. 

Accept your God source.  Accept your gifts.  Accept YOU!