This channel was truly needed at this time!  Right now, there is an intense battle going on, on the Earth which is the old energy of control and manipulation being removed to be replaced by the higher vibration of peace and balance.  There are intrinsic Universal Laws that are a part of our world and universe.  Some of these were what the Goddess tapped into during this channel. She spoke of love, balance, do no wrong, and compassion. In all of this, it allows you to experience that for yourself as a means of integration.  This integration will take place and the more that people are open in the alignment, the easier it will be.  I believe that this is all a part of the ‘great awakening’ that is taking place.

Once people were able to find their balance and integration with all of this, the goddess shifted the energy to our DNA.  Our DNA houses our cellular memories, but they also hold our potential for growth and expansion. Now that the world is moving into this higher frequency, we will be able to experience greater expansion in our abilities and senses. In the past, we all had DNA opened to 64 strands and in other parts of the universe, it goes even higher. This is the beginning of moving in that direction. Many are having problems with the Covid 19 Vaccine, so as we were working with the DNA, the Goddess also pushed out of the cells anything from the vaccine that was not supportive to people.  There are many who will receive it, that will be completely fine; others will develop symptoms and perhaps long-term problems.  This was an attempt to balance things. 

We are in alignment with each other. We are of the light and it shines forth brilliantly! Don’t forget that is you in your everyday life. 

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.  

The Earth has been on an ascension process that began thousands of years ago. During that time there have been a multitude of different potential pathways in which humanity can come to an end. Therefore, it is a culmination of multiple different pathways that are making themselves known at this now moment.

You have always had the potential to live your life or experience life through different alternatives. Some of those alternatives are literally parallel lives.  Some of them are different aspects of your life that go all the way back through your Divinity. When you are making decisions in your life, especially if it is a big decision, you literally go out into potentials and live in the various potentials so you know which is right for you. The key aspect of all of that is to stay within your heart. How often do you become very analytical, or do you get all caught up and thinking about things, as opposed to letting yourself feel or know intuitively what is real?

If you are in your life and you are going around, and around, and around, and around and still experiencing the same outcome; but you focus upon and you’ve been analyzing it, and you think there’s a new way all of that is literally pulling you away from the vibration of your Soul. Instead, it is keeping you in the vibration of your Ego.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. As you do so I invite you to receive the breath of love, the breath of light as it flows through you in this now moment.  Can you feel how already your energy is changing? We have spoken for just a few minutes and focused on your breathing and already it calms you down and brings your focus into your heart center.

Take in a breath and create that ball of energy from within your heart and you send a little piece of it down through all your energy bodies. You send it down into the Earth. It goes into that space where it may expand outwards. Feel the heartbeat of Gaia. It is as if there is a pulsation that moves up and down through you as you are here within this space.

As you anchor your energies you let the rest of your consciousness come back up within your heart and you send it out through your throat, your third eye, your head center and it moves into the space of your Higher Self. You may feel as if you expand within this space. You may look around at those different potentials that are available to you and through which you are seeking to make a decision.

You then allow your consciousness to move even further. As it does so it goes all the way up until it links into your Divinity. As you arrive within the Soul Plane it may be as if you see your Divinity as a ball of light, as a cloud, as a human. Your perception is just that, your perception, and your alignment takes you all the way into your Divinity. As you are here within this space consciously open up your awareness so that you may understand even more about who you are.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge together you shift your focus and you shift your consciousness into the All That Is. As you look around this is a place of such joy, such love, such awareness for being you and for the others.  Other people that are also in this high light vibration and are seeking to find this experience.

It is changing. Just as the Earth is changing so too is the All That Is, is changing. The vibration and the frequency continue to have a subtle shift and it is the higher vibrations that are in alignment with what we are doing upon the Earth so that you may experience the full expansion and potential that is here for you.

Take a deep breath in and simply allow your focus and your presence to be within this space. It is always so interesting to me how when we are here not only am I communicating with not only those of you that are on the call but I am communicating with hundreds of other people. Perhaps some that will consciously listen in the future and perhaps some that are here in a very unconscious manner.

This is a focus right now upon the Earth. Are you conscious? Are you unconscious? Are you awake? Are you asleep? Are you ascended? Have you not? These are some of the words that you are using right now to speak about what is happening. A great deal of the earth has ascended into the fifth dimension. Whether they are consciously aware or not their frequency is still vibrating at that higher perspective.

Take a moment to consider truth. I considered using the word reality, your perspective, but I wanted to use the word truth because this is something that you hear a great deal about in the years, make that the weeks to come. One might say everyone’s truth is different because indeed there are aspects of everything that happens upon the earth that people can interpret one way or another and therefore, they can each be speaking the truth about a situation, and yet that situation it is as if it is totally different.

What I wish to speak about a universal truth. I wish to speak about illusion as it relates to truth. The universal laws consist of, and this is not all of them, integrity, having the integrity of knowing who you are as a soul essence, and then being honest with yourself and honest outward in your relationships and your actions. Universal Love, we speak of this often. The love that comes from the Divinity, your own and God Source. Accepting that and receiving it for yourself and then sending that out to humanity.

When you are in the vibration the frequency of universal love you feel the compassion for one another. Another one is do no harm. This is a very interesting one right now is it not, because this is one of those that is highly debated by people’s perspective. Some people feel if you don’t wear a mask you are harming them. The truth of the matter is that an individual is in a place of fear and therefore projects fear on to other people and situations rather than being open to love.

Those that do harm to others are those that deliberately set out to control manipulate, torture, hurt other people for their own benefits. Big difference from someone that is just sitting in fear and projecting that on those around them. Take a moment to consider that in your life. Are you living your life based on fear or on what other people think of your actions?

Another universal law is the integral balance. The Universe finds its own natural balance. So too does Gaia and this is one of the reasons why Gaia whenever people have tapped into her, they know that Gaia can find her own balance.  It is just something that just happens. There may be things that happen upon the Earth such as warfare, explosions and it may be like a blow so to speak, and then she comes back into her intrinsic balance.

So, consider that within your own life do you know how to find intrinsic balance within your life. Balance may come to you in a multitude of different ways. Some individuals work excessively and don’t give themselves an opportunity to relax and play with family. Other people may find themselves focusing upon something that is pulling them down. Say an obsession with gaming, or an obsession with being with people, or an obsession that is unhealthy. It keeps them confined or keeps them from seeing the world around them, so obsession.

There are those that could step up and take responsibility for doing different things but they choose to stay away from that out of fear. Fear that they won’t do well or whatever it may be. So, balancing the intrinsic balance within you is essential.

So, these are some of the universal laws.  It is the way the universal self finds balance and it’s the way that each of you finds your balance and the way that you interact with other people.

As you begin to hear about the ways in which humanity has been controlled and manipulated it may cause you to go into panic or fear, or anger or disbelief. I ask you to remember no matter what happens in your life. no matter what is happening in your world come back to the universal laws of love, balance, integrity, and focus is another one. Wherever you focus your awareness is where your energy will go.

Many of you are already hearing about these old paradigms that are coming down.  Many of you are already aware of, not only of the changes that are taking place, but what is to take place. I ask you to send the understanding and the integration of that out into Society.  There we go. As each one of you creates your own balance and your own awareness you are shifting further and further into the spirituality that is you.

When there is a lot of unrest upon the Earth, and there is a great deal of change, people will have a tendency to go back inside and retreat to what they’ve already known. So, here’s your opportunity. Open up, allow your own frequency and vibration to raise up higher and higher and higher.

I truly enjoy seeing this because I see so many of you levitating within this space. As you levitate consider your life and I ask you to take a moment and as if you are tapping into your Ego or your human self, your everyday reality, I ask you to envisage if you will a ball of light that just goes inside your head and inside your consciousness and everything that analytical left-brain part of you is trying to control and keep the same.  just put that ball of white light shift into it. You can see it from the inside out or from the outside in or both.

Make a conscious choice that you, you the person that you are; this person that is so beautiful and amazing, and vibrant love, light, and energy; let that move into your left brain; let that move into your Ego or your belief system. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. You are so much more than this one life that you are living right now. This life is critical to everything that is going on in your soul essence, but you are not limited by this life. There you go

As we are in this space and speaking of this, meaning this which is aligning with the universal laws or the universal truths, I wish to go within you.  We have done this before and I wish to do this again as if we go down to this signature cell within you. Let’s shine the light and expand the pathways of your DNA.  Infuse from the cells; from the very DNA that you have; with the light, the energy, the light of this high frequency and let it go from cell to cell to cell.  Let it activate those strands of your DNA that have been inert so that you will have greater abilities within your life. 

Some of you will feel as if the Kundalini is releasing and it moves up and down your spine.  Some of you may feel as if your whole heart is opening up and expanding bigger and bigger.  Breathe in and breathe out.

For those of you that may have gotten the vaccine and you are feeling that changes are taking place inside of you push out that vaccine, push it out of your cells, push it out, let it go, clear it out, and allow your DNA to continue to expand activating strand after strand after strand and let that be what pushes through your RNA.  Let that be what talks cell to cell to cell and you can feel as you align the universal truth it activates the DNA within you and this is what brings that nonphysical energy into your physical body. 

Phew, there is so much energy that is just moving through everybody! I’d like to just sit and integrate that as it’s moving through. This is going to continue to move through further and further through you assisting you in your everyday life to grow and expand.

I invite you to come back as a group. You create somewhat of a loose circle together. I am noticing that many of you are out working with some or other aspects of yourself. Some are working with benevolent ones that are from other parts of the Universe. Feel free to do whatever it is that you seek to do at this time.  This can be your stepping off place so that you have the personal growth that you would like to have. As a group, you come back together.

Now this time I wish to send through the group that you may look from person to person to person and see love, trust, balance, truth, energy, whatever it is that comes to your mind, and send that as you look at the individual beside you.  Send those energies around so as you practice doing this now. So too you can do it upon the Earth and you can send it and send it and send it as the group grows even bigger as you each find that balanced of energy between you.

Now you see coming up within you the hologram of the Earth. Send that light of communication and balance that moves through all of you to send it through into the hologram. As you send that energy into the hologram, into the Earth, it picks up the light and it picks up the love, it picks up all that you are doing and those places within it. Because the hologram represents the Earth so if there are places within the Earth that need extra love, compassion, balance, vibrational frequency let that go wherever that needs to go.

As you are ready, take a piece of it and it goes out into the Universe so as to find the balance within the Universe and the remainder goes down into the Earth itself. It goes through the matrix which I remind you has now expanded to the higher frequency and it illuminates and supports all that is within this expanded space. It goes all the way down into the center of the Earth and then it reflects and comes back up. It moves through every layer within the Earth. It moves through where you are anchored and comes back up bringing your own energies coming down within you. As you allow your focus to come back within your human self, bring back the remainder of your vibration and consciousness that has been out within the Universe.

As you anchor take a look around. You may feel as if you need to expand your energy field so as to contain this expanded self. Feel the balance. Feel the awareness. As you look around look through the eyes of universal light. Look through the eyes where your DNA is expanding giving you greater and greater abilities. Look through the eyes and know that as these days unfold in which many people will be confused and wondering that you can send love, light, energy, compassion. Just send it out to the world for people to find.

So beloved family as you move through your days on Earth remember that you are connected to the Universe. That you have access to your own Divinity through the universal light and love and support. Understand that with this transition taking place changes are happening on so many different levels. The more that you are in the light and love of the universal consciousness the more it supports you in all that you do.

Beloved, you are never alone I’m always with you and within.