I have had this Goddess Light channel for over 20 years. I’m not sure exactly when I started following the Wesak Festival. Some will call it the Vesak Festival. I know that it has been at least ten years and I wanted to comment on the energy changes.

When I first began channeling in the ‘90s, it was easier for me to tap into the Sananda energies.  Sananda is the over soul for Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, & Abraham.  To me, these represent the primary religions of this time. I have always believed that God, as in the God of all source energy was the foundation for all religions.  Then over time, there would be variations that were created due to what humanity was looking for. 

Each of these religions speaks in one form or another, about light.  The light that illuminates the dark, light that brings solace, light to help you find your way.  I was told by Sananda, that the intention was always to help humanity know that they were never alone. 

Consider if you will what you may have felt during this lifetime. Was there ever a time you felt alone, separated, isolated, or more?  These are emotions that humanity has felt over and over again.  As I look back, there were indeed times when humanity had a strong sense of self, knowing who they were, where they came from, and the bigger purpose of their life.  Frequently in these ancient times people were very accustomed to using magic, to communicating in nonverbal formats.  There were mystical creatures such as dragons that were part of society in addition to Faires, Elves, and other groups of people.

My perception is that the Earth dropped into a very low frequency around the time of Atlantis.  Many people will consider Atlantis as a time of magic and expanding technology. Indeed, that did take place.  However, it was through that technology, they removed the mystical aspects of life.  This is why Avalon was removed from the planet.

After that, there were thousands of years, or that’s the perception, in which the world moved deeper and deeper into control and manipulation.  There were also times of expansion.  God as the God of the universe, as the God from which everything was created continued to over see the planet and the universe.

I would imagine that there were times when it was very hard to just observe and not try to come down and change things.  Earth has always been a planet of free will.  Free will to make choices.  Free will to respond or not respond. This is the foundation where all of the current corruption was digging in.

At various times there were spiritual leaders that were sent to the planet.  Sometimes there were those known as ETs who came down to assist humanity. Other times they were born as Humans.  However, in the cases in which the aspects of Sananda came to Earth, they all knew they came from a different frequency.  They knew they were living for a specific plan or intention.

The Wesak festival is about Buddha returning to Earth to continue to anchor and activate the energies that he represents.  As he comes through, it is said that the Christ returns with him and they both anchor their energies.  Sananda is the over soul for both of these, plus Krishna, Mohamed, and Abraham.  I feel that all of them come back at this time even though the focus is on Buddha & Christ.

I can still remember the first time I was at a festival.  Now, I am talking about being there consciously, through the Goddess of Creation meditation.  During this festival, I could see people all over, many climbing trees or going part way up the mountains to be able to see.  I remember a feeling of anticipation.

Buddha always descends first with Christ descending after him.  They both had to drop their vibration quite a bit to be able to manifest on the Earth.  I would then see them speaking with the representatives who were there to greet them.  Most of us in the periphery watched but didn’t interact.

Another time, it was as if we suddenly were on the valley flow with them.  I could see how some of our group were a part of their entourage, others of us, just mingling.  This time I could feel we all had a greater alignment.  Then last year, suddenly we were the entourage that was greeting them.  We were communicating telepathically with them. 

This year was a truly amazing change.  Finally, the vibration of our planet is rising which allows for a greater ease in moving between dimensions. Both last year and this year, once they arrived in the meadow, they walked around talking to people and embracing all who were there.  While there were still some who were awe-struck, most actually felt the loving benevolence of balanced energy.

They do not want to be put on a pedestal.  They do not want to be up on the cross and unobtainable.  They are part of the people and they want all of us to realizes that.  They also want us to know that this life, this frequency, this energy that they emanate is also found within us.  As we accept that we are that ascended and we are in balance with them; there is less difference and we are stepping into our divinity. 

Sometimes it is hard for people to accept that about themselves.  So many people think they are less than and want to keep the spiritual leaders at a distance.  We could see, feel, and experience during this year’s Wesak that we have arrived!!  We have arrived at a place of alignment.  We have arrived at a place where we can accept who we are and that YES, we too are massive spiritual beings!!