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Watch this on YouTube:  The Wesak Festival — Channels from Buddha & Christ

The Wesak Festival takes places in the Himalayan Mountains and is the celebration of the Buddha’s birthday.  Traditionally it takes place on the first full moon in May.  The last several years in particular through the Goddess Light Teleconferences we have really had some amazing energies that we can tap into around this experience.

Wesak is a gathering that takes place in a high meadow in the Himalayan Mountains and is a time when Buddha & Christ return to earth to add their light for all to see and experience.

I remember some of the first times I channeled for the Wesak it was as if we gathered along the sides and top of the mountains that surround this high meadow within the mountains.  My perception is that we have moved down the mountains becoming more and more a part of the experience.  (You can read previous channels, usually the first in May to read about the other experiences on my website: https://goddesslight.net/goddess-channels)

Each year more and more of the earth’s energies are changing which allows for a greater amount of integration during the Wesak.  This year it was as if Buddha & Christ were more ‘solid’ or real than ever before.  This allowed their energies to permeate the earth even more fully than in previous years.

The crystalline vibration is the higher vibration of the universal light.  This is what they manifest upon the earth. It creates a stronger anchor actually activating the crystals and energies that are present within the earth and have been dormant.

This year they made reference to the fact that Sananda is the over soul for Buddha, Abraham, Christ, Muhammad and Krishna.  They made a conscious choice to create an alignment between all the religions upon earth so that they may be supportive and balanced with each other.

buddha017   A portion of Buddha’s Channeled Message:

We speak of love. We speak of compassion. We speak of expressing your life in that which is of service to others. But, one of the messages that has always been misplaced around that is that you need to be of service to yourself first and foremost.  Now I recognize that many will think ‘what is that what the Buddha is saying? He’s always said be of service to others’. How can you give to someone else if you are depleted and empty? How can you see the needs of others if you don’t see the needs within yourself?

Okay, this is true. What I heard from people is that sometimes it’s easier to see the needs of others and just ignore your needs within yourself and perhaps that is true.  You cannot ignore the foundation of who you are any longer. You must be open to the flow of your divinity and you must accept your value as you reach out to others.

Yeshua, earth, light   A portion of Christ’s Channeled Message:

We see the difficulty that people have within their life.  We offer our unconditional love for whatever your experience may be. 

I always feel that every opportunity that I have to move into the earth is another opportunity to speak about the Christ light or the Christ energy. If you ask what that is from my perspective, it is this in which you find yourself right now. It is this bright light of unconditional love.

It is the realization that you are living upon the earth for a reason. You chose to be alive. You chose your family, your community, your culture. Therefore breathe in this now moment. Breathe in this complete blending and balancing of all of humanity that is coming right now through us. People can live upon the earth and cohabitate with one another.

Where there is war; infuse peace. Where there is strife; infuse love. Where there is confusion and pain; infuse balance and compassion. 

Within these higher vibrations, you no longer need step into duality. You have the opportunity to simply be in this now moment of all that is here. 

 It’s hard to know where to start and where to stop with their messages!  This is really beautiful and filled with amazing energy and light.

https://goddesslight.net/blog/wesak-transformation.htm — last year’s blog.



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