I always love the channels that come up close to one of the Solstices or Equinoxs.  The amplification of the energies is always so dramatic. In fact, it seems at times ten times as intense.

As the Goddess worked with our energy, she first of all had us move into the All That Is and just look at our life.  For many, there was already a feeling of balance and well-being. However, for many, there was a disconnection. it seemed as if people were separated into two groups.  The Goddess asks everyone if they are happy.  It was a little funny because as soon as she said it, we could hear another question that was intended, do you have what you seek to have?  Truly, the intention of this meditation is to help people understand where they manifest from, and that your happiness truly comes from within you.  It also seems pretty common that people would have some connection with their soul, while others might feel something patchy, as if sometimes strong and sometimes not as much. 

Once people had a chance to experience manifesting and understanding their energy, they could then step into the energies of the Solstice.  We looked at the central sun and in doing so it was massive!  It was huge and we could see as it shifted, creating energy that would become solar flares.  As people stepped into that flow, many were pushed around as if they were in the flow of a tornado. As people breathed and centered their energy, they were then able to stand strong.  

This is a powerful way to not only find clarity in your life but to access the energies of Solstice as a means of amplifying it all.  

The Solstice Amplifies Your Intentions

Nama Sika, Venia Benya          I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you at this now moment.

With every breath that you take in, you’re breathing in the elements and the energy that are around you. With every breath that you release, you’re sending out into the space around you anything that no longer serves you. In this regard, you can create an alignment in which your environment around you fully supports you in all that you are doing. Feel every breath. Become connected within from every breath that you take in.

As you are here, in this now moment, you have a wonderful opportunity to make a choice for whatever your intention may be for this meditation. We will go on a journey, and I may say words or phrases that have energy threaded within them. But no matter what someone is saying around you, when you come present within yourself, and you allow your consciousness to expand, you are allowing not only your non-physical aspects of you, but your conscious aspects of you, to find an alignment within you.

Your intention can be so important for anything that you do.  Your intention creates a foundation so that as we are upon this journey, even if I speak of something else, the threads of your intention will always come through.

Breathe into your heart center. As you breathe into your heart, visualize within your mind’s eye a swirling ball of energy in the space of your heart. You have multiple energy bodies within and around you. The one connected to your heart is the foundation for all that you are doing. As you breathe, and you create this ball of energy, your focus and your intention allows it to grow and become larger.

You then send an aspect of that, it moves down through the solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center, and it moves into the earth. As you feel your energy anchoring into the earth, feel how you have created this connection with Gaia.

You let that energy flow back up through that thread of light that you used to anchor. You can now send from your heart into Gaia, and from Gaia into your heart. This is another way of anchoring your energies, allowing them to be present within you. Feel that energy now as it goes up through your throat center, your third eye, your head center, your crystalline energy body, and it moves up into the space of your higher self.

Look around at what this space is for you. Sometimes it can be very cluttered with what you might be working upon in your daily life. So whew~ clear it out.  Clear out the energy of this space so that you may have greater clarity within your life.

Let that stream of consciousness move even further. It moves up that strand that connects you with your soul essence, and as you do so, you find as your energy merges with your soul that you are suddenly here present within the soul plane.

This is a plane of existence where the majority of people that are incarnated on the earth have either a large part of their soul or at least an aspect that is associated with the earth plane. However, as each one of you arrives within this space, it is as if you are contained within the essence of your soul.

Feel what that is for you. Ask to know just how expansive your divinity is within and around you. I, the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I reach out to embrace you, our energies merge, and we shift into the All That Is. There is this wonderful sense of expansion as everybody comes within this space.

As you arrive, it is as if everything is that much lighter and more transparent. It is as if opportunities and potential are all within. This is showing you not only what might be available for you, but a place where you can practice or try on what it would be to have what you seek.

Allow, just allow yourself to be present within this space. We have spoken consistently about energy and about frequency and about the transparency that is associated with the higher vibrations.

Every one of you has been upon your journey.  There have been times in which you felt very blended and merged with your divinity and times in which it felt like you were disconnected. Here within the All That Is, I invite you to consider or understand for yourself what this is.

Let us begin by asking a question. Are you happy with your life? I was going to say, do you have the life that you choose? However, the words that came out of my mouth were, are you happy? Consider your life. Here within the All That Is, you have an opportunity to see the things that are happening in your daily life. You have the opportunity to look at different potentials and you can see it from the perspective of where you are in your everyday consciousness and also from the higher vibration of what this is for you.  So when you look at your life, are you happy?

Now, for those that said, not really, they wish they had some different things, let us look into that potential. What would it be or what do you need in your life for you to be happy? So often, people consider the things that they want, a job, a relationship, a house, children, more abundance. In this now moment, I invite you to step over into this parallel potential for you, where you do have that, you have everything that you’ve been seeking to have and I invite you to allow your consciousness to be within that space.

For some, I get this strong sense of relief, like, oh, finally, I finally have this. As if you’ve been waiting a very long time.  For others, I have this sense of, say for example, taking it for granted. It’s like, oh yeah, okay, I have that now, but what about this? Does that resonate with you, that even when you have everything that you said you wanted, there’s something else that you still want?

It is absolutely an aspect of being human to have all these rich, full things within your life. It is absolutely what the universe wants for you, is for you to have these things within your life.

For those, and this is very interesting as I’ve looked at people, so many, when they jumped into that life of having those things that they have desired for so long, it just felt like such a good fit. Like, yes, this is exactly how I thought this would feel. This is exactly what I anticipated.

And for those that are feeling that, revel in it. Just breathe it down within you, in all aspects of you. I could feel wave upon wave going through people.

In this regard, as they look back, they think, how did I ever not have all this? Because this is what you’ve been seeking to have, and this is what you’ve been creating within your vibration, so that now as you’re stepping into it, it feels comfortable. It feels as if you are coming home. It’s a sense of, yes, this is it. This is exactly it.

As you manifest this within the all that is, make a conscious note about what it feels like, what you see, who is with you, anything that will help make it more real for you when you’re in your everyday life. I see the majority of you are finding that sense of consciousness or alignment or that feeling that this is exactly it.

There are still others that even though they have everything they wanted to have, they still feel that discontent. They’re now saying, oh, I guess I was wrong. I didn’t want that after all.  I must want this. So for these individuals, and even if there’s a part of you that might feel the same, but for those that no matter what they have, they still feel discontent, I’m now going to ask them to consciously let go of all these things that they have wanted in their life, and instead look towards their divinity. Look towards your soul.

Is it a big, wide-open flow of light? What I notice in the majority of those that are discontent is that it’s a very narrow stream. Even though we just aligned with the divine, and the divine is right here, it’s that small thread of energy. So, for this moment, I invite you to make a conscious choice that you’re going to strengthen or widen your alignment to your soul.

If the perception is that it’s small, then as if you’re literally pulling the energy open, you pull it until it becomes this huge, you could call it a portal, you could call it a huge flow of energy that’s just around you. However, this energy is your soul or your divinity. And we know this because you are here in the All That Is.

You have just spent time aligning with your soul, and you brought your soul with you. So it is here. And as that gets bigger, then let your personality, let your consciousness, let your everyday ego or reality connect into whatever this may be. We can feel that strengthening of the pulsation and from the place where your consciousness links into your ego. Let that flow of your divinity move within you.

In just about every single one of these individuals, I can now see a much greater flow of energy.  I would now say to you, open up and consciously intend that you align with those places inside of you that feel lonely, or separated, or isolated from others. Make a conscious intention that the flow of energy moves within. There we go.

I can now feel much more within this group of people, that greater flow of energy. I now invite all of them to, as if you are looking in front of you, here within the All That Is, what is it that you seek to have in this life? And now, they are able to see it, to feel it, to embrace it, and it has a greater sense of, yes, I think I can do this.

When we speak of energy, we speak of that alignment that you have with everything around you.   Everything is made of energy. It is therefore up to you to find that alignment between the energy of what you seek and the energy that you send out. When you feel that continuous flow from your own soul, as that fills up your consciousness, it is first and foremost, filling up those places inside of you that feel separated, isolated, or disconnected.

Take a deep breath in, and let it go.

Now, blending all of these people together, I noticed that many of the ones that had already manifested, you’re now working with fine-tuning to see, is there anything you need to do? What’s keeping this from happening? Where is this all going to go? Here within the All That Is, you have the opportunity to experience what you seek to have so that you may discern, yeah, that is really what I want. Or perhaps, when you have it in and around you, you realize you really don’t want to have that.

Be present in the moment.  Be here within. Feel the flow of love and light as it’s moving through you.

Ooh, someone just popped up with worthy.  Even though you may not consciously think, I am unworthy, perhaps, if no matter what you do, things are disconnected, perhaps worthiness is something that you need to transition so that you do feel worthy. Everyone is automatically worthy of the divine God source energy because you have a soul because you are here. But if you have your ego or voice inside of you that is saying, maybe for them, not for me, maybe for this, not for that, then that voice, that whatever it is that is working on you is what needs to be filled with the love of your soul.

Let it fill up so that worthiness is no longer even an issue, not even unconsciously. As we are moving towards the solstice, I wanted each one of you to be very conscious of how your vibration is working, sometimes against you, sometimes for you. This is all about moving the energy into your conscious awareness so that you may have this that you seek to have.  It may show up even though you are completely unconscious of this process. That’s great because what that’s saying is that your unconscious energies are in alignment with your divinity.

But let us shift the energy, let us have a sense of the sun, the moon, the earth, whenever it’s a solstice or an equinox, there is this intrinsic space of balance that is created.  Within this balance, be open. Be open to acknowledge whatsoever it may be that you seek.

So, we come forward and as you’re looking at the universe, and in particular, as you’re looking at the sun, this is not necessarily the sun associated with your planet, but we’re now from the all that is looking at the central spiritual sun.

And you can see this almost electric energy that is emanating from it. Some of these are the solar flares that are coming into the earth. Sometimes it’s like a little ball of energy separates itself and then comes into the earth plane.  Sometimes it’s wave upon wave of frequency that is coming into the earth plane. So here you are looking at this massive central sun from which all of creation is derived. This can balance anything within the universe.

And with the solstice coming up and the alignment of the earth with the sun and the planet and the moon, let yourself feel the flow and the frequency of that balance. For some, it’s as if you see this energy going past you or you feel it. Others have a sense that everything is continuous or the same as what they’ve had.

So, whether you’re aware or not, I invite you to just allow your own consciousness to step into this flow of the solstice. As this happened, I saw some people go tumbling around as if you’re stepping into a massive wind. This flow of energy.  And if you feel as if you’re being knocked around within your consciousness, taking a deep breath, anchor yourself, and you’ll find that you can stand within this flow of energy that is coming in.

You can feel that rebound of the earth. You can feel the way that the sun and the earth interact with one another.  And you are absorbing that energy, that frequency. And everything that you were just doing to manifest becomes amplified.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

It’s a lot. Indeed. The energies can be a lot.  They can be intense. And this is your moment. You then have a sense of stepping back. As you look down at yourself, some people, it’s like they see this electricity surrounding them. The energy just shining off of them.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I still invite you to come together as a group. And as you are connected with one another, it is always important to remember that you are part of humanity. And being together as a group, being together in support of one another is essential for everything. You may see then, coming up within your group, a hologram of the earth. This hologram is filled with the energy and light. It is a place where you can send into it your own intention for what you seek to manifest or what it is to live in that timeline or that awareness in which this is all working for you.

You also are sending that energy of the solstice that that also infuses within this. What’s interesting is tonight there is that perception that this is taking on indigos and blues and different colors. Sometimes it’s colorful, sometimes it is not and tonight it is filled with colors.

There is a piece of that that goes out into the universe which is what creates the harmony and balance. The remainder of it then moves down. It goes through that energy that surrounds the earth. It goes down and anchors within the center of the earth. As it’s here, you can feel the space.

You can feel the crystals. You can feel the magnetics. And that anchors everything that you worked on tonight.  It then reverses outward. It comes up. It comes up through the earth plane.  It comes up creating an alignment for all to step into. Your own manifestation of your experience tonight comes up through where you anchored in Gaia. You can feel it as it’s anchoring you once more back down within your physical body.

You then bring the remainder of your consciousness. It comes from the All That Is, through your divinity, your higher self, and it anchors down within you. And as you’re doing so, stretch out the energy body around you.

Be comfortable in your physicality because it is you. Perhaps part of what you were changing as you manifested is your physicality, but that’s okay because this is what it is in the now moment. And you are shifting and changing whether it’s something physical, something in your environment, or your relationships, no matter what it may be.

You breathe in and you breathe out.

Your takeaway from this evening is about really listening to your inner self. It’s about paying attention to the vibration and the frequency that you manifest on a daily basis and it’s about how you are seeking to manifest and live and be in your life. There is so much that is happening. There is so much potential that comes from sources that you may have no idea at this moment.

So continue to work in the All That Is.   Continue to be in the vibration and the frequency for that which resonates with you. For so many people, it is as if I see you waking up one day and saying, ‘Hey, I didn’t notice that over there.

Or, Hey, when did this happen over here’? And more and more and more will come into your life. It all begins with your alignment to Source, your alignment to the Divine, and that which is your own soul essence.

Beloved, know that I am ever with you.