There are certain times of the year when the entire Universe lines up to support or amplify the energies of the planet.  These are the Equinox & the Solstices.  This channel took place just two days before the Fall/ Spring Equinox which is a great time because this gives people time to create changes or an intention for their lives. 

When we arrived in the All That Is, the Goddess spoke first about the alignment of planets and stars within our Galaxy.  We then moved into a bigger picture which gave us the perception of the universe and where the Earth is located. I could see a magnified flow of energy that was coming from the center of the universe including the central sun.  It was as if there was a pulsation and rhythm that infused through the energy.  The Goddess first encouraged us to look at our lives from whatever our perspective may be. She then spoke of judgment, deserving, fear, and other energies that keep us small.  From there we were able to clear it all out through forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is a frequency or emotion for us, it’s not about anyone else.  Forgiveness begins with us and as we transform our own perspective and reality, it then moves into everyone else around us.  Forgiveness is a VERY powerful energy/ emotion and you don’t even need to know where it is directed.  This can help you to clear old energies, relationships, and more. 

Once each person was in the balance of what they were seeking, they had the opportunity to stand in the flow from the universe going into the earth. this was a very powerful enhancement and amplifying of the energies. Once we anchored them into the Earth, the Goddess encouraged everyone to send the balanced energy into the Collective Consciousness of the earth to help with transforming all of humanity. 

Nama Sika, Venia Benya         I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

As you take this opportunity to nurture yourself consider for a moment the different ways in which you may do so; are you getting enough sleep, are you taking time for meditation or prayer, are you eating foods that support you, are you taking supplements if needed or anything else that also supports you? Are you paying attention to what not only your physical body is telling you but your emotions your thoughts and your beliefs?

You the person are so much more than this energy that is present within you right now. This is your opportunity to experience life.

I invite you to take in another breath, where through your breath you connect with the energy body associated with your heart.  In your mind’s eye, you envision it as if it’s a swirling energy, and from that swirl, you are able to create a ball of light. You send that ball of light down through your energy bodies of your solar plexus, sacrum, root center, and down into the earth.

Feel Gaia. Feel the changes that are taking place. Feel the essence of the earth and all that Gaia has for you. 

Allow that energy to come back up within you. It moves back up through that stream that you sent down into the earth but you are now anchored into the earth. The greater that you are anchored the more fully you can allow your consciousness to expand. You send it up through your throat center, your third eye, your head center, your crystalline center and you send it all up until you align with your higher self.

Within your higher self, you are blending your soul essence and your human.  This is an opportunity to look at your life to look at what may be going on for you. And as you look around you just take it all in.  If there’s anything in particular that is coming up to your awareness if it’s something that you need to remember then allow it to move into your consciousness but otherwise just gently clear away this space.

You then send that stream of energy that is your consciousness so that it may flow all the way up until it links within your soul essence in what some may call the soul plane. This is where your I AM presence resides. This is the part of your soul that has been associated with your life upon the earth or within this galaxy.  It is also the place in which you may link with other parts of your soul or life’s existences.

But take a moment as if to just look around and then feel, sense, listen to whatever may come your way.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I align with you, I reach out to embrace you and in doing so our energies merge and we move into the All That Is.

There is a big sense of expansion that comes along with that. Humanity in your evolution of consciousness has moved through layer upon layer upon layer of experiences that brought you to where you are right now.

The All That Is, is a vibrational frequency that is in alignment with you. The All That Is is a place of creation, it is a place where you may transform your life upon the earth or any other experience that you are having.

Consider your life.  People have experienced so much, not only over the last several months but over the past year, many of you have experienced multiple changes over an even longer period of time.  However, I would like for you to focus upon the last three months since the solstice (June 2021).

That was the halfway point of the awakening of the consciousness for all of humanity. When we tapped into it in June most of you had a perception that there were quite a few more that were awake, if you want to call it that, but quite a few people were beginning to look around and ask why. Why is my life what it is? why are there things that are happening; in a town state country world level and can that really be true? 

And when you looked at all of that around the solstice you were able to perceive how there was so much more light than before; therefore more people were transforming. So now have a sense of looking back over the last three months and look at where you are right now.

The light of the earth is brilliant.  The light of humanity is progressing in massive leaps and bounds to match that of Gaia.  When you look at what has taken place, it was all set up and intended in multiple different timelines or potentials for the past 1,000 to 2,0 000 years.

The more that the earth became open in its light and consciousness the more that people began to see the multiple timelines and how sometimes they intersected; and sometimes they ran parallel and sometimes they were verging off into different directions.  You are creating life as we speak. It’s as if it evolves it is what is being created by the light-filled beings upon the earth.

Okay, I heard you; there are still those of the lower vibration present upon the earth and by that we mean those that are stuck in the third dimension. The third dimension represents control, manipulation, fear, and an intention or needs to stay small.  This frequency remains upon the earth, but even though it may not seem so to you it is a fraction of what it used to be.

I would therefore invite you as we step into the days of the equinox to take this opportunity to truly consider your life. How much of your life is wrapped in the lower frequency? Most will fluctuate to where they get caught up in the fear the anger the drama of what is going on but then you bounce back up.

So, consider your life.  As you look at your life as it is right now, is it filled with joy is it filled with opportunities that make you excited? Is it filled with what you have been seeking to create? Over the last years what I’m hearing from people is that a little bit over here I’ve really transformed this part of my life I see that potential but I’m still stuck here. So, I invite you to take a moment and consider where are you stuck in your life? 

Is this something that has come up for you again and again and again?  If so, as if you are peeling away a veil, allow the light of the universe and your own consciousness to just look at whatever that is. Why are you stuck? ~whew~

Just breathe out and let go of whatever is coming up to your consciousness. And for some of you, you have the ability to clear it out without even knowing exactly what it may be. For others of you especially if it’s something that has come up again and again and again, I invite you to look at what that is. I invite you to allow the white light of your divinity to shine upon the situation. As you do so, what is it within you that has kept you from letting it go once and for all? ~whew~ Let it go!

Okay, okay. One of the things that I’ve heard from you in this now moment; okay I heard two things kind of simultaneously. If I let this go if I give up if I change my path then there is something that will be lost never to return; I heard that from multiple people. The other thing I heard was that you feel guilty if you let it go you don’t deserve to be without this burden of pain and sorrow.

In both these situations and in every situation, I invite you to take a moment, that you just open up your consciousness and breathe in love. As you breathe in love, you open to the light. 

Whenever I hear words like deserving, guilt, shame for the actions that you took; I invite you to open to forgiveness.  In this space, forgiveness is not about anybody else but you.  It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or feels or how they behave forgiveness is for you to choose and it is a vibration for you to embrace as it moves through you. What is forgiveness?  It is the letting go of an energy that is holding you back. It is an acknowledgment of an action that you took or was placed upon you. It is about your life that you are living and therefore your ego or your personality as it is creating this life for you.

It is about the choices that you have made and of course, there are many other energies, emotions, beliefs that also come into forgiveness.  I invite you to simply open your energy to the frequency of forgiveness allowing that to filter through you. You need not direct it you need not try to control it or show yourself what it is, but simply be the frequency of forgiveness.

What I see before me as I look at you is that so many of you have become very light and transparent as you allow the frequency, I’m sorry the frequency of forgiveness to come within you people are floating people are filled with energy. You just breathe in and breathe out.

I’m going to send a ball of energy through the All That Is with the intention that it simply clear out everything that has been here. I ask you to once more open up your awareness and look at your life. So many of you now are noticing potentials that may have been there all along but you did not notice because you were stuck in another place. 

You allow any of these opportunities to come into your consciousness at this time. It need not be something outside of you, it is something that comes within you.

Look around. Chances are there are multiple potentials of which you have never considered for yourself.  In your dreams what would just make you so happy? Send that wave out from you and then bring it back within your heart.  What is something else that would just make you excited about your life? You send it out from you and then you bring it back in.

Be these experiences. They are not something that is an illusion out there, let them manifest within you.

As we shift gears, I am opening up this space so that you may see the earth and the rest of your galaxy. As those planets and stars all lineup the universe itself is transforming.  So, you may look at your planet, at the galaxy, and at the universe. There are many species that live and thrive throughout this space.  Some you will come to know; others are just there. 

As we come upon the equinox, let us look at the earth plane.  See the relationship to the sun, the moon, the stars, your planet, and the galaxy.  There is a balance that is created and as these planets and stars move around one another they line up with a particular energy.  Half of your planet is ready to harvest what you have been growing for the last six months, the other half of the planet is ready to plant the seeds of what you would like for the next six months.

As you come out of your winter you let go, you let go the energies of hibernation, you open up to wherever it may be that you would like to plant your seeds.  Look back over the last six months.  What has happened within your life?  Especially look at it now through the eyes of transformation from forgiveness and the expanding consciousness of your soul. 

As you are here within these energies of the equinox, have a clear intention that you wish to create balance within your life. Perhaps you need to have more recreation, play relaxation, within your life. Perhaps you need to have more of a focus where you can place your intention; maybe grow a business, find a job, find something new, but let there be balance in all that you do.

As you are looking at the earth and the solar system, I invite you to perceive the flow of energy as it is moving towards the planet.  You may have your own perception of what you see, but what I see is that it’s literally as if it’s rain or something with a movement in it, it is literally coming into the planet at this time from your various planets within your galaxy. And as these energies are coming in it is clearing out what is no longer needed. It is helping to create a much greater balance upon the earth it illuminates everything that is upon the earth. It illuminates humanity, it illuminates those people and actions that have been holding others back. And as it illuminates them, they may be cleared out and released.

So too, as you look at this you may see aspects of your own life that as they are illuminated you clear them up and bring them out.  Again, that pulsation as the energies are moving into the earth, they are now enhanced becoming more consistent. It’s almost like a rhythm and this rhythm is in harmony with Gaia.

As if you send your own focus to be within that flow, have a sense of standing and feeling that flow of energy and love and light as it comes from the central sun, from the soul of the universe that contains all of you. It comes from the higher frequency that is coming into the earth at a very consistent and stronger and stronger manner. It all comes in and you can feel it as it moves through you.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

You have an amazing ability. You have the potential to tap into all these energies at any point if you so choose. You are deeply aligned with your soul and as these energies illuminate all of that, you receive the higher light frequency.  You have all worked very diligently on your own ascension process and in doing so it is raising the vibration of all. It will be amplified in the days to come, it will be powerful on the 22nd (September 22, 2021, the Fall/ Spring Equinox).  You have the ability to truly amplify anything and everything that you seek to manifest. I would invite you to do it from a wide open heart that allows as much light and love frequency as is possible.

Breathe in and breathe out.

We shift the focus once more disconnecting from that flow. I then invite you to come back together as a group as you do so you create a circle.  Each one of you shines forth the light of who you are. Coming up within that circle is the hologram of the earth. As you open to feel that flow and that light.  You recognize that the hologram is also reflecting back to you how much it too has changed. The hologram comes from the energy and the frequency of the earth, therefore, as Gaia has changed, the hologram has changed. Feel it as it is all coming up within you.

You release that hologram, actually, you were already in the flow of what you received from the hologram and sending it back in sending into it your intention and everything you did within the All That Is. Most of you do this intrinsically, and so you release the hologram. There’s that stream that goes out within the universe, and the remainder goes down into the earth.

As this hologram moves through the earth it moves through the magnetic grid, the magnetic energy that surrounds the earth, it fills it up with light-enhancing, illuminating all. And that core essence of it goes straight down through the earth itself and into the core center of the earth.  Within that space, it expands anchoring within the crystals, the magnetics, the energy of the earth itself, of Gaia as her soul.

It moves upward through all the many layers of the earth. It comes up and impacts the collective consciousness once again burning away those low frequencies, clearing out what no longer serves humanity.  In place of that, it infuses brilliant white light and love. Your own energy comes up within you through that anchor that you placed earlier. You receive the flow of love and light that came directly through the hologram and into you.

You also bring back that stream of your consciousness from the All That Is. It moves through your soul plane, it comes down through your higher self, and you bring it back within you in your physical existence.

I would like for you all to truly anchor yourselves in this moment and then as you’re looking at the collective consciousness and that frequency, just as you did for your own energies, send that clear intention that this equinox will burn out the old energies and create greater balance throughout the entire world.

Listen to the pulsation of the earth.  Feel it as it anchors deeply, deeply within you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

No matter when you may listen to or watch this meditation, you can always bring yourself back into this now moment. You can always step into the flow of the energies of the equinox as it comes into the earth and as it’s reflected out through the galaxy and your universe.

Pay attention to what brings joy into your life.  Pay attention to allowing more and more of your divinity to be a part of you so that you may look at the world through the eyes of greater potential, greater happiness, whatsoever that may be that you are seeking to have.

Beloved, you have each been here through this amazing transformation upon the earth. Be the light!  Reflect light into all that you do and embrace love.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.


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