As I was creating a title for this channel, I almost used Ascension is Now Complete!  As we had this journey tonight, it felt as if it was. I could see how many thousands of years went into this and I keep hearing, complete, complete, complete.  So the question arises I’m sure for some, ‘What does that mean’.  

I remember back in 2008, I believe it was July, there was a meditation where the Goddess said you have ascended to the 5th dimension.  I remember thinking huh, I didn’t think it was time, nor do things feel very different.  That said, there was absolutely a shift.  Now, that was also the year of the huge financial recession, which I believe was most likely things happening in the background.  Then in 2012 with the end of the Mayan Calendar, I knew we had ascended.  For me, it was huh, again?  

Which leads me back to this channel!! The Ascension process is ongoing and fluid, indeed, sometimes more fluid than others.  During this Equinox taking place on September 23, 2023, it will be the shutting down of the 3rd dimension and the stabilizing of the higher.  This is HUGE, it is MASSIVE.  For me in my perceptions when I look at the energy it all totally resonates.  Will this be something that the average person will understand?  Perhaps not.  However, it is the final step to move into the higher frequency.  There will be some who can discern a difference immediately and others at a later date. There is no absolute way for this to happen, I just encourage you to be open to the transition.

Now is the time to focus on love and we DO want to have in our lives.  It all will manifest in a new and powerful way. 

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