We are in a time of amazing transformation!  We are constantly having impulses of light and information coming into our world. This is what is assisting our world with ascension.  The collective consciousness is clearing out. The Matrix is expanding and filling with light.  In addition, each person is a beacon of light that is moving through their lives. 

During the channel, the Goddess of Creation tapped into the powerful energies of the fall/ spring equinox so that they could amplify all that is happening. We have the two Equinoxes and the two Solstices.  This gives us four times a year when the energies are particularly amplified because of the way that the planet aligns with the universe.  During this time of ascension, this light expands even further so as to reach deeply into the old, stuck energy and create a transformation.

During the channel, the Goddess took us back to the year 2000.  We could feel what was happening and the energy felt.  She then took us forward in time into 2040.  From this, through the balance of the equinox, we were able to shift our own vibration so as to amplify our current energy and assist with bringing in more of 5th-dimensional energy. This is a time when you can allow the equinox to assist you with clearing the past and opening to greater flow. 

Due to the past week, I did not have a Q&A session for this conference.  



Nama sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out sending you love light and energy of everything that is here and present within and around you at this time. You are there, you are the people upon the earth that are a part of everything that is going on with the transformation and energy.

I know that many of you feel as if you’re just following the waves just, going along with whatever may be happening not only in your own life but in society around you. I also know that there are many others of you who are working very diligently to learn that which has been hidden from society. Indeed this time of the Golden age upon the earth is about a vibration, is about a frequency and it’s about clarity of understanding what may be going on.

I invite you to just take a breath in and as if you are looking around within your own life ask to know, what is in my daily life while I am still here grounded upon the earth that is important for me to understand? One of the gifts about high vibrational energy is that your own intuition will continue to expand more and more and more. Your expanded intuition will come to you in many different ways.

The first way in which it will manifest for you is exactly as I just spoke about. You ask yourself, most likely taking in a deep breathe because that lets your focus go within, what do I need to know in this now moment? And boom the answer will be there. The important step too to that is that you then accept the answer for whatever it may be. So often humanity will have a tendency to hear the feedback and then ask questions about it and then analyze it; sometimes even talk themselves out of whatever that may be.

The expanded intuition is a byproduct of the expanded vibration or the rise in the vibration. You will become very practiced with taking in a deep breath, what do I need to know and having the answer there in front of you.

I would say to you whatever just came into your mind take that with you as we expand and shift our vibration into the higher energies. First take a deep breath in so that you breathe following that breath of energy of light into your heart center creating a ball of light and then you send that light down through your energy bodies until you find yourself aligning with Gaia. It is as if that cord of light goes down into the earth and then you spread out.

As your energy spreads out you are anchoring yourself and you are also opening up to receive the vibration and the communication from the earth itself.

You then let that flow of light come back up within you into your heart center and you send it upward through your upper energy bodies and out through the top of your head.  It moves from the top of your head into the space of your higher self. Feel what that is for you.

If you look around your higher self which is also one of the filters or one of the places from which you will receive your information therefore the more cleared out this space is the greater the clarity and what you feel, see or sense.

You then allow your energy to move even further. It goes from the space of your higher self following that thread of energy that takes you back into soul.

As you feel yourself aligning with your soul you may have a sense of seeing images as if you are human. You may see yourself or see your soul as various colors that flow and weave together. In the center of soul is this brilliant light that takes you back, back into source, back into who you are; as a human, as a nonhuman, as the  All That Is.

I the Goddess walk in and among each one of you. I reach out to embrace you. As I embrace you I embrace you as a human that you are and also as your soul.

I see, I sense, I feel all of who you are and I reflect that back to you as we move into the All That Is.

As you find yourself within this space look around at all that is here. In particular I would like you to consider back over some of the last several gatherings that we have had together. You as the individual here in the All That Is have sent light to clear out the collective consciousness, to help and clear out and heal and elevate the vibration of the matrix; you have sent individual lights, laser light into the earth and into particular situations. All of this was done with the specific intention to assist in clearing out the energies of the earth that were associated with the third dimension and the lower vibration so that there is more space and an easier transition into the higher vibrations.

Take a look around. The All That Is, is also shifting upward into a higher vibration than what it has been. In part this is because of all that you have done, in part it is because of the transformation that is going through this entire universe. It is also due in part to all the many different angels and star beings that are working here very diligently with you as humanity and experiencing this place of creation. Breathe deeply so that you may feel who you are.

I would like for you to have that sense of the timeline in front of you as we have spoken about this many times before.

I would like to go into year 2000. Twenty years ago it brought in a huge transformation. As I recall there were even a number of people that thought your whole computer system would collapse, your electric grid would shut down; however, I ask you to tap into the energy of that time space reality.

It felt heavier than what you have become accustomed to. At that time there was a peeling away of the layers of that heavy dense energy. There was a broad awakening that took place about the consciousness of humanity. Did people run around talking about that? A very small number.

Shift your timeline forward to 2008. I know at that time there were financial disruptions that took place upon the earth. The housing market dropped, your financial status dropped which created fear and it also created a great deal of change for people. It was a transition that opened up a portal where humanity began to live much more consistently in what you might call the fourth dimension and people use that as a steppingstone to the fifth. So as of 2008 the fourth and fifth dimensions of enlightenment, dimensions of love were made available to humanity.

Fast forward to 2012, at that point you were solidly within the fifth dimension. The end of the Mayan calendar as is was known to humanity. It was the beginning of the next phase, be it the Mayan calendar or just the consciousness. You left behind a cycle. You had completed all that needed to be done and you stood there in that solstice in December of 2012 and said, “We have arrived, we are ready, we are here”.

And then there was the confusion of what does it mean, what’s the vibration, what’s going to happen in the world? There was a great deal of turmoil in the world at that time. And the last eight years have been about seeking clarity for all of humanity.

What is clarity? Clarity comes from understanding of what the world has kept hidden from you for a 1000 years, plus or minus. It is about what the world kept hidden from you going back even further than that to the time of Atlantis. It is the dawn of what you might call the Golden age, it is the dawn of light upon the earth and you are here eight years into it in your linear timeframe.

Many people are in fear right now. Many, many, many people are waking up. We are working very diligently with all of humanity that this awakening comes with a sense of security for a better life, the clarity that so much of what created the turmoil, the warfare, the lying, the human trafficking, that all of that becomes clear to the entire world so that everybody will know what is happening around them but also so that people will be very clear not to let it happen anymore.

Several years or longer into this time space reality when the vibration is solidly in the fifth dimension and there is no residual many of these memories will begin to release from humanity. However at this time as this awakening continues many, many people have been programmed into a particular response. Many people go into fear about change which in part could be due to programming.

So we stand here at this moment coming up on the equinox, heading into the fourth quarter of this year in which you live. You are here in a state of balance and I ask you as you’re looking at all that has taken place from a global perspective over the last 20 years to turn and look in the other direction just jumping, okay will do it that way, jumping 5 years out, 2025.

And as you look at that a great deal has moved out, a great deal of the low vibration is totally gone from the earth and while there are still those that are fighting to hold on to the past the vast majority understands what has been and what has taken you to where you are at that moment.

Jump to 2030, at this point you can see teleportation, you can see vehicles that hover above the ground, you can see people communicating telepathically. There is a great deal more transportation that goes from your planet to other planets in your galaxy. There is a great deal more of a global communication.

And we can look further, 2040. The perspective at this point for most may be that it’s just a bright white light.

What I invite for you to do is to bring your focus back into the now moment. You can see that you are moving into a very high light vibration. You can also see that you are moving out of and leaving behind the old energy that is camouflaged, in which lies are believed and in which humanity has been trained not to think for themselves but to simply believe what they are told

The more that we, okay, the more that you bring that bright vibrant light into any situation the greater clarity and balance you will have. So speaking here at the solstice have a sense of tapping into the last 20 years and bring that energy into the now moment. Reach into the future and bring that vibration into the now moment and as you do so there is a neutralization and a balancing out that moves over this four year period of time.

This is what is affecting the entire earth, the entire planet. Now as if you take a step back that balancing energy is continuing to flow. Take a step back and consider your own life.

Is there anything from your past that you are struggling to release? It can be longer than 20 years, it can be shorter, whatever timeframe it is, it’s what is important to you. And allow that to come into this now moment and we will then reach into the future, speaking of the vibration of the earth plane, because that is where you are living and let all that flow of energy coming into the now moment and as it does so it will begin to change the vibration of your body.

It will change the vibration of your emotions and your thoughts and your believes; as that happens you can see it letting go of the past. Your past has created where you are right now. The struggles you’ve had have made you into the person that you are, the joy and the abundance whatever it is within your life has created who you are which is a magnificent thing. However if there are things from your past that are holding you back, holding you down this is what you transform.

I would say to you as you look towards the future simply put forth what you are in the alignment and the vibration of that which truly supports you in every way, that truly helps you to move forward in your life. You can see how you can change the vibration of your own energy by coming into this space and intentionally bringing yourself into the balance.

I invite you to then, we are going to clear out some of the things around you and as we are looking at the earth and your universe, there are certain planets that lineup so as to amplify a vibration, they are already there; it may not be 100% at peak but it is already there and in the flow and in the movement. And so as we tap into the actual equinox, be it fall or spring, allow your own vibration to step within that space holding out your arms that you receive the balance of the past, the future, present, in the now moment.

And as you do so your body will change, the vibration within yourself will change, the vibration in your emotions will create a clarity that will help you to find joy, happiness, abundance to feel things deeply with all that is to be human. This will also help you to clear out your thought and your belief that may be stock in the old energy.

You breathe out.

I invite you to let that vibration of the equinox amplify and create clarity in all aspects of who you are and if there is anything that has been on your mind, stuck within your life or in which you are seeking clarity put it out as if you bring it up from within you; you put it out and allow that line of energy that comes from the universe to go straight through whatever that may be.

Let it breakup old energy, let it create a new balance; let it give you the clarity that you seek.

Take a deep breathe in and as you breathe out look at all those energies coming from the universe into the earth. This transformation could not take place if not for all of you.

This transformation is about the ascension of your planet, your galaxy, your universe, which in turn will reflect with the omniverse.

Breathe deeply.

Some of you are in different places within the universe; you may stay or do whatever it is that you need at this time. For the remainder I invite you to have a sense of coming back as a group and as this group creates a circle coming up within the circle of the hologram of the earth. This hologram of the earth once it aligns with the earth finds its alignment with the matrix so that it can illuminate all that is within the matrix and create this greater balance.

As this hologram is here in front of you there is already a beam of light that is moving into it. Each one of you as you are here within this space, you send that light and energy of your own balanced higher and lighter vibration into the hologram. What happened is that the more that is available for those people who might be on the fence or who might not understand what ascension is, the more that actual humans have sent that vibration into the hologram and into the earth the more it is available for everybody.

You let go of that connection to the hologram, there is a part that goes out to the universe and the remainder drops down and you can see it as it goes down from the All That Is and it connects with the energy of the earth.

As it aligns within this energy you can see how the actual matrix around the earth becomes illuminated. It becomes bright, it is filled with light. That hologram continues down moving deeper and deeper through the collective consciousness that goes all the way down into the earth. And as this moves into the earth, it anchors within the center.

I wish for everybody to take a moment and focus on all that high balanced light vibration; is moving through the earth, may clear out everything that is stuck within the earth, may illuminate any lower vibration that may be stuck within the earth or maybe it’s not even stuck it is just there.

This light we send it out within the earth that it may illuminate anything and everything that has a lower frequency. It continues to come up through the surface. It comes up within each one of you. Your own vibration, your own clarity, your own balance comes up within you.

It also comes up through the entire earth surface sending out that vibration and to everyone that is living upon the earth, upon the surface; and then each one of you can bring back your own energy. You sent up a conscious intention, it has worked through the   the All That Is, it came back through the hologram and up from within the earth from within your own anchor. So now you bring the rest of your energy back that you may be fully present and balanced and anchored within yourself.

As this happens I invite you to be aware; be aware in the days and weeks to come up of how much you are opening to higher lighter vibrations. Become aware of what you choose to have within your life. As you make this choice honor yourself, respect yourself that you will know moving forward that not only will there be greater clarity for you, there will also be a dramatic change that is going to take place within your own physical body.

Consider everything we just did in the All That Is looking backwards and forwards in the time space perspective of the earth and then consider how you bring that through the matrix, through the hologram anchoring it within the earth and into you.

Allow your own physical body to lift as you infuse into every cell within your body the infused light of the higher vibration and if you can sit here quietly for a moment allowing your eyes to rest feel it as it moves from cell to cell to cell to cell. Feel it as it moves into your emotions, feel it as it goes into your believes systems. Be who you are. Breathe in and breathe out.

Beloved, feel the vibration and the presence of who you are. You are manifesting God source more and more and more into you the human. The higher your frequency the more you can maintain. Be the expression of yourself from the highest light vibration that is possible.

Know that I am always with you and within you.