An interesting thing happened during this channel.  The Goddess spoke at the beginning about community and how important we are to one another.  I believe that life can be a challenge for people especially if they feel isolated and alone.  

This channel was about being very, very aware of where your thoughts, your focus, and what influences you are coming from. How often during the day do you get caught up in life and then find your energy drained and your focus pulled away?  For most, this happens quite often.  

Now is a time to refocus and pay attention to where your energy is spent. She reminded us that the higher frequency is here and it is the primary influence. When we are reminded of this, it is easier to let go of the things that are out of sync in our lives.

THEN the Goddess brought in the Central Sun. It was only after the channel that I realized this came 2 days before the Summer/ Winter Solstice.  It was very powerful energy for clearing out and anchoring your intention.  It also cleared out our energy fields and infused us with the frequency of the central sun. 

This is a powerful way for you to enjoy the energy and open to greater expansion. 

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