An interesting thing happened during this channel.  The Goddess spoke at the beginning about community and how important we are to one another.  I believe that life can be a challenge for people especially if they feel isolated and alone.

This channel was about being very, very aware of where your thoughts, your focus, and what influences you are coming from. How often during the day do you get caught up in life and then find your energy drained and your focus pulled away?  For most, this happens quite often.

Now is a time to refocus and pay attention to where your energy is spent. She reminded us that the higher frequency is here and it is the primary influence. When we are reminded of this, it is easier to let go of the things that are out of sync in our lives.

THEN the Goddess brought in the Central Sun. It was only after the channel that I realized this came 2 days before the Summer/ Winter Solstice.  It was very powerful energy for clearing out and anchoring your intention.  It also cleared out our energy fields and infused us with the frequency of the central sun.

This is a powerful way for you to enjoy the energy and open to greater expansion.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya          I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family!  I reach out to each one of you, I flow my love and my light into you in this now moment. May you be open to receive.  May you be in the flow of this light so that all taking place within you is that which fully supports you the human with your alignment to you as your soul.

As you breathe in have a clear intention of looking around, look at where you are in this now moment.  Look at whatever may be within your life, look and consider where you are, what is happening, what your intention is, and all that is taking place.

I invite you to create a ball of energy or a ball of light. You feel it within your heart center and it gets bigger and bigger as you breathe your consciousness and your flow within.  As you do this allow your heart to expand so that it may send more love and more light throughout you. 

You send it down to your lower energy bodies. It moves all the way down into the earth and as it does so, you feel as if it spreads out in every direction.  Feel the vibration and the frequency of Gaia. As it moves into you it moves up and down through your energy bodies.  Feel how this alignment with Gaia allows you to become grounded in this now moment.  The greater your alignment with grounding the more expanded your consciousness can become.

You then send that flow of energy back up it swirls through your heart center and then it goes up through your upper energy bodies and out through the top of your head. You immediately find your alignment with your higher self. Within the space of your higher self, you may have multiple projects that you are working on.  Howsoever it comes across to you, let go of anything that no longer serves you so that you can send more energy and consciousness into that which more fully supports you.

You then allow your consciousness to go even further you send that stream of energy and light so that it may go all the way up connecting with your divinity.  Look around at this space which is your soul essence.  Perhaps you see some of the other life experiences that you have.  Perhaps you see more fully that which is your soul, which is your God Source, that which is the brilliant light and love that is you.

By allowing your consciousness to merge more fully with this aspect that is your soul you are giving yourself an opportunity to experience infinite love infinite compassion infinite acceptance for all of who you are.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you, I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.  As our energies blend with one another we shift into the All That Is. Look around at this space.  This is a place of creation that you have manifested in fact, as a group, we have created this place of consciousness our clear intention is that we align with that which is of the highest light potential.

I wish for you to take a moment at this time to consider how do you manifest within your life?  Do you manifest through joy? Do you manifest through struggle, frustration, and then finally it happens?  Do you manifest by setting out a desire or an intention? And then not really trusting but hoping that it will happen.

Become aware, you can pay attention in your everyday life, however at this moment ask to be shown when things are working for you when you’re happy, relaxed, excited; what are some of the things around you?  Is it challenging to look at your life and how you manifest?

As I’m looking at each one of you, there’s always a wide range of emotions of thoughts and of beliefs. So perhaps a better way is to ask yourself; at this now moment in my life, whether it’s the night this is recorded or another night down the road, what is most on your heart at this time?  Because chances are whatever that is, is influencing and creating experiences that may support you or may not.

One of the things that I’m interpreting from what you’re sharing is that many of you feel as if you’re not seen. The perspective I get is that you may have many friends, family, loved ones, spouse, co-workers, and you may be constantly with many different people; but they don’t always see you, where you are and what you think.  There are many people out within the world that are in that same place and it doesn’t bother them and perhaps you are some of those people. The reason that this is coming up to me at this now moment is that as I’m looking at each one of you there is a sense of a greater expansion between you and the other people in your life.

When I look at the world, I see that there is a much greater amount of the high, light frequencies that are available to people and are integrating into everybody’s life, even though there are still many, many that have no clue that, that is going on.  So for each one of you that are aware of this, that are concerned, I’m going to ask you to work with me as a group and see if there’s not a way that we can help to uplift those that are just dangling, if you want to call it that. So that through your conscious awareness, you can find that there is a greater alignment and a greater communication between you and those people that are around you.

So in the All That Is, as you consider your life, the people that you know first and foremost send out a wave of love that comes from your heart to theirs. 

And as it does so through that wave of love and energy, have a clear intention that there is a new beginning within each one of these relationships.  This will be a beginning where you can truly be your authentic self, you can express your thoughts and your beliefs. You can be as intense as you may be and as you speak about the higher frequencies, its effect upon your life, and the many ways that it is creating change in the world, have a clear intention that others will understand.

I’m going to send this wave of energy that each of you are creating. I’m going to send it down into humanity.  I know that we have spoken of this before the fact that it is already established that the higher frequency is what will be upon the earth.  There will be some that transition off the earth because they for whatever reason do not ascend enough to be able to live upon the earth.  However, there is so much light energy and it is available to all.

Consider the fact that this abundance of the higher frequency is available to you not only when you are here in this place where you consciously expand and open up to this light, but it’s there as you’re moving through your days. You don’t have to stop and think about it, you don’t have to ask about it, you need only understand and trust that it is there, it is happening, and so are you.

How much of the frustration in your life comes from you trying to straddle both energies? You’re trying to be in the lower frequency so that you can get along with everyone, but you know that you feel better when you’re in the higher frequencies where there is greater light and flow.  So let go the lower, take a deep breath in, let go that lower frequency.  Choose to live your life with the illumination of this frequency.

There you go!  You see the world differently. Yes, there is a great deal of change taking place. Yes, there will continue to be changes to just about every single aspect of life.  Stand in the space of who you are as this person and as your soul essence.  Here within the All That Is, open up as if you are opening up your heart, as if you are opening up your consciousness, and allow the central sun, that central consciousness of the universe, to just pulsate within you.

As you feel every pulsation as if it’s every heartbeat that comes into you, allow it to create the changes that you desire to have in your life. As it is creating these changes be open to anything that may come your way.  I could hear some of you saying ‘oh yeah more of the negative’ so then you just ignore that.  You may acknowledge it because if you just ignore it without acknowledging then it may circle back around. So, acknowledge whatever that frustration may be and then let it go.

You have a choice.  You are not controlled by something outside of you, you choose every minute of the day if you want to focus on the negative or if you want to focus on the positive.  The more that you let go the lower frequencies the more that you will be able to live the higher potential.  I could feel a beautiful breeze of energy go through everyone. Can you feel how your vibration and frequency is stepping up? It adjusts naturally as it feels the higher frequency that’s coming into you and into everyone within this space. 

Be open.  Feel the essence.  Understand what this energy is that is coming into you and more so understand that it is you.  You too are a part of these light frequencies.  Not you the disconnected part that’s up in your soul somewhere, you the person listening and experiencing this right now. It is here, it is you.

Choose to experience life through opportunities that are uplifting to you.  Choose to look at the people around you and see the greater potentials rather than the negative.  Choose to let go of those relationships that consistently pull you down.  Choose to honor and respect yourself as this becomes your reality.  Indeed, accept that you truly are an amazing individual. You are worthy of all of this.  You are the truth of all of this. And that is how you express outwardly as you live your life. It comes from that space within you, that space that is your soul, that is your core that is uniquely you and nobody else.

Breathe in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you do so honor one another through this experience. Support one another through this experience.  Understand that you are not alone, that you are in this at this now moment. So, take a deep breath in and breathe out.

You see coming up within you the hologram of the earth.  Notice how the earth is transforming because it is filled with the light frequencies. I invite you to have a clear intention of clearing out those lower frequencies that may be hanging around. As you do so, you send all of that love and that light into this hologram. You may sense or feel that pulsation of the heartbeat of the central sun as it is moving through you and into the hologram.

You let that aspect go out within the universe it is aligning with the planets and the light beings that are working in alignment with each one of you and the earth plane.  The remainder of that hologram is released. It goes down and as it comes within that crystalline grid, that magnetic grid, whatever you want to call it but that space and it enters into the earth plane it’s clearing out negativity, it’s clearing out the lower vibrations, it is clearing out everything that no longer serves the higher light frequencies of humanity.

And as it does so it just continues to flow down it goes into the center of the earth. It anchors within the core and then it reverses coming back up.  Your own attunement and alignment comes up through where you anchored in Gaia.  The remainder comes up through the rest of the earth it is going within all of those people that are open to receive. And for those that remain less aware, it is still in their environment and it is still moving around.

You then allow the remainder of your own consciousness to come back down.  You move from the All That Is into your soul it moves from the soul streaming down through your higher self.  Take a moment and look with this brilliant golden light that you are bringing back into you.  Let it shine upon your potentials you bring it back down within you so that once again within your heart center you’re bringing down the energies of the universe, you’re bringing up the energies of Gaia and it is all blending within you.

Feel the peace, the balance, the love that is here for you.  Take a deep breath in and breathe out

Particularly at this time, meaning the solstice that is coming in (referring to June 21, 2022) the transitions of energies that are taking place. Be aware of where your thoughts are be aware of how you look at the world and your life. Be open to receive. You truly are amazing! you truly do have gifts that are available to you and that you are a gift to the people around you!  Allow for that to manifest in as many ways as possible within you.

Beloved know that you are never alone.