Any time the Ancient Ones come to talk with us there is an amazing, powerful energy and download that everyone receives. The Ancient Ones are three beings who have been a part of the Earth’s evolution from the beginning of time.  I always see them as three men who have long white beards and they are wearing robes, somewhat as Merlin is pictured.  Melchizedek and Metatron came from two of these people, however, the Ancient Ones are their own unique selves.  They gave everyone a download of energy that will help you with your life in finding a balance in time.  When they enter the room it is as if time stands still and glorious presence surrounds you. 

They spoke with us about time as a spiral.  I always see it as small on the bottom getting larger as it rises with the past in the small part and the future in a huge open spiral.  During this channel, I saw time pictured as sideways, at an angle and every variation in between.  He spoke in global terms of Lemuria in the past with the future showing us what it needs.  The Ancient One who was speaking then compressed time to show how all is happening at the same time.  

As the Goddess spoke after our downloads, she talked about using time movement as a means of letting go of things that no longer serve. However, she phrased it as ‘how is this continuing to serve you’?  So many people have unconscious agendas or are stuck in a rut without moving forward and this can help that to shift. 

Nama Sika, Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.   I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to you whether you are conscious of me or unconscious.  I am still reaching out with the clear intention that I support you in everything that is happening within your life.

I was listening to the conversation before this channel where people spoke of the intensity of the energy; feeling a lot of weariness and being tired; feeling aches and pains within their body.   All of these are signs of the transformation that is taking place.  This transformation is a deepening of the crystalline energies into the Earth Plane, and the way in which that is interpreted by each one of you is that you are shifting into a higher vibration so that as you living your life you are living in the fifth dimension.

I know I am frequently speaking about dimensions, levels of consciousness, potentials, and all of those aspects you could say are just variances of reflections of energy.  The energy of the Third Dimension is much lower, with very little movement and with duality.  The energy of the Fourth Dimension is like a bridge where it begins to integrate the density of the Third shifting it so you move towards the Fifth.  Again, a different type of energy.

When you are living your life, and you think to yourself that you are dropping down into the Third Dimension, the reality is that you are most likely dropping down to the Fourth Dimension.   This is because with the average vibration that is moving throughout your world at this time being the Fifth Dimension, then the true solid Third Dimensional reality is quite, quite, different than what your reality is.

So therefore, I would invite you to begin to think about the times you get bogged down, or the times and which you’ll feel like you’re being pulled back, and not to be considering it as being back in the Third Dimension, but more so the Forth.  So that is retraining your brain to a new understanding that the energies are not as dense as a Third Dimension.  However, there is still that blend of Duality.  Again, energy is energy.

When I spoke the last time, I spoke about your head and potential that was also a reflection of the energy; the energy that is around you that you are not paying attention too; the energy of moving in a new direction when you think it’s a direction that you are unable to go.  My intention for you is that whenever you feel tired, achy, sore, confused, exhausted, out of whack, emotional, angry, whatever it may be, that that becomes a trigger for you to say, “Oh I need to take some time for myself.”  Now that time for yourself maybe a few minutes, it may be hours, or days, or weeks.

My intention for each one of you is that you have a greater understanding of who you are.  Through the understanding of who you are you accept yourself.  You accept that sometimes you’re going to be cranky.  You accept that sometimes you can be right on the money and everything falls into place.  You accept that some of the decisions you make were not in your best interest, but they were at the time that you made them.  You accept that no matter what your pathway has been it is what it is and that is what changes everything.

We’ve talked many times about acceptance.  In particular when we spoke of the vibration of acceptance that allowed you to feel beneath any definition of what acceptance is or is not.  You could therefore move into the intrinsic vibration meaning of acceptance.  Again, all of this is energy and all of it your perception of energy.

Take in a deep breath where you breathe down into the Earth.  Allow yourself to feel your alignment with Gaia.  As you feel it, it is as if your energy is moving out in different directions anchoring you.  Anchoring you into the Earth and anchoring you back within your body.  From there you send your focus and your energy up through your body.  It moves through your energy body and it moves up through the top of your head.  As you feel the focus in your alignment with your Higher Self you begin to find your energy expanding.  It can be expanding in different directions.

Take a moment to look around.  What are some other projects that you have going on here in your Higher Self?   This is a good time to clear it all out, ~whew~.  I had the sense of seeing like sparkling new potentials just awaiting in your awareness so that they may begin to work for you.

You continue to send your energy and your consciousness further up until you have that intention that you link with your Soul or your I AM presence in the Soul Plane.  Again, it’s a vibration; it’s an energy.  This is where you are as the person who is more than just this lifetime.  As you feel your energies aligning you most likely feel your vibration and your consciousness expanding even further.

As your consciousness merges with your Divinity have a clear intention that everything that is supportive of you and assisting you in this now moment comes into your awareness.  As you feel that unconditional love and acceptance that comes from Source that is you as your Source, that is you in all of this expansion; allow it to move through your consciousness in a deeper and deeper manner.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here.  I reach out to embrace you within this space which allows us to move into the All That Is.  As you feel your consciousness expand even further you arrive within this space of your creation.  You arrive in the space of which you have access to so many opportunities.  Feel what this is to you.

Our times in which we come together have been so completely varied over the years.  There have been times and which you work with the moon or the central sun.  There have been times which we go deeply, deeply, deeply within each one of you.  There are times we work with the Akashic Records.  There are the times we work with the Omniverse.  Whenever we gather together that is all that is needed.  We gather in support of one another.  We gather to assist with the changes that are taking place both within the Universe and the Earth.  We have done so through each person’s personal growth.  All of these are just pieces of the puzzle that are creating the whole.

There is a wave of energy that is moving through the All That Is.  There is that feeling of the Great White Brotherhood as they come into the space.  You feel the Ancient Ones as they come into this space.  Your own Angels and Guides are here.  The reason that all are gathered within this space is to speak of time, time in a non-linear fashion.  It feels as if the Ancient Ones come forward to speak for the Brotherhood, for those that representative of other planets, and they want to come and speak with you this evening.

The Ancient Ones Speak:

Greetings! This channeler has referred to us as the Ancient Ones, because we are.  We represent Melchezidek, Metatron, and there’s an energy here that represents the Universe.  The three of us have spent the majority of our livelihood as the go between, between various planets within the Universe and your planet of Earth. 

The reason that we wanted to come and speak with you at this time now is because the Earth as it is part of the Universe is going through a transformation that is almost complete.  There are so many different layers to this so therefore there are many layers that are already complete, but that which I speak about is more so about the vibration of past, present, and future. 

You have each spoken in the past about your past lives.  You understand that you live time and again upon the Earth and sometimes out within the Universe.  You understand that your focus is in the now moment in which you are living.  In this lifetime it’s a combination of every other lifetime; that is in some ways the preparation for the future.  However, the consciousness of the individuals that are here with me right now is the consciousness of this lifetime, and then there is that which is the future.  The future may be next week, next year, a1000 years, 2000 years, into infinity, and what we are creating for you is that you will allow your consciousness; be it in something that you feel, see, sense, however you receive this information. 

We invite you to take this moment and take in the spiral that is created in front of you.  I did this spiral in a vertical manner.  However, some people perceive it at an angle or horizontal; there is no right or wrong. This is one of the ways in which time space reality is represented. 

If you were to consider the bottom of the spiral as your past, the center as the now, the future in the top, it gives you that linear perspective to understand time as you know it.  However, time is nonlinear.  If you were to take all of it and compress it into a way in which the energies of the various lifetimes come together, and if you bring it into this now moment you have an opportunity to live the past, the present and the future all in this now moment. 

Many of you have been receiving messages or you have been hearing about those who come from the stars or other planets.  Many of those energies that are here upon the Earth working with you are actually aspects of you living in future lives coming back to tell you the person you are right now what is needed to get to where you going as a planet.

Consider the ways in which you go back to say the time of Jesus 2000 years ago in the past, and the ways in which you have shifted the energy around that so many times.  Consider going back to Atlantis.  This time in which you live right now is going to be equal, or more, or greater when it becomes the history than Atlantis.  There is a lot of emotion that comes up with that and this is the reason why so many of you are here upon the Earth.  This is why as these veils have been peeled away, as each one of you is finding your truth, you are clearing out your past. 

You are preparing for the future and in some ways, you are clearing up the now through your future existence.  It is energy.  These are potentials.  The more you try on the Fifth Dimensional vibration the more flexible and fluid your life will be.  Some of you are solidly within the Fifth Dimension.  Others of you spend a portion of your day there and then float back into that which was more comfortable for you. 

I ask everyone to take our hands and allow us to lift you up, so that in this time space reality that we just compressed, that you may be whatever is your highest and best vibration.  ~whew~  Feel how you have the ability to move with greater ease.  When I cleared out the energies it cleared out for each one of you those old belief systems, those old emotions, those old energies. 

We are referred to as the Ancient Ones because we have been there since the beginning.  We walked upon the Earth with you during the Lemuria, Avalon, Atlantis, the Mesopotamian years.  We could look throughout the entire globe and there were so many different times of experiences for humanity, and we were there.  We are here with you now and we are there in the future as everything swirls amongst itself in this now moment.

Expand your consciousness.  Expand your awareness.  If it doesn’t make sense to you then let it go.  Release it so that you may be open for an understanding to just filter through whenever the time is right.

I thank you. We wanted to be here and we represent all of humanity; we represent the Great White Brotherhood; we represent the Angels and the Star Beings; we represent your Earth; we represent the Galaxy, the Universe and the other Universes. 

So much information is coming through at this time it will seem as if every day there is something new.  Much of this information has been around for a very long time and it is just now that it is coming to the surface.  We wish to speak with you because we are here to help to activate within you your potential to move energetically through time space reality so that past, present, future may all exist in this now moment.  We are here for you. 


The Goddess of Creation Returns:

It is I the Goddess.  My friends have been working with each one of you to give you downloads to help in your life so that when you ask those questions:

  • Was there a solar flare?
  • Was there a download of energy?
  • Was there something that happened that caused this experience?

Whatever those questions are you will have your answers.  And even if you don’t have a specific answer then you’ll just know intuitively that this is the experience of the energy and it is influencing you today giving you an opportunity to choose to accept, or to choose to let go.  In everything you have the free will to make your choices.

Energy work as becoming so much more prevalent upon the Earth.  As we’ve been speaking everyone understands that energy work is about creating the balance within your body so that your body is able to express itself and live to its highest potential.  Energy work is about shifting the emotions within your body.  You can stretch the times you are happy and excited about life.  You can clear out depression, anger or any emotion that keeps you from feeling joy.  You can work with your thoughts, your belief system, so that you’re clearing out anything at all that no longer serves.

I know, but I said that countless times.  So, let’s take a moment and I ask you as you consider time space reality compressed into this now moment what is this something within your life that has been very much part of your life and you would like to change?  As you consider what that is and that it is still hanging on how was that serving you?  Is it creating an illusion that you are either helping someone else or someone is helping you when the reality is that nothing is happening and you are stagnant in that moment?  Look at whatever that situation is in your life and then as you look at that time space reality, not necessarily looking at thousands of years, but at days, or weeks, or 2 years.  ~whew~ clear it out.  ~whew~

It no longer serves me to feel I am not good enough, or I am not strong enough, or I can’t do something.  It no longer serves me to be in a particular relationship that is pulling me down or holding me back.  I can in this now moment stretch my energy, move into a new potential, move through that time space continuum until I find what vibrates in a way that truly supports me.  ~whew~ let go. Let go the past.  Let go of the energy.  Accept only that which is you.  Understand in this massive change that is taking place you have access to more energy than people ever thought possible.  You have access to potentials of which you have been unaware.  Take this moment; feel what it is; receive the love.

I invite everyone to gather together.  When the Ancient Ones were speaking it was as if all of you were on one side and they were in front of you.  As you gather together creating a circle, I invite you to look around.  Within the circle you may see other aspects of yourself.  Within this circle you may see who you are as you step into all of what this is for you.  (This is one way of looking at time; past, present, future.)

As you gather together, I invite each one of you to have a sense of sending into this group that ability to move through time space reality so that you may receive potential.  You may activate those gifts that are within you so that you can make changes, and as all of that goes within this group and the circle, you see coming up within the middle the Hologram.

This time as all of this energy is infused within the Hologram, we invite the Hologram to represent to us that stream from back into ancient times, the future, and in the now.  What I am seeing is as if the Hologram is showing you the Earth and in all it’s many, many, many evolutions.  Some of which you were a part of and some of which you were not.  However, these evolutions are what created these potentials that are always available for you.

You have a sense of letting it go.  Everyone just releases that flow.  Look out into the Universe as that part moves out into the Universe, and you can see the ways in which particles are being cleared, other particles are strengthening and this is what assists with this stronger energy of the crystalline vibration coming into the Earth.

As you see that Hologram going down within the Earth it is clearing out the Collective Consciousness.  It is letting go those old energies that have been stuck and it goes all the way down into the Earth.  It goes into the center of the Earth.  As it anchors within the Earth it begins to come up.  It moves through all the layers of the Earth coming up through the rocks, the water, the trees, the grass.  It comes up within everything that is upon the surface of the Earth.  It comes up within you.

As this is anchoring within you, I invite you to just take a moment feel the essence.  Feel how it is clearing out your past opening you to greater potentials for the future and then bring those potentials into this now moment.  It moves through all of those that are unconscious of what is taking place still giving them that potential.  It moves through the old energy of the Collective Consciousness just clearing out in massive waves anything that no longer serves humanity or the planet.

As you are anchoring your own energies take a moment and go through that cord of light in which you connected to the All That Is and bring the rest of back down.  It moves through your Divinity.  It moves through your Higher Self and it comes down into this now moment and as you just sit quietly consider anything that you might have already just cleared, or that you would like to clear, and take this as an opportunity to just clear out your whole energy body, emotions, thoughts, physicality, everything, ~whew~

So beloved family, as you move through your days I invite you to create a clear intention that you are aware of that time and space continuum that allows for the past, the present, the future to somehow be intermixed together.  Recognize that there is an aspect of you; there is a part of you that has already lived, be it hundreds of years into the future; there are the potentials that you are in the process of creating in this lifetime that are present a week from now, a month from now, a year from now.

You can just tap into the vibration of what that might be so that in any given moment you are able to live in a space of consciousness.  You can shift your energy.  You can open to the flow of the opportunities and you can get out of that rigid vibration of your old experiences.  Let it go.  Allow the Ancient Ones to be here in your everyday life with their energy as they support you.  Be who you are as you live from the heart.

Beloved I see you.  I know you.  I support you in all that you are doing.  You are never alone.