What is Thanksgiving to you?  I know many of the people who follow Goddess Light are from other countries, but I would imagine that most everyone has a day that they consider what makes them grateful.  While I’m not going to focus on how this all came about for the United States, I will say the intention is wonderful.  Consider if you will a time when you really went outside of your comfort zone.  You took that leap of faith to try something new and different.  You didn’t know if you would survive.  You didn’t know if you’d end up going home. You didn’t know if this was even the best thing for you to do.  Then, out of the unexpected, you had a hand extended that would help you out. From that, you then turned to a celebration of this new friendship.

I am thankful for my health, my family, my life, my work, and my many potentials.  I am thankful for all of you and the many ways in which you have impacted my life.  I am thankful that the energy continues to transform on our planet and that unexpected potentials are showering down upon us. I am thankful for the change in seasons (I always prefer fall over summer!) I am thankful for the many ways my angels and light beings support me with messages, energy, love and potential.  I am thankful when I pay attention and listen!! I’m much better but still don’t always listen!

Where do you feel gratitude or thankfulness in your life?  Have you ever considered how your vibration can transform as you change your thoughts and focus? Take a moment to consider your life and look at it through the eyes of gratitude. 

Here’s a game:  What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of your life?  Take that thought and now say “I am grateful…………….” finishing it with whatever you just said.   I invite you to do this for as many things as come up for you. You can take that another step and address the hard things or what is bringing you down and figure out a way to integrate that into gratitude.  Sometimes you just need to be grateful for massive change that comes with challenging times.

This will change your vibration and it will assist you if you are seeking to take that leap of faith or even if you are just living your life.

If you are feeling lonely, alone or separate at this time I’m sending energy through this blog that you may feel and know you can clear the energy, you are not alone and I’m shining this light of love upon you. Take a moment to get quiet, open your heart, open your senses, and you will feel my love and that of the Goddess with my whole group.  We will all flow through you and assists with clearing what you have been unable to clear.  I hear people tell me all the time; I just don’t feel things or see things or hear things. That’s okay; it is STILL working to assist you.  Open to the potential and whether you feel anything or not; know that we are clearing away all that no longer supports you.

So with my love and thanks, I say Happy Thanksgiving and hope that your life is enriched with love and joy.