Every so often we have what is called a super moon.  This is when the moon is closer to our earth, therefore looks bigger than usual.  Sometimes it can be very profound, other times it can be subtle.  This full moon is coming at a time when the last several months have incorporated huge changes.  The integration of the crystalline energies are moving very quickly now.  What this means to the individual is that their physical body is changing.  This in turn affects their mental and emotional bodies so it’s all of you that is moving through this transformation.  

The Goddess took the opportunity of working with the energy of this moon to assist us with re-balancing our bodies.  We always start out the year with many intentions of what we would like to accomplish.  So we therefore tapped into what our intention was at the beginning of the year and where we are now.  We can still clear our old patterns and complete the year in a balanced place.  

Even though you are tapping into this after the actual super moon; it’s there and available for you access. Time space reality is moving quickly.  Open to this change allowing it to support you.