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Soul communication is a technique that you can learn that can create amazing changes in your life. When you reach out to someone with the intention of communicating soul to soul or heart to heart you are moving beyond the limitations of your daily life. This meditation will assist you by working with your higher self to learn how to communicate on that level.   It will also give you the tools needed so that you may create a space where you can return as many times as you choose, with the potential for amazing results.

During the meditation, you invite whomever you would like to join you in the space of your higher self and/or the soul plane where you can actually have a conversation. You may also choose to use this as a means of communicating with your divinity, calling upon the soul essence of a particular person, such as an author, builder, or whoever; that may assist you with a project you are working upon. You may receive the information and see results immediately or it may come to you over the next several days or weeks. You always experience the benefits even if you are not aware of specific results.

Here are some comments from people who have already worked within this space:

Elise, Norway: 1000 thank yous for this soul communication file. I have just listened to it and I think it is great, easy to understand, and very well explained how it works for people and groups. There is so much good energy in this file.

Melanie, Australia: I properly listened to soul communication the other day and it was fantastic – it has actually led to one of the biggest changes in my life so far. It will be easily understandable to all I think and it was about the right length.

Vilma, USA: I love it!! Anybody can follow the process.

Casey, USA: I found that this meditation allowed for a deeper communication than I had previously experienced. I’ve already worked with soul communication but the journey itself assisted in creating a space that is open and clear.

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