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Soul Communication — A New Way to Live

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July 16, 2024 7 pm –9 pm, July 24, 2024, 12 pm — 2 pm


Soul Communication -- A New Way to Live


What would it be like to communicate with others without getting stuck in the drama of your ego?  How would you like to create a stronger bond with your loved ones?  How would you like to understand your soul and its impact on your life?

When people speak of a Spiritual Ascension, they are talking about the changes taking place on Earth and in the Universe.  Some words you may have heard are spiritual awakening, the 5th dimension, your pineal gland, your chakras, or your inner knowing.  All of these are associated with the expansion of your consciousness.

During this Soul Communication class, I will talk about consciousness, reality, vibration, and how this is impacted by the changes taking place in and around you.  I will help you to recognize what is your soul versus your human reality, how they interact, and then how to make the most of where you are right now. As you become aware of the energy around you, you can understand the greater potential and information that streams in from your soul. From there, you can look at the world around you with a new perspective. 

There is a difference between your soul and ego. As you understand the difference, you can create a new interaction that will expand your awareness, your consciousness, and your overall connection within yourself and as a part of the universe.

By the end of this class, you will have a greater ability for discernment and this ever-evolving communication with your soul.   As we live with the changes taking place in our lives, why not learn what is best to support you and create greater balance in your life? 

I have 2 classes set up, both will take place on Zoom:
Tuesday, July 16, 2024, 7 pm  -- 9 pm  (US EST)
Wednesday, July 24, 2024,  12 pm -- 2 pm  (US EST)



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