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Integrating Your Lightbody is about movement into higher dimensions. There is movement into higher dimensions. There is a greater amount of crystalline or ‘new energy’ coming into the earth. The collective consciousness of the earth has already shifted into the 4th dimension. This in turn allows a greater accessibility to 5th, 6th & 7th dimensions. These have always been present and available to people, it’s just that fewer people were in the alignment of awareness.

As you work with this meditation, it will assist you in clearing energies from your physical, through your emotional, mental and into your spiritual bodies. The meditation begins with clearing out your major chakras; from there you align at a deep level with your I AM presence or your divinity. Once aligned within this space, you may open to the lightbody energies with a much greater ease.

This alignment with the lightbody energy allows the energy to more fully flow down into and around you. As much as your body can maintain flows through your head center, but anything more flows down and around you. Once you align with this flow within your physical reality, it immediately shifts your vibration into a higher state.

The Goddess then takes that energy and works to infuse it into each one of the major seven Chakras. What became apparent as the energy was blending was that it illuminated all that was within and around each energy body. Therefore, even if you had cleared out energy before the integration, there’s a chance even more things come to your awareness. This in turn gives you the opportunity to clear out the Chakra and more fully integrate the lightbody energies.

This meditation is 50 minutes and I realized that this is just what the Goddess needed to be able to work with people’s energies and then more fully merge the lightbody into each person. You may feel physical symptoms after this meditation, such expansion in your physical body, ringing in your ears, pressure in your head or 3rd eye or perhaps even palpitations. I of course always recommend you follow the advice of any medical personnel if you feel drawn to do so. But do be aware of the transformation that is taking place.

You do not have to first work with the Balancing Your Chakras & Energy meditation, but you may find it will give you a clear foundation to assist with this transformation.


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