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Communicating with Your Higher Self

Communicating with Your Higher Self will give you new tools that you can use to expand your consciousness and intuition. Your higher self is the link between you as your human self and you as your divinity.  The perception is that it floats so that sometimes it is closer to your everyday life.  Then at other times, it takes you close to your divinity.  Do you continue to search for ways to find a deeper connection with your authentic self, your intuition, and your soul? This meditation will guide you in creating an alignment that will allow you to do just that.

As the earth shifts into a higher vibration, people have a greater ease with opening to their intuition. When you receive insights sometimes thoughts, ideas, warnings, and perceptions of people and situations; it’s coming to you from your higher self. The more that you strengthen this within your, you will have clarity. So too and increased ease in receiving.

Each of us has a direct stream of energy that is already connected to our soul essence and through this meditation, you will recognize, expand, and build on that energy. Expanding your consciousness and connecting with your soul energy creates a deeper balance within you and through that a more profound sense of contentment. With all the changes taking place in the world, this is a means to empower you!


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