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Balancing Your Chakras & Energy Bodies is all about helping you to find a greater balance in your life. You have energy bodies within you that create the foundation of how you function in life. These energy bodies are called Chakras. While you have hundreds of chakras throughout your body, in this meditation I am focusing on the main 7 Chakras plus the Lightbody.

You have around you distinct energy bodies one can classify as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These are what influence you in your daily life. There may be something in your physical body that causes pain or illness. You may also want to strengthen your physical body so it works better for you.

Your emotions are an expression of the many, many ways in which you are experiencing life. Some of these are very supportive of you while others may keep you from manifesting what you’d like to have.

Your mental body consists of your beliefs and thoughts. This can keep you moving and truly expanding in your life or it may become a pattern that holds you back.

Your spiritual body is that part in alignment with your divinity. You are a glorious soul essence having this human experience. This is your God self and creates a sense of being more than your human reality.

During this meditation, you will work with each of the primary energy bodies clearing out old energy and creating balance. It will assist you in grounding within the earth and feeling the Earth’s energies. So too it will create a greater link to your divinity. Finally, once all of these alignments are complete, you will flow the energy through your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies creating an openness that will allow you to feel better, have greater balance, and increase your energy level.


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