This channel took place on the eve of the Spring/ Fall Equinox. What is very interesting to me is that I keep insisting the equinox is the 21st.  I know every calendar, and every search tells me it is the 20th so for whatever reason, I feel as if the peak of the energies talked about in this meditation will take place on Tuesday the 21st.  I know these are very specific dates, however, even if you are reading or listening at a different time, you are still tapping into these experiences. 

The Goddess spoke when we were still grounded about the balance of energy.  During our last meditation, it was the balance of God/ Goddess.  This time it was the balance of the seasons.  She also spoke of ascension; where we are now, what is to come, and our accomplishments. 

When we got to the All That Is, it was as if we had a huge screen that was showing us the universe.  As we watched this screen, we could all see the flares of light as they moved past us from the central sun, into the Earth plane. These looked to me like streaks of energy moving through the sky.  As they came into contact with the earth’s energy field, they spread out moving through everyone and everything.  Immediately behind this, I could see the crystalline energy that was created as a buffer moving directly behind to create integration and balance. 

Everyone had the opportunity to stand in the flow, or the outside of the flow, so as to allow for expanded clearing.  This is a very powerful way to create change in your life.  THEN the energy assisted each person with rebalancing their life. It was truly a powerful session. We are here!! We have arrived at the higher light frequencies.