The Northern Light Aurora Iceland

The Northern Light Aurora borealis at Kirkjufell Iceland

Whenever I channel the Goddess in one of the Free Teleconferences, I’m amazed at the energy, the vibration, the messages that she gives us.  Over the years I KNOW it’s had a tremendous impact upon me in so many different ways.  I have no doubt that many of the people who’ve followed these channels feel the same way.

How many times to read something and it’s in and out of your mind?  How often  do you read something just the once; but you never forget what it was about?  This is part of what I find so interesting about life.  And then, there energy of intention.  For all those many times that you see a title or billboard or a book cover and never go any further; yet it still sticks in your mind.

This is the energy of intention.  Anything that is created has an intention behind it some of which is very strong and in your face, some of which can be very subtle.

My intention with creating this blog that includes all of my recent excerpts is that it will give people a snapshot into what is happening in the universe.  It will also create a potential for people to link with the energy as they listen/ watch the video.

Sananda is the over soul for the human expression of what created all the major religions upon the Earth.  I’ve channeled him on many occasions and I can feel the various aspects of who he is.

During this channel he speaks of how religion is changing.  Each religion was created at a different time within our history and reflected what the people of that time needed.  Ii always find it interesting that people their religion is so different from the others and yes, there are difference;  but the foundation is from the same source.

During the channel Sananda speaks of how religions are and will be changing in the years to come.  No more is it about giving your energy to someone else to tell you what to do or what to think; now you live your life from your own alignment with source – YOU as your divinity. This will much more fully empower you within your life.


Metatron also spoke during the Goddess Teleconference, There is Only Love.  Metatron is a huge energy that is filled with love, compassion and a very grounding energy.  Metatron spoke during this channel about how he is the keeper of the souls.  What he means by this is that when people come onto the earth for an experience; they move through him.  Is he perhaps a gate keeper?  The intention for this is that it’s one essence to create a cohesive balance from all who live upon earth.

During this channel Metatron spoke of the dimensions, vibrations, clarity and how to have this within your life.  He spoke of how most people flow between the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions.  With this greater clarity, people have the potential to release what no longer serves them.  They can more fully choose what they DO want to have in their lives.


Melchizedek also spoke during the channel There is Only Love.  Melchizedek is a truly all-encompassing energy.  He’s the foundation for much of what is taught upon the earth.  He worked with so many people both as a physical and as a nonphysical person.  When I first opened to his energy in channel he spoke with me of the Alpha-Omega society of which I was a part.  This was one of the many secret societies he founded that kept the mysticism alive during the times of darkness.

During the channel Melchizedek spoke of the various perceptions that people had about living upon the earth. In part some believe that life is an experiment; other’s believe that all of what’s happening in life is an illusion.  He also spoke about the intention that people have for their life and how that manifests at times.  He speaks to create a greater clarity about why things happen, what your intention may be and where you may seek to go in life.


The Fairies and Elementals are creating a new beginning in their relationship with humanity.  They are intrinsically a part of the earth.  They create beauty, joy, flourishing experiences with all that is upon the earth.  They’ve spoken to me about how they went into the earth for many hundreds of years because the energy was too heavy and were not able to live upon the earth. With the changes of the last 50-100 years they’ve more and more so begun making their presence known upon the surface of the earth.

During the channel they speak of some fears that people have with the intention of dispelling them. They speak of the deep, deep crystalline formations within the earth that are aligned with the universe and create balance. They work all the time to assist with creating a balanced vibration through clearing with plants, trees, nature and the reminder of the beauty of the earth.

There are many, many channels available through my website.  You can read them, listen to them and for many watch the video. I hope that you have enjoyed these and will find even more to assist you with your personal growth.