Here we are, almost halfway through the year and man has it been an interesting year!! Wow, we never would have anticipated the events that have taken place and the outcomes as they are happening. As I watch social media and talk with friends, family, clients I can really see some differences taking place. People are becoming political and I find myself drawn into that also.  My intention is to be in the flow of love and light of the higher dimensions as all transforms upon the earth.

Here we are at a particular time when it is ESSENTIAL that we remember we can be in a place of balance, that we can be in a place of love. Everything that is happening right now is a reflection of the old energy leaving making way for the new.  I know this email goes to many other countries, but in the US, there was the death of a black man that was filmed and observed without anyone trying to stop it.  In this, a white police officer was committing the crime.  This led to outrage by many and triggered demonstrations against racism.

I channeled Albayon and the Universal Light Beings on Friday, May 29th because he kept telling me he wanted to talk with all.  Below is this channel, found on YouTube.

People see an act like this and are outraged. Of course, they are because most people are good and humane.  There has been an outcry from many; blacks, whites, other police officers, politicians to name a few.  At the time I saw the video, I was as horrified as everyone else.  However, at the same time I thought; why isn’t anyone stopping this?  Why is the other officer just walking around? Why is yet another filming the whole thing?  This is just ridiculous!! The next thought that went through my mind was these are paid assassins who are there to incite a war.  I have now read in multiple places that they were all actors, that you can find work acting out riots or this stuff on Craigs List and George Soros is advertising for people. Truth, not truth; I invite you to decide for yourself.

Within a day you began to see people rioting all across the United States.  You then scratch your head and think huh? How does destroying property, hurting others, protest this act of murder?  It doesn’t.  People were peacefully expressing themselves when other paid individuals came in who incited the destruction.  I’ve seen videos of people talking about being hired to incite the violence. In fact, in just about every city they discovered that most of the protestors were NOT from that city. 

So here we are again.  The world IS in the 5th Dimension. People are waking up as their vibration expands.  George Soros and others of the old controlling regime are coming down.  They are fighting as hard as they can and they will continue to fight. However, love will prevail.  The shift into the higher dimension will be completed.

We can choose at any point to fall into the fear, anger, violent energies.  In fact, that may be the easier route to go.  However, we can also disconnect from that energy and shine the brightest light possible into the situation.  Shine a light that shows people that this was orchestrated for the exact reason of creating problems. Shine a light to illustrate that most people are compassionate and want to help their fellow man.  Shine a light that the world can move beyond the racism and fear that is so much a part of humanity. 

We don’t know how long it will take, but we do know that racism will not exist when everything is fully vetted in the higher dimension.  Will it take a generation for this to move through? Will it take two?  Everyone who lives upon the earth has the right to feel safe and respected.  Bullying has been discussed and more evident than ever in the last several years.  The same thing there is a lack of respect in humanity. I do believe there will come a point when many who are solidly within the 3rd dimension will leave the planet; they will be incompatible. When that happens, these old energies will be gone.

An exercise if you so choose:

I invite you to take a moment to breathe down into your heart center.  As you do so, connect within yourself in the space of love and balance.

From there, invite the flow of universal love and light.  This may be your divinity, it may be from the central sun, it may be the love consciousness of the higher vibrations.  Your intention, your breathing will allow it to flow through you.

Send it out into the world.  You can send it to a place or situation.  You can send it to your environment.  You can send it into yourself.

I am sending a brilliant light of love and compassion to all.   Anyone in pain or suffering, I send a ball of light.  Anyone perpetrating these crimes, I send a ball of light.  All the people associated with the old energy; I send a beam of light that what they have done is shown to the world.  Anyone who feels alone, I send a ball of light. 

To the entire world, I send light that we can live in harmony and love.